TimeCard Converter

For the PalmOS (Version 1.01)

TimeCard Converter is a simple program designed to convert a time (in hours and minutes) into a decimal number for use on time cards.

The in time and out time are both in 24-hour time.
If the out time is before the in time, the out
time is assumes to be for the next day.

There are a few ways to input times:
1) tap on the time unit to change and use the
arrow buttons.
2) graffiti in the number (this automatically puts
you in the next time unit)

To convert the time to a number you can either
press the convert button or graffiti the letter

After you have converted the number you can also
add this number to your next converted number by
simply tapping the '+' button or graffiting the '+'
or 'a' characters. Doing so will change the screen,
you can undo it by tapping the '+' again.

NOTE: if you want a running total the '+' button
needs to be tapped after each conversion.

TimeCard Converter in action!

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Please send comments and bug reports to jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu.

This software is fully-functional shareware, if you
like it please contact the author and pay $10 for it.

Change Log

Version 1.01
- Fixed an addition rounding bug

Version 1.0
- Initial release

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Created by Trevor Menagh
Last Modified 09/04/2002