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Hello everybody. It has been a while, so I thought I would give a small

Trev's Girlfriend

Jessi seems to be doing well in Kirkland. I really miss her a lot, and I
talk to her whenever she has free time. Her birthday is in a month. I am
looking forward to seeing her once again.

Trev's Work

Work is fun. I am doing some research and getting ready to code a tool I
was asked to do. The fellow I am doing another project or should be back
soon, that will be exciting as well. I'm keeping busy, so it's good.

Trev's School

Nothing new. I am still scheduled for 17 credits, 8am-2pm MWF. I am
returning on Augest 10th for my RCC job. I suppose that I will get
started with my Web job ASAP as well.

Trev's Money

I'm OK right now. I get paid on Monday, so I can take care of some
debts, and on the 30th I will be able to start credit card payments in
bulk. After that I am just going to save money for school. No buying any
anime related goods! That's why I decided to (once again) not to go to

Trev's Anime

The last big cool thing I did was watch the last four episodes of the
first season on Magic Knights Rayearth, which was really good. I'm
hoping to barrow another VCR for a day to do some recording. Mike, Do
Joon, and I haven't gone to any Anime Club meetings yet, but I hope to
in the coming months.

Trev's Housing

Living with Do Joon and Mike is cool. We make cheap meals
($2.00-$0.50/person) and they are both good company. As most of you
know, I will be moving into Streit Hall in the Fall as the lead RCC in
North Campus.

Trev's Movies

I've seen Deep Impact, the Truman Show, and Godzilla. Don't waste your
money on Godzilla. It was quite a letdown. Deep Impact was great and
very emotional, surprising for a disastor movie. The Truman Show was
great, though. Best movie I've seen yet this summer. Very light hearted
for the situation that is delt with. I'm planning to see the X-files
movie on the 19th as well.

Trev's Books

Mike is currently reading Jessi's copy of The Oath, which I think is a
rather good book from a spiritual standpoint. I need to start reading
the Anubis Gates, which I bought under the recommendation of Mike.
Probably will start tonight. By the way, read Snow Crash, great book,
also if you like the Hitchhikers' Guide Trilogy, read Good Omens! After
this book, I think that I will read the Uprising War Trilogy.

Well that is it from the Trev Report this time. I hope to talk to you
all soon. To Jessi: I love you, and I miss you a lot down here.

Trevor R. Menagh, SW Engr e-mail: jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu
Palm Computing, Inc., 3Com phone: (650) 237-6461
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