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Trev's little hellos.
Well I don't have much time right now for a full Trev Report since it is finals week and all, but a few of
you have come to my mind lately and I wanted to say a little hello to you all.
Oh, and as for my finals, one paper is done, one paper to go, a take-home final, an oral exam, and two
written tests to go. (Woohoo!)
Kinoo onaga ga meccha itakatta da kedo, ima watashi wa genki desu. (yesterday my stomach hurt a lot, but
now I feel OK)
Oh and everyone who wants to send me stuff please send it here:
Trevor Menagh
C/o Center for International Studies
16-1 Kitakatahoko-cho
Hirakata-shi, Osaka-fu
That is good throughout my stay in Japan so send away!

Uncle Floyd
I have been getting your e-mails, and I am sorry that I haven't replied lately, the internet access on these
computers at school are piss-poor (a term I picked up from Jared) to sat the least.
I have been reading about the WTO stuff in the news, I have yet to read your e-mail about it yet. Although I
am looking forward to it. I am glad you are in good health, and once these darned finals are over I look
forward to e-mailing you more!

Waiwai! Jibun no tegami de kimashta! Arigatou, imouto-chan! Shashin wa kakoii ya naa! Kono card ga
jibun wa kaerimasu! Yakusoku o mamorimasu! Imouto-chan no nihongo ga jouzu ya naa! Mou, ima
watashi wa takusan shiken ga aru. Sorekara, meccha meccha benkyou shinakucha ikemasen! Demo,
tokidoki benkyou wa meccha tsumaranai. Karaoke no hou ga benkyou yori suki ya naa. Demo, takai naa.
Mou, nihon ni sunde iru noga takai naa, kedo tanoshii da! Imouto-chan wa "Deisukomyunikeeshon" no
manga ga yomanakucha ikemasen! Meccha ee manga ya naa. Anooo naa…aa sou, CCS no anime wa
Canada no terebi ga aru! Eigo desu nee…honto!
Watashi no tomodachi wa "Aa, Torebaa no tomodachi no e wa kirei desu nee!" to ite imasu! Imouto-chan
ga ichi ban kakoii gaka desu!
Mou sugu watashi wa imouto-chan ga kakimasu! Ja naa!

I miss you Signe, and I love you too! It was real great getting to talk to you on the phone the other day.
Sorry if I might have sounded like a space cadet a little bit, but I have been out of it this week with all the
work I have to do. In a couple of weeks though it will be really quiet around here though. I will e-mail you
a lot more.
Your present is here and waiting to be wrapped as we speak, it is cool and stuff.
I am so happy that we have found each other. Even so far away, I feel really close to you. Thank you for
being there with me, even now. I love you so much!

APRIL! It was weird, I was in the shower, and my mind was wondering as usual and I thought of you. Like,
how are things going? I really miss talking to you. The last time was like, last summer, huh? That was SO
cool. I hope things are still going ok with you, if you get a chance drop me a line. Talk to you later!

Congratulations on having William! I am glad that you seem to be doing well and that the delivery went
through ok! I think of you often, you are after all my ichi ban suki na sensei. :) I was wondering if I could
request a Christmas present from you. I would really like a picture of you and your family, I think that
would be really cool.
My spoken Japanese is really improving. It is hard sometimes to get over the shyness of talking to people
but as you said before, most people are really friendly and helpful towards me here. My host family has
been really wonderful as well.
I hope you are doing well! Take care.

Hi Dad, give my love to everyone at home. Debbie, Steph and Julie. Weekly Julie hair color updates would
be cool too. :P~ I hope Scouts is going well. I am jealous that the rocketry camp out is soon and I won't be
able to be there. That was always my favorite part of scouts. (oh to all of you that didn't know, I am an
Eagle Scout, a product of 11 years of great Scouting experience!)
Take care, and I will talk with you next weekend!

Lynn and Pam
I hadn't heard from y'all in a while so I thought I would drop you a line and see how things are holding up
back in Kansas. Hopefully well. :) With any luck I will be able to visit the family in that area, Kansas,
Nebraska, etc. within the next year or so. I know there is an Else family reunion planed soon for Nathan's
wedding, maybe weshould schedule a Menagh family reunion for sometime, we all haven't gotten together
in a long time.
Give my love to everybody!

