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Hello all, and welcome once again to another edition of the Trev Report!
Coming to you live from Japan until May 2000. The weather is cooling off
and I can finally wear a coat out (yay). Osaka, it's a great place to

Trev's Lovelife

Hurray! The 18th was the one-year anniversary of Signe and I getting
together. All and all it has been a wonderful year. We seem to get along
great, and I really do love her. I feel very lucky to have a woman like
Signe in my life. I am glad she found me; otherwise I don't know where I
would be right now, certainly not in Japan. That is for sure. I also bet
I wouldn't be quite as happy a man as I am now if it weren't for the
love of my girlfriend. She really is my best friend. I love you, Signe.

Trev's Midterms

ARE OVER! Woohoo! I pulled high B's on all of my language tests
(reading/writing, oral, and listening) with reading/writing being my
best. Kanji rules!
I am still waiting on the results of my Politics test, which I am
confident about, but the teacher is really bright, and I am afraid I
will not live up to his expectations.
Ah, now all I have to look forward to is finals and two 10-page papers
(one with a presentation) due by term's end. I'm doing one on Manga and
something interesting about it and I have a position paper in politics
about a currently unresolved issue in Japan, I am looking at the recent
increase in school violence and the potential correlation with the
relaxing of school requirements and what steps might be taken in the
future in this situation.

Trev's Pictures

Everyone who wants pictures e-mail me within one week from today
(10/28/99, Wed.) and I will e-mail you some pics from the last few weeks
that I have chosen to show everyone.

Trev's Thank You Note

I'd like to thank Brian for the package, it's nice having my Adam Warren
fix, I was mega-pumped when I opened the envelope, and I have your pic
up in my room too. Your drawing is totally kick arce too! I showed
everybody here.
Another thank you is going out to Katty for the ingenious idea of
scanning my mail and sending it to me. It was so simple and unbelievably
perfect. When I got the e-mail I freaked out, it was really great. Thank
you for doing that for me, and thank you for everything you are doing
for me, it really means a lot.

Trev's Anime (and Manga)

A couple of you have asked about Discommunication (by Riichi Ueshiba),
which I always rave about (because it is really cool). It is published
by Afternoon KC (afutanuun in katakana), and appears monthly in the
Afternoon comic book. It revolved around the rather odd relationship of
two high school students, Arika Togawa and Takaomi Matsubue. Rather odd
is an understatement, as we watch Togawa-san being pulled in and
integrated into the world of Matsubue-san's strange religion and even
stranger life that seems to be a blur of dream and reality where the
lines of sanity are frequently crossed. You find yourself hooked to the
story, as you desire to learn and discover more about the world where
these two live in. After a long in-depth (and rather intriguing) plot
spanning books 2-8, the characters encounter lots of new shorter stories
and the use of side characters and schoolmates (especially in the extra
edition Gakuen-hen released between volumes 12 and 13 as a bound edition
never released in monthly form) continue the fun, sometimes bordering on
very light ecchi and always weird, Discommunication is a great series,
and a definite good read. In katakana it is spelled Deisukomyunikeeshon,
You can look it up on the Internet, there are a few Japanese sites about
it and at least one American review in EX online magazine.
In anime news, I am up to episode 49 in Kodocha, which is getting really
cool, and I just rented this other anime (it comes on before Detective
Conan on Monday nights at 7pm), called Kindaichi Shonen no Jiken-bo. It
looks really scary, so I am looking forward to watching it for a good
fright. Also I saw my first episode of One Piece today (Wed. at 7pm on
Channel 8), I have the first two manga for it, it's a pretty cool series
(by the same guy that did Dr. Slump and Dragonball, I think, but I can't
recall the kanji for his name) about this kid that is a pirate-like
person, funny stuff. The Manga is up to vol. 10!

Trev's Friends

Well enough about anime, I make it sound like that is all I do. Actually
I do very little of it. Most of my time here is spent with my friends,
hanging out and doing stuff together. I really feel lucky that I found
the crowd of people I did here. They are all great friends and although
I don't think I realized it that is a really important thing to me.
Well, a bunch of us went to see the golden temple the other day, it is
quite breathtaking, although I thought it was bigger for some odd reason.
I have also become addicted to karaoke. In Japan karaoke is done in
small personal group rooms to save embarrassment in front of strangers,
and it is really really fun, I love singing. WOOHOO!
You know another cool think about Japan? Dance Dance Revolution. It is a
dancing arcade game where you dance to the music by stepping on
up/down/left/right pads on the floor when the screen prompts you to (by
moving arrows). It is SO addictive, and fun. I thought it was stupid
until I actually played it, you can get it for the playstation and the
control mats too, I am thinking of buying two and the game and bringing
it back, hehe that would rock.
But then again none of this would be any fun at all if I didn't have
people to do it with, and friends to share it with. I feel real honored
to be able to share my time with all of you here at Kansai Gaidai. Thank

Trev's Music

Boom ah boom ah boom ah. Whatever that is. :P~ Well, Sentimental Bus's
new single (Weed Crowd) is coming out on the 23rd and I am all over
that! (I even have a small poster of Natsu, the lead singer, in my room).
Ah yes, and I have been self-introduced to Yellow Magic Orchestra. Brian
Papp, you should listen to these guys. Old school late-1970's Techno
beats. It is weird as all the day. I just put the MP3s of "The Super
Best of YMO" on my computer (rental CDs rock).
Uggh, I am going to run out of HD space soon. Quick…need…pcmcia…HD…STAT!
(or at least a pcmcia SCSI adapter and my Zip drive…mmmm Zip Drive)

Trev's Family

The Homestay is working out great. Last weekend I played father for
Daiten (the 5 year old) at his preschool sports day event. We did a
Father/son race together and got first place, it was super fun!
As for my family back home, I miss you guys, and I really like talking
and e-mailing you all from time to time, it is good to hear from you all,
especially Dad and Deb, and the kids. You all are the best.

Well that is about it for this edition of the Trev Report. I will see
you next time, and until then, safe surfing!
…And please, help control the pet population. Have your pet spaded or
neutered. (That's right, Bob Barker in the house!)


PS: I love you, Pooh-bear. Love you lots! ~.~
t spaded or

neutered. (That's right, Bob Barker in the house!)



PS: I love you, Pooh-bear. Love you lots! ~.~

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