One-Point English Conversation Class

with Trevor Lalish-Menagh and Ryoko Kawashima

Every month I live in the small mountain town of Iinan in Shimane, Japan I have to host an English Conversation TV Show that is shown in the county I live in.

Most of the 20 minute show is Ryoko and I talking to each other in Japanese, but every show has a 2-3 minute English skit. Presented below are a few of said skits. Please download and enjoy!

WARNING: That is some really BAD acting. This is what happened when people like me get to play in front of a camera.

HeDitchedMe "He Ditched Me" - A skit about how to order food
2 minutes 29 seconds - 8.20 Mb

HerWallet "Her Wallet" - A skit about getting directions
2 minutes 22 seconds - 7.69 Mb

IllTakeIt "I'll Take It" - A skit about how to buy something
1 minute 53 seconds - 8.27 Mb

ThatStupidGirl "That Stupid Girl" - A skit about how to take a phone message
1 minute 34 seconds - 6.23 Mb

YouCanDoIt "You Can Do It" - A skit about saying thank you
2 minutes 33 seconds - 10.10 Mb

NOTE: You will need to install the XviD codec to watch these videos.