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Hello once again from the beautiful Silicon Valley. This will probably be
my last report from Mountain View, since in less than two weeks I will be
back in Pullman getting reading to start RCC training. Now, on to the news.

Trev's Girlfriend

- ------------

Jessi seems to be doing well up in Washington. She's working hard at CO
Johnson, a PI agency. She sounds real happy when I call her on Sundays. I
am really looking forward to seeing her again.

Trev's Work

- ------

Work is going well. I'm on a few projects now and I am a lot more
interested in my work now. Thank you, all the people that prayed for me
about that. I only have a few more weeks here, but I hope I will be able to
work some while I am in Pullman, I could really use the extra money not to
mention something to keep my Palm skills honed.

Trev's Computer

- ----------

My computer is running smoothly, I am very pleased with it's performance. I
plan to ship it to Katty next Monday. So it should be waiting for me when I
arrive home. (yeah!) All I need to do now is put FrontPage98 on it and I am

Trev's Anime

- -------

I am still reading Eva-R, but slowly and when I can find the time. I just
got a confirmation from Tony Butler (Aquarian) that he will be sending
Katty's shipment to my address in Pullman instead of Mountain View since he
is so backlogged with requests (7 weeks). I do have Magic Knights Rayearth
17-20, so everybody that had been longing to see to end of first series can
once I return.

Trev's House

- -------

Mike, Do Joon, and I are still getting along well. No major explosions,
which a lot of us know can be the end of a friendship. I've really enjoyed
my summer here with these guys. They are great roommates.

Trev's School

- --------

I am taking 17 credits next semester: Intro to Japanese, Intro to
Psychology, Nutrious Living, Numerical Computing, Professional Pratice, and
Philosopies and Religions of China and Japan. I really want to stay focused
on my studies next semester and I want to balance my time and money better.
Those are my goals for the next year.

Trev's Church

- --------

The Church here is great. Mike and I go to Church meetings 4 times a week
(College, Prayer, Youth, and Main meetings). It's really wonderful to be so
into God. (NOTE: Please restrain yourselves from flaming me about this, I
promise I won't stuff it down your throats). I'm planning to return to the
Baptist church Jessi, the Danzs, and I went to last year, that will be good
for us.

Well that's about it for this short and sweet Trev Report. If you have and
comments or questions feel free to e-mail jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu, I'll be here.

God Bless,
- --
Trevor Menagh, CS/AI Senior
Washington State University

H:(509)333-4637 W:(509)335-2780
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