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The Trev Report

Coming from you live from gloomy Kirkland, WA, prodded on by Mike's recent
report, here is the latest edition of The Trev Report.

A note to Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson has been a friend of the family for years and to me having grown
up with him around truely is a part of my family. Carl is dieing of cancer and I
just wanted him to know that my heart is with him right now. Carl and Mary, CJ
and Nita, you are all my family as far and I am concerned and I love you with
all my heart. Thank you for being there for me throughout the years.

Trev's Lovelife

My Pooh-bear is living it up is Europe as we speak. Over the weekend we e-mailed
each other and it was good to have some contact with each other in that way. I
will be taking her back to WSU on the 7th of August when she needs to go back
for her RA training and setup. I'm doing well with our seperation over here and
I am sure we will perservere.

Trev's Anime

I haven't watched much lately... (I think those are the exact words Mike said,
it's true for me too) I am going to Anime Expo 99 in July (16th-18th) but I
don't plan to buy any stuff, just watch and take a lot of pictures.

Trev's Work

Work is going well. I am in the debugging stages of my project and it is (as
many of you know) the longest and hardest part of any project. I really am
enjoying where I work now. The people are nice and I like the small business
environment that this 40 person company has.

Trev's Housing

I'm still living with Scott's family. They treat me well and I feel like a part
of the family while I am there. Things are going smoothly and I expect them to
continue until I leave for Japan.

Trev's Cultured Saturday

Well Saturday I went into Seattle because they just opened a new exibit at the
Seattle Art Museum of Impressionists paintings from European Galleries. It was a
wonderful show from Monet to Renoir to Zandomeneghi to Van Gogh. It was really
beautiful and I was very pleased to be able to see these artworks first hand.
Impressionism is one of my favorite art styles as is Surrealism like Dali. Then
I went to the Seattle Asian Art Museum and viewed artwork from the 2nd to the
20th centuries from Korea, China, and Japan. It was very fun to see all the old
religious and ritualistic materials that you read about in the history books. So
it was a rather exciting day for me.

Trev's Movies

I saw TPM 3 times, after the third time I was satisfied and shelfed it, maybe I
will watch it again when the second movie (which HAS to be about the clone wars)
is released. I saw the second Austin Powers movie, which was pretty funny, but a
little too gross for me in certain points. The big news is Tarzan. Now, I
dislike Disney movies, in general they suck. I haven't watched one since The
Little Mermaid. So I wasn't expecting much when I watched Tarzan. It was a great
movie. I loved it. The music was well done, the animation was great, and the
story was sweet and entertaining. It's worth it just for the facial expressions
of Jane, which were so descriptive that I was impressed and amazed.

Trev's Games

Well, I got and beat Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete (which is a
Playstation Role-playing game). It was great, I totally loved it and I am
eagerly awaiting the remake of 'Lunar 2: Eternal Blue' for PSX. I will be first
in line to get it. Brian Papp is snagging me a Lunar poster, so I am psyched
about getting that too.

Trev's Music

The Best of Kansas...sweet. I like Kansas, they are a good band. And The Best of
Kansas is a good album to work or relax to. Usually these days I listen to
whatever I have in the MP3 CD I happen to have on me or whatever is on the
Shoutcast channel I am listening to.

Trev's Family and Friends

I have been visiting with Uncle Floyd, Grandma, and cousin Steve a lot while I
am over here in the Seattle area. I still need to contact Uncle Dick and spend a
weekend over in the Skagit Valley with them before I am off to Japan. Hopefully
I will be able to see Uncle John as well as all my Braindead friends when I go
down to Cali from July 10th to July 18th. I also want to visit the friends I
have in Pullman at least once before I leave.

Well that's it for now, until next time this is Jumex, signing off!

Trevor Richard Menagh Washington State University
jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu wsu.edu/~menagh/

"Big Brother is still out there, but perhaps there are
more important things in this world than watching for
those who may be watching you." ---The Guardian
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