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Ukyuu. Hajimareyoo!

Welcome once again to another exciting edition of the Trev Report, live
from my bedroom in Sunny but cold Moriguchi-shi (home of many fine small
shops and bakeries, an ideal vacation spot right off the Yodogawa river.
Conveniently located near the Keihan Department store for all your
shopping needs. Need a place to stay? Try to Prince Hotel, Moriguchi, a
luxurious 4 star inn with 24-hour staff and limousine service direct to
Kansai International Airport. Need a bath? Who doesn't? Try one of our
many public baths, complete with electric and salt-water tubs! Have you
seen our shrines? Moriguchi is host to many Shinto shrines for you're
praying and worshipping convenience. Come to one of our many shrine
festivals and watch as the Mikos dance around to protect you while you
stay with us. With a fast 5-minute train ride to the center of Osaka,
the pub of Western Japan, you can't go wrong with Moriguchi. Come and
stay for a while, won't you? <Singing: Moriguchi, Moriguchi, you are our
ichi ban city, hurray! >)

<Cough cough> and now on with the report!

Trev's Lovelife

I love Signe-bear. Yay! Alas, it is rough sometimes when you are so far
away, but it really makes me feel good that I have her in my life. There
are lots of times I wonder where I would be without her and I am pretty
sure I wouldn't be here, and just maybe I would be a little less happy
right now. She really makes me feel loved. I miss her now, but I know
there will be a time in the future when we will be together again. That
keeps me going. It is hard sometimes, especially when I see all my
friends getting ready to go home and meet with their boy/girlfriends,
but I know I can persevere, because there is no one I would rather wait
for than her. Signe, I love you.

Trev's Friends

Oh before I forget, I have gotten a LOT of e-mail lately and my e-mail
has been down for the last 4 days, and it is always unstable, our
internet connection isn't the greatest over here. For people that wanted
things, sent me an e-mail entitled "Things" and send me a list. For you
Pullmanites you can pay Katty, and remember I can't ship big things. And
yes, I have already started X-mas shopping. I have gotten most of my fam
taken care of, and a few other people too. Most of the time I just see
stuff that remind me of people and buy it (if it is cheap, like for
example I didn't buy the Virtual On controller and game for Scott on the
spot, I e-mailed him first). Collette, I have been looking for your CDs
on and off, but I have been a dork lately about it, so if you could send
a list again, that would be great.
I just got an e-mail the other day from Bunny, which prompted me to
write this Trev Report. (See what influent you have with me :P) No I
haven't forgotten you, even though it has been a while since I have
written. The same goes for Yurika-chan and Jen, I haven't forgotten you
guys and if I could get any better connection and computers I could play
with I would stop by. ;_; wah.
This is getting long.
Sisley-sensei, I think of you often. I hope the family life is going ok.
Things are going great on the Japanese front, although I need to be
studying my kanji a little harder. :P~ Being able to understand what
people are saing is easier these days too (yokatta!) and I am picking up
Osaka-ben (sou ya naa!) hehehe.
Lee, J.T., and the gang at work, I am really looking forward to coming
back next summer, and I think I will be ready to go in the LoGH
translating (well I will do my best, Kodocha is pretty easy, but LoGH is
another story).
C-chan, have you reserved our hotel room in Anaheim yet? AX2000 is
coming up fast, and it will be mad insane. Say hi to Jen for me when you
get the chance. And send over some of that juicy AV gossip, it's the
Jen the Great, sorry I haven't replied sooner! I hope the studying is
going well, I will pick up the Test 1 book for you sometime soon and
send it down Katty's way. I am looking forward to hanging out with you
and Katty again.
Really long...
Forrest, I had a great time in Hiroshima, and we all think you really
whip the llama's ass.
And finally, to all of you here at KGU: Kim, Jay, Jared, Breanne,
Christie, everybody know you will be deeply missed when you leave and
that we have all shared an experience together here that is
unforgettable in my mind, and you all will always be a part of that.

Trev's Fam

The host fam is doing great. Our relations are better than ever. I love
them all. It is really cool having really younger brothers to play with
and stuff, and Mama, Kiyomi, and Naomi have been nothing but wonderful
to me.
As for my family abroad. Uncle Floyd just had a pacemaker put in, and
they say he is doing fine, thank goodness. I hope this works out for him,
I am a big Uncle Floyd fan, so I better be seeing him when I return to
Seattle. :) Emmett, Signe's younger brother is reportedly now taller
than I am (egads!) which is the big news from that area. And Dad and Deb
seem to be doing well. Stephen is applying to college (oy, how time
flies) so I am looking forward to hearing how that turns out too!

Trev's Anime

Nothing really new here, I am 8 episodes from the end of Kodoma no
Omocha, and I am watching Kindaichi Shonen no Jiken-bo every week, but
that is about it. I don't know what series I will watch next, I might
finish up Romeo's Blue Skies, and start Hana Yori Dango, but I have been
toying with the masochist idea of watching all of Sailor Moon. I must be
losing it. I might do Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou first though, it's Anno,
he's weird.
I just did a presentation on Manga and Anime in my anthro class today,
which went rather well. I was pleased with it and I think I got some
positive reactions from the crowd even! (Woohoo!)

Trev's School

Egads, less than a month left in the semester. Time has gone by SO fast.
School is going great, I am getting good grades, even though they don't
transfer at all, a sign that the teachers I have are actually pretty
good over here, which they are. I am very pleased with the education I
am receiving. :P~ (that sounded cheesey)

Trev's Funfunfun in the Sunsunsun

shoot, now I miss Red Dwarf <insert Hayama kick here>. My jacket sucks.
I need a new one, my stupid slippers suck too, I need new slippers too,
but none in Japan fit me (coughhinthintcough). Gloves are cool too,
there was a report done once in Turkey that said gloves are cool, and I
can't argue with that! It's Turkish reporting!
I bought a new backpack, since my old one was literally falling apart, I
got my new one for really cheap, so it is cool.
I'm thinking of getting a Keitai denwa (a cell phone) since they are
cheap over here and people calling them from the states are a lot
cheaper than the last two phone bills I just got. (using 10-10-220 to a
Keitai denwa in Japan from the U.S. costs $1.95 the first minute and
$0.10 each additional minute, one of my buddies got the bill, Thanks
Collin!) And the phone itself is only $30 a month, so... hmm. (and they
are small, have great battery life, and near-perfect reception, in your
face American engineering!) :P~~~~~

Anywayanywayanyway. That's about it for this Trev Report. Rock on
London! Rock out Chicago! Mr. Donut, best donut shop in Japan! Mr.
Donutttttt, Mr. Donutttttt!
And I will leave you with a cool quote (one of my all time favs).

"On the stage came the clown, who told of a fire. The crowd thought it
was a jest. So he repeated his message. But no one listened...So will
the world come to an end, amidst general applause from the wits, who
believe it is a joke."


PS: I am going through hardcore Cerebus withdrawal, I wouldn't be
entirely upset if someone found me Church and State 1 and 2 and send
them my way. :)
PPS: :P~

hardcore Cerebus withdrawal, I wouldn't be
entirely upset if someone found me Church and State 1 and 2 and send
them my way. :)
PPS: :P~

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