BriBri and JenJen
You crazy kids! My two all time favorite people in the entire Antelope Valley! (Boron isn't technically in
the Valley, right? :P~) I got your e-mail Jen, and if I find a deal on a Yukata (casual kimono) I just might
get you one, we will see, we will see. But I would need your measurements… :P~
Brian, have you made our AX2000 reservations yet, try to find a cheap place with two beds, I think we
might be able to fit four people in the room, assume Scott and someone else is coming (and I am assuming
everyone EVER will be coming). Oh I am searching for an X-mas present for you, but the thing I
desperately want to get you is sold out EVERYWHERE in Japan, so you might have to wait until after X-
mas to get it (Gomen!)

Matt you old monkey. <insert nookie here> Man I got an e-mail from Andy the other day, where is the love
man? <insert weeping here> D00d you need to send me the KOR translations (well maybe need is too
strong of a word here), but if you do I will let you barrow the widebands when I come back! (ooooou!) Or
if you send me money, I will send you a set, they are like everywhere here. (I would get them as an X-mas
present for you, but that is a whole crap load of okane) I hope you have been doing well, drop me a line!

Eek! Sorry I haven't dropped by lately, I have been meaning to, but I just suck that's all. We should plan to
do some stuff over the break together. I will be in the seminar house over break, so I will definitely stop by.
Maybe you can show me some of the more unknown places around, since you have been here longer. :P~
In any case, I will hopefully talk with you soon.

Yes, I have been getting your e-mails, but I have just been a dork and not replying. I know, I know, you are
saying, "Man, my daughter's boyfriend sure is a dork!" I know it, don't even lie. Alas, I shall never be
accepted now. Oh how I weep. :)
Wow, It seems like Emmett will be towering over me next time we meet. That's crazy. I hope he is doing
well and such. Tell him I am thinking about him over here. And Rueben too! Signe was telling me that he
wanted to get into the computer business. (Hey, Rueben, e-mail me and I will try to give you some tips, the
IT field is big big big right now!)

Jen the Great
JEN! Send me your mail address and I will buy some study books for you! I know studying for those tests
are hard. I hope you are doing well with it. You probably know a billion times more than me now, I am
jealous. I think I might study for them too. :)
You have to stay in the States when I get back from Japan, it is a law. Because, I will have to beat you up if
you leave and I don't get to see you again. :( That would be bummy.)
Give my love to everybody in Spokane! And e-mail lots of juicy Jen-like gossip, I always like to hear it!

Well Scott, I am a dork and still haven't bought that Virtual-On controller for you, but rest assured that it
will happen, because I will be coming back with one too and we will fight, oh yes, we will fight. And it will
be good. :)
Oy, I WANT a DreamCast SOOOO bad.
al…graphics! ARGGG!

Well, your X-mas present (early X-mas present) should be coming soon. I sent it SAL. I hope you like it.
More importly, I hope you are doing ok. I think about you a lot over here. I promise once I return to
Pullman, I will treat you to at LEAST a billion dinners for all that you have done for me in the so many
years we have known each other. You are truly a great friend!
I hope you are taking care, Let me hear from you soon!

To everyone else I haven't named I wish you well, and thank you for listening to my little hellos. Rest
assured that you all come into my mind every now and again while I am here And I miss each and every
one of you!

And finally to the Urusai gaijin crew, I just want to give a big shout out to my homeys J-Dog, Zieg-Master
Flash, Triple B, Kimuchi, and Christie wid da atarashii kami styles! Peace out! (ahh, yeah!) hehehe.


PS: Can someone send me the latest Kevin Bacon movie on video? It's that weird one, I forget the name.
Kiyomi is a big Kevin Bacon fan and I want to give it to her for X-mas.

PPS: To everybody on the Trev Report list, send me a picture of you so I can show my friends here in
Japan. I think it would be really great to show everybody the people I am talking to through e-mail all the

PPSS: Pooh-bear, I love you the bestest and stuff!
eally great to show everybody the people I am talking to through e-mail all the

PPSS: Pooh-bear, I love you the bestest and stuff!
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