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Hello everybody,

A big hello from the sunny but cool city of Osaka, fall is finally
starting to appear and the weather here is just right. I know it has
been quite some time since the last Trev Report; from now on I will
start producing them on a more regular basis.

Trev's School

School is going well. I am passing my classes, and Japanese is getting
easier and easier by the day, although I still have a tough time
spitting out the right sentence structures, I can at least convey my
thoughts most of the time in a normal conversation. Reading and Writing
is by far my easy point, whereas speaking is a lot tougher, I am doing
about B work in both classes though.
Friday, I will be going to a Japanese prison with my Political Science
class, that will be really exciting, and on Saturday we will be going on
a trip to Hiroshima to visit what was ground zero for the first atomic
bomb ever used on people.
My anthropology class is fun, we have small group discussions about the
readings we do each week, and we get into good conversations sometimes.
The last talk was about abortion in Japan; the stance here is a lot
different from in America. Right now I am writing up a commentary on a
book by Banana Yoshimoto called "Kitchen." I suggest it, of you haven't
read it, its short too.

Trev's Lovelife

I miss Signe a lot, but it is good to have a lot of friends here going
through the same situation with their boy/girlfriends. We all get
together and talk through it together. So, everyone here knows Signe by
name now. :) I will be back home soon enough and I am looking forward to
embracing the woman I am in love with once again. I love you, Signe.

Trev's Homestay

Mama and everybody are great. We all seem to be getting along well. I am
so happy about that. I couldn't have asked for a better host family to
live with while I stay in Japan.
Today was Sports Day, so we all went to Daiju and Taiga's elementary
school and watched them compete with the other kids at various games
like races, tug rope, and ball throwing. Also there is one competition
where one person climbs atop two others and tries to take the hat of the
other team (just like in Graduation, if you have played it). There are
two teams, the Shirogumi (white team) and the Akagumi (red team). Both
Daiju (grade 5) and Taiga (grade 2) were on the Shirogumi, which won by
10 points at the very end of the day, a close race indeed!

Trev's Friends

I am making a lot of friends here. I am happy that I have found people
that I can hang out with and be friends with, it was one thing I was a
little worried about when I first came here. I think I have found a
group of people that I really feel comfortable with and a large circle
of people that I can call friends now and in the future as well. They
are the people that are making my trip worth wild. Arigatou minna-san!
We went out last night for karaoke; it was my first time, save that one
time at the bar on the Air Force base with Ben about a year back. There
were seven of us and we went into a small room and sang away. We had to
order one drink, but after that we were alone to rock out; we took turns
doing duets, singles, sing-a-longs, the whole nine yards. I sounded
pretty bad, but we all had a great time, the rest of them (Breanne,
Jared, Jay, Kim, and Kim's Speaking Partner and her friend) were really
good though. I was truly impressed at their "Mad Skillz."
I think often of all my friends at home, and on the computer too! Lee,
JT, Hank, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen (hehehehe), Bunny, Matt, Andy, Frank, Katty,
minna-san! I miss you all!

Trev's Anime

Sigh, I have way too much Manga now. I have officially cut myself off
from major purchases for a while. I have started looking for Christmas
presents though.
For all you nerds out there, here is a list of Manga I currently own. I
broke down and got the KOR and MI Widebans and if any of you want them
(I'm thinking of you, Matt) the sets costs 6000 yen each, and I can find
them very easily here.
Afternoon KC Comics I currently own:
Blame! 1-3
Serafakku Fezaa [Seraphic Feather] 1-5
Narutaru 1-3
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 1-6
Gezou Hitogata Kiwa 1
Deisukomyunikeeshon [Discommunication] 1-13+Gakuen-Hen
Houkami Eguzekuson [The Cannon God Exaxxion] 1-2
Fuurinkazan 1
Kame-Kaze 1-2
Aa! Megami-sama 1-19
Other Comics I currently own:
Toukyou Daigaku Monogatari [Tokyo University Story] 1
One Piece 1
Widebans I currently own:
Maison Ikkoku 1-10
Kimagure Orange Road 1-10
As for anime, I have finished Fushigi no Umi no Nadia and Outlaw Star,
both of which are good, and I am on 21 of Kodoma no Omocha and I have
about 20 tapes to go (it's a long series). Renting anime really is the
way to go.

Trev's Music

My favorite band is Sentimental Bus; they are super cool, followed by
the Brilliant Green. Those are both pretty popular over here. Namie
Amuro is also really popular over here as well. I am listening to Yellow
Magic Orchestra right now; there are this trippy Techno band from the
late 70's, and my favorite manga artist's (Ueshiba Riichi, creator of
Discommunication) favorite band. They are interesting; I think Brian
Papp would love them though. I think Jon Birdseye would dig it too. I am
not going to buy any of them though. Renting CDs rocks.

Trev's Pics

I am a picture taking fool! Having a digital camera is great, thanks
dad! If people want pictures, e-mail me and I will send them to you all
in 5 picture increments through e-mail, each one is 640x480, and about
85-110k in size. I know Marie is planning to put some on the Fanzine
page, which is super cool; I am looking forward to that. (The fanzine
page can be accessed though http://www.wsu.edu/~anime/.)

Well that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report. I miss you Dad,
Deb, Stephan, and Julie. You guys are in my thoughts. Sisley-sensei, I
think of you often while in my Japanese classes (I have a man called
Takayashiki Machihito for Spoken who is really good and a woman called
Sakane Yoko for Reading and Writing who is alright, although she helped
write the book, "Genki, An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese"),
and of course, Signe, you are in my heart always.

Lots of love to all,

PS: I love you, Pooh-bear!
PPS: Lee, can I get you snail mail address?
PPPS: To everybody who e-mails me, thanks, I always enjoy hearing from

PPS: Lee, can I get you snail mail address?

PPPS: To everybody who e-mails me, thanks, I always enjoy hearing from


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