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To everyone who got this multiple times, I apoligize, the computers suck
arce in the afternoons here.

Also to Naomi, gomen naa! Kono e-mail wa takusan eigo, naa. Ano, tabun
shorai watashi wa nihongo o kaku. Honto, gomen naa!
Yohohoho…Welcome to the next Trev Report. I am in Tokyo right now, but I
will probably be in Osaka by the time I finish this one!
Well, surprise surprise, here I am in Osaka! Let me tell you ALL about
my trip to Tokyo I recently took with Jared. We just got back last night
so it is fresh in my mind. I will break it up into sections for you all.
Here we go!

The Tokyo Trip

Trev's Transportation

So, Jared and I got to Kyobashi late Friday night after spending a
delightful evening with his host family, planning to catch the last
Shinkansen (Bullet train) to Tokyo station, but we missed the last one.
So, what we ended up taking was the overnight sleeper train, we got bunk
beds, it was pretty cool for the experience, but neither of us got much
The transportation in Tokyo is a little complex to say the least.
Fortunately it is rather cheap, compared to trains and subways here. The
most expensive inter-Tokyo ticket was 300 yen, and that takes you from
one end of the city to the other. We think the reason for this is that
JR owns all the rails in Tokyo, as opposed to out here where different
lines are owned by different companies (Hankyu, Keihan, JR, etc.). In
any case we eventually got the hang of it. The line we actually ended up
taking the most was the Hibiya subway line and the Ginza subway line.
The place really is huge!
Well, Monday night finally rolled around and we bought our tickets for
the Shinkansen, ran to buy some omiage (presents) for our host families,
and hopped aboard one of the fastest trains in the world. It was pretty
cool to say the least.
Finally we came back to Osaka and back home to our beloved Keihan
trains! (yay Keihan!) It's good to be back.

Trev's Lodging

Our lodgings were rather interesting as well. The first night, of course,
we slept in the Sleeper train, which was not too comfortable, and we got
off the train at around 7am in the middle of Tokyo knowing nothing about
the place.
Later that day we decided that we needed a place to stay, "and Eric
being such a happy cat..." and Jared happened upon a Gaijin (foreigner)
information center with info on meccha yasui (very cheap) places to stay.
That night we staying at the Kimi Ryokan, it is a Japanese style inn,
with small but affordable rooms for two people. We finally got a good
nights rest! Ya ta! (Yippe!)
The next night rolled around and we decided to go to a fabled Capsule
Hotel, where the "rooms" are more like coffins big enough to slide into
with a small TV and alarm clock, it was an amazing experience. The place
we stayed was called the Central Inn Shibuya (Shibuya is a part of
Tokyo). That was a good nights rest as well.
Finally the last night rolled around and we were lucky enough to find a
couple rooms in the cheapest hotel in town, the New Koyo in Minowa, a
couple stops beyond Ueno on the Hibiya line. Like the first hotel we
stayed at it was packed with Gaijin, no surprise there though, a lot of
tourists come to Tokyo.
Finally we made it home last night to sleep in our own beds again. It's
nice to be back!

Trev's Food

We ate at a lot of interesting places in Tokyo; usually in the mornings
we would go to a conveni (convenience store) and buy some bread and
drinks, the most memorable meals were dinners though. One night, we went
to Roppongi, the nightclub district, and stumbled upon a Pizza joint
called Bredan's Pizza at the end tip of Roppongi-dori near Shibuya. I
swear when we walked into the place we entered America. There were 6
American kids playing Foosball, speaking English to each other. A waiter
walked up to us and invited us in he was American as well. It was
honestly like walking right out of Japan for an hour or two. Simply
amazing, and on top of it all the pizza was great, and their Bass ale on
tap is some good drinking! I highly recommend this place to you all
going to Tokyo in the near future if you are missing America it's
Ouuu, and we actually found a Burger King in the area of the first hotel
we stayed at. That was really cool. The first and probably only Whopper
I will have had in Japan. Good stuff!
Another fine dining experience was in Ginza, where we found a place
called Ducky Duck, and we just had to go, I mean it was called Ducky
Duck, come on! We had some good thin Pizza (REAL thin) and excellent
The last notable food place we went was in Shinjuku in the Metro
Restaurant City (which we were VERY happy to find since we were both
dieing of starvation). It was a beef store, and we both had beef
sandwiches, definite good stuff!
That's about it for the food section. On to...

