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Hi everybody! It has been a long time since I have done a Trev Report.
I've been busy at work and haven't found the time to update everybody. I
apologize for that. Now, on to the news:

Trev's Girlfriend

- ------------

I speak with Jessi every week and e-mail her daily. She is having a good
time working at C.O. Johnson (www.cojohnson.com), a PI agency in
Seattle. Her birthday was on the 6th. I am really looking forward to
seeing her again in the Fall.

Trev's Work

- ------

Work is going well. I like my job, sometimes it's a little slow but
that's OK. I work with great people. Michael Chu sits in the cube next
to me. He's busy doing his hardware stuff. The other intern next to me
(Brian Torrey) has been interning with Palm for 3 summers! He's a nice
fellow. My cube is in a converted storage closet. They put 4 cubes in
here and 3 are taken up by interns.

Trev's Computer

- ----------

Well, my old P100 is still chugging along. I love it, though. I still am
running Linux (a UNIX clone) but recently I have been spending most of
my time in my Windows95 side for ease-of-use purposes when it comes to
HotSyncing my PalmPilot and Networking with my work computer.

Trev's Anime

- -------

Well, the only anime things I am doing lately is reading the
Evangelion:R fanfic (www.eva-r.com). Jenn sent me these real neato Dr.
Slump toys a couple weeks ago. They are real fun (they're sitting on my
desk right now). I'm awaiting my orders of Brother, Dear Brother 1-16,
Hameln the Violinist 1-4, Wedding Peach 1-4, and Rurouni Kenshin Vols.
8, 20, 21 from fansubbers for Katty (they are coming here first so I can
watch them before I send them up to her).

Trev's House

- -------

Mike and Do Joon are great roommates. We just fixed the phone. It has
been out for about a week because of the construction going on outside.
So, I apologize to any of you that tried to call the apartment during
the last week.

Trev's School

- --------

I just finished creating a schedule of what I will be doing next
semester (eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh/schedule.html). So I will still be
taking 17 credits as planned but I won't have to go to school at 8am!
Thank goodness. I am going back to Pullman on the 9th of August, which
is 2 weeks before school starts, for RCC training and Week Of Welcome

I hope to hear from all of you sometime in the forseeable future, but if
I don't good luck and God bless.

Trevor Menagh, SW Engr email: jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu
3COM - Palm Computing phone: (650) 237-6461

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."
-- Philippians 4:13
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