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Hi all! Man, I have been trying to write one of these things for weeks,
but I can never get myself hyped up to do it. Well, I am hyped up enough
right now so...

Trev's Girlfriend

I miss Jessi a lot. It really makes me look forward to going back to
school. She seems well off and has a good job for the summer. We e-mail
and call each other often. I think that things wil be ok. There is so
much I want to type here it would take pages, so I will refrain.

Trev's School

20 credits is a stupid idea. I don't like it, and I have my schedule
worked out without me having to push myself that far. This semester I
raised my GPA to 2.95, I want to make over 3.0 by Christmas. I will be
taking 17 credits: JAPN 101, FSHN 130, CPTS 330, CPTS 380, ENGL 402,
PSYCH 105. Some of it will be hard, but I think that it will be worth

Trev's Work

I'm having a good time at work. I am not really bothered much. They gave
me something to do, and I am doing it. Not much human interaction, but
that is alright. I'm doing my job ok, or so it seems. I get paid Friday.
That will be good.

Trev's Computer

Well, I have my Linux box in my office, it's running rather slow for
some odd reason, I think it has something to do with not being hooked up
to the ethernet... The Samba server isn't responding at all and I need
to change the httpd and stuff to say the right IP (once I jack it in), I
think I will need Matt's help with that. We will see, though.

Trev's Anime

Mike, Do Joon, and I have been watching some anime. I guess the biggest
news for me is that I am finally going to see the last 4 episodes of the
first season of Rayearth (there is only 20 episodes). I really don't
want to spend very much money on anime this summer, so I don't think I
will be watching anything very new.

Trev's Housing

I have moved in with Do Joon and Mike at:

2235 California St. #202
Mountain View, CA 94040

the number there is (650) 969-1942, so if you want to send me stuff of
just to say hi, that is the info. Mike and Do Joon are cool, I am glad
to have two good roommates.

Trev's Money

My money situation is very tight right now. After 2 or 3 paychecks I
will be ok though. That's a good thing. Those of you out there that
believe, I wouldn't mind your prayers about this.

Trev's Health

I'm getting better, I don't know what was wrong before, but I was
feeling horrible for the first two weeks I was here. Things are getting
better now. I also wouldn't mind prayer in this area, too.

Trev's Religion

Mike and I went to Mike's church this Sunday, it was real interesting,
they do things a little different there. It is good though, I like it.
It's very alive and real the way their church works. I think i need to
start learning Chinese, though (what's another 25 years in school to get
all the schooling you want, :P).

Trev is done. I'll see you all next time, I hope to hear from all you
guys. Hope you all have a good summer.

Trevor R. Menagh, Software e-mail: jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu
Palm Computing, Inc., 3Com phone: (650) 237-6461
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