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Hello friends and family,

It's been a long time since I've talked to some of you, others I saw just
yesterday. I haven't done a Trev Report in a few months, so I though I
might update everybody. So, on with the news.

Trev's Anime

Some interesting things are developing in our anime endevours here at WSU.
We just finished ordering 230 top quality VHS tapes for recording purposes.
These tapes are brodcast quality, so that is wonderful. Also we just
ordered a genlock (a genlock is a device you connect to your computer and
two VCRs to link up video and edit it) for my Amiga A2000. That should
arrive in about a week. We founded an Anime Fansubtittling group called the
Seiei-tai, consisting of Snowman, Mechaman, Kimagure, and myself, Jumex.
Snowman is recieving many raw Japanese tapes and has started translating
them for us to subtittle. So things are getting exciting on that front.

Trev's Computers

Well, my moniter blew on my PC, so Dad is going to be looking around
California for a nice 17" moniter. The Mac is doing fine, but I don't do
much with it these days. I need to get a power supply for my external hard
drive for it, but that's not a top prioriry. My Amiga A2000 SupraDrive is
running well, we are currently trying to get it to read DOS disks so we can
transfer software over to it from the Net, since an ethernet card for it is
around $80-$100 and I don't want to blow that right now. I'm working on
getting a 486 to put linux on and run a web server off of it. I think that
I can get one from SCS (where I work).

Trev's Work

The RCC job has really died down, so I have a lot more free time now, which
is a great thing. I've signed the paperwork for the web page job with water
quality, so I have started maintaining those web pages again. The 3Com job,
I just started working this week, now that I have more free time. It's fun
work, I really enjoy doing it when there is some quiet time and noone is

Trev's Housing

Well, Streit Hall is the "reject" dorm like Orton was the first year I came
here. On top of that, it is the jock dorm. You can see my excitement, being
a computer nerd that hates sports. Tere are some nice people on my floor.
The RA is my friend Russ, he went to China last year to study, and now this
is his last year. It's alright though, I usually keep my door closed and
noone bothers me too much. Since I am on the North side of campus, people
don't visit much, except for Matt and Jong. It's kind of nice to live in a
queit place where few people come around, unlike last year where mine was
the central party room. I have to admit I like hanging out with friends
though. I miss that sometimes.

Trev's School

I am doing well in all my classes. I just got a 101/100 on my Nutrious
Living midterm. So that was real good. I am doing great in Japanese, it's
real interresting and I have become addicted to studying Kanji (the chinese
characters in Japanese), it's more fun that watching anime. (sick, huh?) I
have a rather time-consuming philosophy assignment due Monday that I've
been pushing off, but I think i can rip it out this weekend. Numerical
computing is a great class, the teacher is really a great guy. The book
costs $68 though for 323 pages, it was rather outrageous.

Trev's Stuff

I just bought a three volume set of books called "A History of Japan," I am
really looking forward to reading them. I'm also getting a bunch of posters
for my room soon, so that will be fun to decorate. I've gotten back into my
Baroque music kick again. I just got a CD of the Canadian Brass's Greatest
Hits, including Pachbel's Canon and Water Music. Pretty cool stuff. I've
also been listening to my Billy Joel CDs a lot as well. That guy is a

Trev's Life

Lately things have been wonderful. My weeks are going by painlessly,
peacefully, and I always feel at ease with things. I don't think I've ever
felt this good about life before. Things are just falling into place these
days. Life is good.

Trev's Lovelife

...I'm only putting this here so some people (*ahem*Dani*cough*) would go
complaining that it's not here. :P In any case, no I don't have a
girlfriend, or a lovelife for that matter. You ladies out there (I know you
are all dieing to date me :P) know where the application is, and if you
don't it's here: wsu.edu/~menagh/tTR/tTR970702.txt, so no
excuses ok? -_^ But seriously, nothing much is happening in this
department. :)

Well, that's enough from me. I hope to here from all of you sooner or
later. Have a good day.

H:(509)333-4637 W:(509)335-HELP ext. 33

"Life is timing." - Ian's Truth
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