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Hi All,

This is my AX99 report, I am sure some parts will bore some of you so I have seperated it into sections
much like a Trev Report. Enjoy!

Trev's Trip to AX (Friday goings ons)

Well, this is a tip to anyone stupid enough to do this. Don't drive in the I5 from the Valey to Anaheim from
3-5pm on a Friday. Bad idea. It took C-Chan and I many many hours to arrive at the Hotel and Register
(although we made it in time 6:30pm) and we found Frank there in the game room (much to our surprise)
while looking for Scott, who we were to be rooming with at the Confort Inn down the street. So we
eventually checked in and searched and searched for Scott, finally he called the room while we happened to
be there (his plane was delayed and he had to miss a connecting flight), but the night was still young (at
12:30am) andwe all went to Midnight Madness in Video Room 3 which was showing fandubs (woohoo).
Which was good since then people who don't like fandubs wouldn't have to watch them. Then the three of
us meandered on back to the hotel and slept.

Trev's attending the LoGH Panel

(I thought I'd do this early) Well, I was about 15 minutes late for the panel (I was watching Spriggan
subtitled in 35mm, I was mesmorized) and I ran in and fell into the floor and started watching the show.
They decided to show the first battle between Yang and Von Loengramm, the two episodes of the battle of
Verlon (sp?). Well, I loved the dub, I think that they got Poplan down perfect and none of the actors
overacted, it was the first dub I ever saw where the people acted like, well people. Very well done.
The bad news was that there are no plans currently to make any more dubs of LoGH, this was basically a
fan service, but a much appreciated one. Afterwards there was a long Q&A with the Producer and Director
where we learned more about the creation of LoGH and it's evolution ("12 years ago..."), not to mention it's
future. It was recommended that we start a petition to bring the novels over to the states, and that the dub
could be done throught mail order, as the first season was. All and all it was a great panel, and it gave me
an opertunity to see many of those I had only read of before, Jennifer, Hank, Scott, Walter, all these LoGH
fans in one place was very fun.

Trev's Money losses

About $170 is all I spent this weekend. And I am very proud of that fact. PLUS I will be making some
money back since I bought some items with the soul intend of selling them on eBay for a higher price (all
of which are up on eBay now). The Hotel was about $54, Admission (which I had already paid, was $40,
the AX99 t-shirt (which I am currently wearing was $17, I bought a poster of hundreds of little anime
characters from different series (the one Katty has) $5, a little Pikachu for my laptop bag and a skuld button
for the same for a total of $9, an Assemble Insert CD for $10 (if you knew just how rare a find this is...I
was amazed), and a SIGNED CD of Mari Iijima the Japanese voice actress of Lynn Minmay of Macross (or
Robotech in the US) for $20, and about $15 in food for the three days. About $120 of that will be returned
to me in profit from my eBay sales though, so I did alright. I maintained most of my control. ^^;

Lines and Costumes (Daytime Saturday)

We got there at 8:30am and there was already a line for the Yoko Konno (Escaflowne composer) concert
which we didn't attend, but we got a picture of a kawaii Skuld cosplayer instead. :) So we went and stood in
line for about an hour for the Dealers' room opening at 10am. after about 1-1 1/2 hours in there Brian had
spent all his money and we were done. We walked outside and saw another big line, this time for the
Masquerade at 8pm. So we found Frank in the line and stood/sat in the blistering sun for many hours
waiting for the tickets to stand in line for the Masquerade, we got the fourth best tickets you could get, so
we were pleased and we went off to do stuff, mostely we took lots of pictures of cosplayers and went to a
few panels (and ran into fntc at the Spriggan showing), went to the LoGH panel at 3-5pm and then around
6pm we got into the line for the Masquerade...