Trev's Adventures

Tokyo 00 --
Ah, the part that is interesting is finally here! What we actually did.
Well the first thing we did in Tokyo was get lost. We saw a Ferris Wheel
in the distance and decided to go find it (which we never actually
found), so we stopped and hacked (played hackysack). Actually we hacked
all throughout Tokyo, stopping at least once or twice a day to hack.
Hacking is fun. (tehe) We eventually found our way to Akihabara, the
Electronics district, and shopped around. We didn't buy anything though,
but it was fun to look. This is where we for a doujin shop and I freaked
out! It was this small basement level store full of fan-drawn comics,
very cool!
Then we went to Ueno, because Learn Japanese, the book I learned from in
Sisley-sensei's class always talked about Ueno Park. And I have to admit,
it is a pretty cool park. It is big with lots of Museums and a Zoo. So
we went to the Zoo, and saw the Zou (Elephants) and the Pandas, and The
Gorillas, and lots of pretty birdies...then we hacked.
Tokyo 01 –-
The next day we got up and we went over to Ebisu to find the Tokyo Tower
(my sole reason to go to Tokyo) and ended up first at the Sapporo Beer
Garden where we hacked and saw a lady with a pet Prairie Dog. And we
hacked. Then I led us on a 2 hour blind trek towards Tokyo Tower where I
had to ask multiple people the most Gaijin of all questions in Japanese,
"Tokyo Tower wa doko desu ka?" (Where is Tokyo Tower?) And everyone I
asked giggled while they pointed us in the right direction. Finally we
got there and went up the great beast. It was cool. There is a
mechanical Panda on the roof of the building that the tower is on. It
was cool. Then we bowled at TOWER BOWL, the bowling alley at the base of
the Tower. That was cool. It was a nice alley too. And we hacked.
Ah yes, afterwards, after we checked into our capsule hotel in Shibuya
we explored and found Gigo, a cool Sega arcade where we found...SAMBA DE
AMIGO!!! WOOHOO!!! For those who don't know, Samba de Amigo is Sonic
Team's new Maraca video game. That's right, Maracas! It is so cool! I
love the monkey! And realizing that nothing could top Samba de Amigo, we
headed back to the hotel.
Tokyo 02 –-
So, it's our last full day in Tokyo, we went to Ueno Park to visit the
National Science Museum and hacked, then we saw the Museum and it was
cool. Eventually we went to the hotel to drop off our stuff and then we
headed off to see the nightlife in Ginza!
Ginza was a cool place; the coolest thing we saw there by far was the
Sony Building, which is really neat. You walk into all these demo rooms
each about a half floor above the last and see all of Sony's cool new
gadgets. Next thing you know you are at the top! Well we left and we see
Big Kim and American Rachael standing there waving at us! Wow, small
world, they just got to Tokyo that day so we talked for a while, it was
cool running into a couple KGU students.
Then we headed off to Akihabara to see it at night, but first we hacked.
It was barren. Simply amazing that this place, which is SO busy everyday,
could look so empty, that was cool.
We kept on walking and we eventually ran into a Karaoke joint. So we
sang songs for a 1/2 hour and called it a night. The last karaoke I will
do with Jared. It was cool.
Tokyo 00' –-
Haha! Our last day in Tokyo. The first thing we did was buy our
Shinkansen tickets and store our bags. Then we headed off the Shinzuku
and ate. This is where I found what I want for Christmas. I want a "My
friend HELLO KITTY." It's a Hello Kitty that reacts to you when you do
stuff. It will wake you up, say goodnight to you, on Friday it will say
"Oyasumi ga daisuki!" (I love days off!) It is SO cool!
Then we went downstairs and saw a real Mexican band, it was mega neato.
Then craving some Anime action we found the Shinzuku Animate (an anime
store) and I bought stuff for my backpack and a Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
nametag. So now my backpack has the follow stuff on it: A Ruri
(Nadeshiko) keychain, A Yuri (Galaxy Frulein Yuna) keychain, A Kaori
(RK) keychain, An Elly (Xenogears) keychain, A Sana-chan (Kodocha)
keychain, A Tiramisu (Bakuretsu Hunters) keychain, A Kareshi Kanojo no
Jijou keychain, and a keychain my sweety made with my name on it (I love
you honey!
I also called Dad and Signe that day too. They are doing well; it is
Signe's finals. I hope she does well. I miss Signe tons and bunches but
I think the worst parts are over, we are really feeling better about the
situation, being so far apart and I felt real good the last time we
called each other, it felt like she was right there, and I was just
saying hello to her. I love her so much, I consider myself real lucky. I
do love you honey. ~.~ And I will be home soon enough.

Well that is about it for my Tokyo trip. In the next week I will be
moving in the dorms for the next month and a half until next semester, I
will try to find a new job, email you all a lot more, and relax until
school comes around again in February.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, I hope to hear from all of
you and see how things are doing, postcards, letters, e-mails; they are
all great. And to the entire Urusai Gaijin crew, know that you are all
sorely missed, and I will not forget about you all. We've had a lot of
memories in these last four months it's been great.


P.S. I love you, Pooh-bear! ~.~

sorely missed, and I will not forget about you all. We've had a lot of
memories in these last four months it's been great.


P.S. I love you, Pooh-bear! ~.~
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