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Hello hello all! And welcome to the LAST Trev Report in America for 9
months! That is right, on Thursday I leave for Japan for 9 months to
study at Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata.
For many of your this is your first Trev Report EVER, for even more this
is old hat.
In any case, on with the report!

Trev's Summer Housing

The Francis family has been nothing but good to me this summer. Bob and
Mary have been wonderful friends, parents, and hosts to me and I
couldn't ask for a greater experience this summer. (I am writing this on
Scott's bed upstairs right now on this beautiful summer night) It was
their Grandma's birthday today and we has cake and flowers for her and
it was very sweet.
I know very few people in this world that would do what the Francis's
have done for me this summer. Helping me save for Japan, asking for
almost nothing in return. I owe this family a debt of gratitude that
will not soon be forgotten. Thank you all for this summer. :)

Trev's Seattle Lab Internship

If my housing situation sounded good, let me tell you about my summer
job. This was the first time I have ever had a project of my own to
really work on for myself. I implemented a part of an anti-relaying
filter that...<insert technical talk here>. I know a lot of you want to
know what it does, but it is on my computer page
(jumex.homepage.com/computers.html) and I don't want to bog down the
non-technical people here. I liked working with the people there too.
Actually, I have never had an internship where I haven't liked the
people I worked with, remembering my time back at Palm. I made a lot of
friends there as well. Needless to say I am considering Seattle Lab
again next summer if they want me, only time will tell though. :)

Trev's Info about going to Japan

ok, here is some straight info about my trip plans for those of you
interested. I am taking Air Canada! (woohoo, go Canada!)
Leaving SeaTac 10:15 am 08/19/99
Arrive Vancouver 11:05 am 08/19/99
Leave Vancouver 12:30 pm 08/19/99 on Flight 891
Arriving Oosaka 3:25 pm 08/20/99
And I will be staying in a hotel in Oosaka overnight and take the train
to Hirakata at 10:15 am the next morning (08/21/99)
If any of you want a GREAT Atlas of the area I am living in (Dad
requested this), there is a wonderful Bilingual Atlas called:
Kyoto-Osaka: A Bilingual Atlas (??????????)
Published by Kodansha International Ltd. in 1992
ISBN 4-7700-1610-7 retailing for US$20.00.
I will also be reachable by snail-mail and phone, my address at the
University will be:
Trevor Menagh
C/o Center for International Education
Kansai Gaidai University
16-1, Kitakatahoko-cho
Hirakata City, Osaka 573-1001
And my phone number is +81-720-51-6751 at the U. (remember to dial 011
before you dial, it's the country code) This is mostly for messages to
be left for me though.
There was a lot of people supporting me going to Japan (thank you Pooh-
bear), but there is one person I want to thank the most, and that is
Sisley-sensei. If it wasn't for your truly wonderful teaching and care,
I would have never considered this trip. Your support and care has
helped me out so much in my decisions, and your teaching has made me
understand and get excited about learning and understanding the language.
I am deeply indebted to you and I wish you the best of luck with your
endeavors at Ohio State and your upcoming child.

Trev's Pooh-bear

Ah, well I will be departing the love of my life for the span of 9
months, which will be hard, but I have all the faith in the world about
our relationship (besides I do not plan on doing any "bad" "things" with
any of those "Japanese" "school" "girls", thank you very much). As you
ALL know I am a good boy. :P~
Needless to say I will miss Signe, but we have talked a lot about it and
we are prepared for this. Our love will last, you bet your bippy! (as
Altshiller would always say, :P)
I also want to take this chance to tell Signe's family that I will miss
you guys too. You are all great people and great friends, I look forward
to visiting when I return!

Trev's Fam

Yes, the fam. The zany Elses, the sober Menaghs and Mulhollands. I was
very glad I was able to visit everybody in the Western Washington area
before I departed for Japan. Grandma and Uncle Floyd I will miss our
breakfasts together and look forward to them on my return :). Darlene, I
will miss your AMAZING meals, and the company of my cousins. Uncle Dick
and Aunt Carol, Larry, Mark, Kim, and Kristi it was great visiting with
you again before I left and you can bet that we will get together many
more times when I return. Uncle Dick and Aunt Carol, your kindness to me
during my recent visit was (as it always) the best. Too all those I
didn't see this summer, I hope to see you all again when I return,
hopefully we can plan some family get-togethers. And lastly there is Dad,
Debbie, and the kids. I love you guys to death, and I will fondly miss
you during my trip, but you all will always be in my heart, and I will
think of you often.

Trev's IRC buddies

My saviors for the long days at work. I will truly miss you all, the
great crew in #fansubs, #logh, #manga, and #hentaigirls. Lee, Hank, Jen,
Bunny, everybody. It's been real fun, and I look forward to seeing you
all when I return. IRC has really been a great outlet for me at times
and you have all been great to me, thanks!

Trev's Anime

Anime? What's that? I haven't watched any in like forever. But I wish
the WSU Anime Club the best of luck in the upcoming year at school. I
feel that it will be the best year ever. Jong, despite our differences,
is a great leader and a wonderful fan, I am sure he will do wonders with
the club. Frank the Amazing, can be nothing but an asset as well. And
with all the new and active members (and old Trevor not in the way :P) I
think we will do great.
My main goal in Japan is to find the Maison Ikkoku LD Box set (of
course), since MI is my all time favorite series. I would like to find
The 2 movies, the OVA, and the live action pilot too, but we will see. I
will also be keeping my eyes peeled for the Assemble Insert LD. Both of
which will be hard to find since they are from the late 80's. :P~~~
Also I will be buying stuff for people, so stay in touch everybody. :)

Trev's Preparations

Well, I have lots of gifts bought and wrapped for my Japanese family, my
bags are packed, I am pumped. The last day of work is tomorrow. Of
course I will forget something important (as always) but that's ok. You
get used to it after a while. :P~

Well that's about it. I bid you all farewell for the last time for a
while from America. The next Trev Report (for better or worse) will be
from Japan.
I look forward from hearing from you all.


PS: I love you, Pooh-bear. Always. :)

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