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What's up all, Trev here again! I thought that I would say hi-di-ho
before I poofed out into the wild blue Mountain View.

Trev's Girl

Jessi is doing well, I'm going to miss her this summer. We have had fun
and I think that our relationship is strong. I look forward to seeing
her again in the Fall.

Trev's School

Well, it's all done for this year. I finished my big computer project on
time, took all my finals, and I feel good about my grades. As most of
you know I will be taking 20 credits next semester: Numerical Computing,
Professional Practice, Nutritious Living, Philosophies and Religions of
China and Japan, First Semester Japanese, Intro to Psychology, and
Technical/Professional Writing. It should be a fun semester, none of the
classes are really that intensive, the hardest one is Numerical
Computing. I am returning to Pullman on Aug. 9th since my RCC job
requires me to return to school two weeks before it starts.

Trev's Job

The RCC job is winding down to an end. My Web page job has come to a
close as well. Both will pick back up next Fall. I am excited about
working at Palm, they moved to the building over (at least software has)
and they are jam-packed for room, so I don't know where I will sit. I
start work there next Monday.

Trev's Housing

This summer I will be renting a 3-bed/2-bath apartment with Do Joon Ra
and Mike Chu, both people from Van Nuys High in my class. Mike will be

with Palm working Hardware and Do Joon will be at HP. The apartment is
at California and Rengstroff only a couple miles from Palm. The rent
will be ~$650 per person, which is pretty nice for Mountain View. Next
Fall I will be at 132 Streit Hall, Pullman, WA 99163. My phone number
next Fall will be: 5093334637.

Trev's Anime

Well I am taking some anime to expose to Mike and Do Joon over the
summer: Marmalade Boy 1-76 + Movie, Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-26, The
Vision of Escaflowne 1-26, Saber Marrionette J 1-25, Kimagure Orange
Road 1-48 + Shin Kimagure Orange Road Movie, Irresponsible Captain Tylor
1-16, Child's Toy 1-16, Nadia of the Mysterious Sea 1-16, Pon Poko, If
You Listen Closely, X, Maison Ikkoku 81-96 + Passing Through The Seasons
+ The Final Chapter. That's about 72 tapes or so. I'm also bringing my
Dr. Slump manga to start translation (good practice). I am also looking
forward to attending the monthly Foothill ANIME meeting once again.

Trev's Stuff

Katty is storing most of my stuff over the summer, including my surround
sound system, two TVs, my Mac, and my Laptop (she's going to be decked
out). I'm planning to ship my computer up to Palm so I will have a
computer to play around/listen to music/surf the net on (linux, yeah).
The rest of my anime Katty is also keeping.

Trev's Club

Katty is taking over the club this summer, she is going to watch some
fun stuff, so make sure to come and watch if you are in the area. Jong
Park will be the President of the Club next year, and I am excited to
see what cool new things we will be doing (funsubbing, fundubbing, music
videos, and LOTS more vids).

Trev's Reading

Well, I am still reading Snow Crash (things have been busy), but I also
have to read The Oath, Good Omens, The Uprising War, The Necromancer
series, The Illuminitus Trilogy, and The Guide once again. Well, I don't
have to, I want to. Wish me luck.


My ICQ will be down until the 11th or 12th (sorry I have been
unresponcive with the ICQ, guys), and since I will be shutting down my
computer at 5 tonight, please call at 509331227, e-mail will be checked
about once a day. Thanks.

I hope everyone has a great summer, I hope I will. Send me a line
people, I love to hear from you all.

Trevor R. Menagh, Comp Sci e-mail: jumex1@hotmail.com
Washington State University phone: (509) 333-1227

"He must be a psycho. He must be in love with her.
This is all a twisted psycho love plot." -Snow Crash, 164
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