"Track 3..." (The Masquerade and the rest of Saturday night)

Earlier that day we befriended a guy named Ian and we three (Ian, Brian and I, Scott was off playing video
games or something :P~) and we got to our White One seats about 3/4 the way back of the room (which sat
over 2000). Webefriended another otaku there and the four of us started talking and chatting (this was
around 7:30pm), 8pm comes and goes...2 1/2 hours at 10:30pm The audio starts working (it was out
because a piece of equipment blew) much the the delight of the disgruntled audience. Gendo Ikari was our
Master of Cerimonies and the romp began.
It started with a man in a Kikkomen Soysause bottle costume ("Kikko-Man!") fighting a female cube of
ramen which won the fight using it's fish cakes to attack Kikko-man.Some of the most memorable skits
were Kagi: The Spy Who Shagged Me (an Eva/Austin Powers x-over) where we saw Kagi shag Asuka and
the unforgettable Mini-You clone of Gendo Ikari. The costume that got the most cheers from the audience
though had to be the 8 foot Pen-pen which came onto the stage and started dancing to the cheers of over
2000 insane fans, the best part though was when Gendo (the MC) threw off his gloves and started dancing
with Pen-pen, which was a truely great site indeed.
I had a personal dream come true that night when Fire Bomber was announced and the Fire Bomber
cosplayers stepped onto the stage a Basara thrust his hand up yelling "Fire!" and we in the audience thrust
our hands up screaming "Bomber!" That was a real dream come true, I did that while watching Macross 7
SO many times.
A Zion recruiter came on stage at one point trying to recruit all the anime fans to the Zion side (sizg Zion!)
to fight for freedom. A Pi from 3X3 Eyes mad a bad Camera joke (holding her camera to her forehead), and
none can forget GatchaMan Omega who was announced ran onto the stage posed and ran off. But the most
impressive costume (by far) was the human-sized Giant Robo made out of plastic, it was simply amazing,
in the newsletter the next day there was a picture of the Giant Robo superimposed over the hotel with a
caption of "angered that he did not win every award at the masquerade Giant Robo loses control and
destroyed the Hilton." The Violenist Hameln skit was also wel done with me cheering for flute the entire
time (man, Flute rocks, I can't believe she got her hair to do that).
But the funniest one had to be the Escaflowne/BustAGroove skit. So we all hear the Playstation logo sound
and we all cheer, but then the Escaflowne crew come on Van, Van's brother, Merele, and Delandu. Van and
his Bro start to fight and then all of the sudden you hear, "Here comes a new challenger." The audience dies
laughing. They all line up and stand striaght, in turn each player's name is called and the player steps out
and does his or her pose (like you are selecting them in the game), Delandu's was the best, he stood proudly
with a wide opened laughing face looking to the sky. Merele is selected and she gets into a fighting stance
againist Van's Bro. Then you hear, "Ready Fight!" and they start to dance. The audience dies again. It was a
game of Bust A Grove! Full with thrown pieces of candy! Van's Bro and Delandu eventually won since
Van wouldn't dance with Merele. It was a great skit.
There were too many more to mention, but these were some of the best.
The Masquerade wound down to a close and some Japanese Voice acting students came out and did some
live voice acting to a brand new series which we were the first in the world to see. And we saw the premeir
of the CG animated Star Troopers series, it was...wow. Not to mention the FF8 opening. The winners were
announced with Pen-pen being the BIG winner to much cheers and chanting of "pen-pen pen-pen".
Then there was a 1/2 hour break and the Music video contest started, we left at the end of the Drama
section it was about 3:30am and we were all tired, so off to sleep we went at the hotel.
I got over 70 pictures that night of the cosplayers!

The day of rest (Sunday and leaving)

We got up at 10am, and checked out. Brian and I caught some SD Oh My Goddess and a panel on English
Voice Acting with a Hung Over Amanda Winn Lee and an annoying freak of a fanboy asking all the wrong
questions. Got some more pictures, including a great Japanese Merlene cosplayer. And then My Dad and
Debbie picked me up and we went to the airport and I flew home.

Last thoughts

The anime environment is a completely different world and I love it. It is wonderful and fulfilling, in my
opinion the only thing better than being in the anime world is being with my pooh-bear, the woman I love.
For me it is a wonderful and full world full of interesting people and great entertainment. Like I have said a
million times before, I can't explain it well enough, it's the experience that makes it worth it every time and
AX99 was no exception for me.

Trevor 'jumex' Menagh

PS: I love you, Pooh-bear. ~.~
PPS: Katty, Jen the Great, Ben, Andy & Liz, and Aaron. Matt and I are coming to see you all this weekend
from Friday-Monday (Fri-Sat I want to see Katty and Jen the Great, and Andy & Liz, sunday I want to visit
Ben, and Monday we were hoping to go to Lake Chalane to visit Aaron) is that cool with you guys?
メナ トレヴァ
Email: jumex@email.com

"You got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream
how are you going to have a dream come true?"

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