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Hi all, sorry I haven't communicated in a long time, but I have been
(and still am) real busy working on my Systems Programming project of
implementing a Minix File System Simulator. Also I have to start working
hard on my Automata class to do good on the final.

In more relaxing news, I am going to take a break this weekend and
attend BakaCon in downtown seattle. BakaCon is the only Anime Convention
in the Pacific Northwest and I am really looking forward to going. I am
going with Katty and her friend Jen. Jon, Ben, and Aaron are also

I am taking 20 credits next semester, because I want to speed up
graduation however I can. I am taking:

Numerical Computing (cs330)
Professional Practice (cs380)
Technical Writing (eng402)
Nutrisional Living (fshn130)
1st Semester Japanese (japn101)
Philsophies of China and Japan (phil315)
Intro Psych (pysch105)

cs330, cs380, and eng402 are required for my major; japn101 and phil 315
are required for my minor; and pysch105 is required for my option area
in AI. So there are no wasted credits. I think it will be fun, the
hardest class of the bunch will be cs330, and even that isn't that bad.

On my last phil101 test (I got an A of course), my teacher praised me
saying that I really have a knack for philosophy and that it would be a
great waste of I didn't continue to take more classes in it. I really
have a passion for philosophy, so I am going to try to take at least one
phil course a semester without it messing up my schedule to graduate.
Actually, if I play my cards right I could end up with a phil minor
without altering my current graduation schedule. I wish I could persude
phil as a second major, but at this stage it would set me back until
about 2001, another year away from my projected 2000 goal. Of course if
I got a chance top go to Japan in an exchange program in 2001 (spring) I
would take it. This is an option I am currently looking into.

Well, it looks like I will be at Palm again this summer. I am really
looking forward to coming back, I had a great time while I was there and
it will be cool to work there again. Also, it looks like hardware is

going to extend an offer to my friend Mike Chu to work at Palm also this
summer. I sent recommendations for both Rich and Mike, but Rich hasn't
e-mailed Monty, so... Networking, peolpe, networking. I like networking
actually, ever since I started this RCC job networking has become cooler
and cooler. And with Linux up on my machine, networking is FUN. (I sound

Well, I am looking on taking my computer down to Mountain View this
summer and hooking Linux into my cube right next to the Mac, so I will
have two machines running in the cube. I'd need to steal another
ethernet line to my cube though...hmm. I wonder if Software has moved at
all, it's hard to believe it has only been a year. It seems like just
yesterday I was walking down the street to see a new movie at the cinema
near work, or taking to train to SF and walking to JapanTown,
chitchatting with the owners of Japan Video and calling Brian to gloat
(:P). I'm so happy I'm returning, I really enjoy it there. I remember

coming back to college afterwards and having it feel weird, almost
unreal. It's sort of like college is a veal of reality and once you are
outside you almost don't want to come back. Weird, huh?

As most of you know, I will still be working for ResNET next year, I
will be the RCC for Streit (a dorm on north campus) and possibily the
Student Ethernet Tech for all of north campus (includes 5 dorms). Two of
my friends from Anime (Matt and Scott) wanted to be RCCs so I recomended
them. They have both had their interviews and such, but there are only 8
male positions and 15 people applied two of which were women. They are
both real good with computers so I think that they will get the jopbs,
but my bosses won't tell me when I ask them, so I don't know.

I am going to pay my Credit Card off this summer and then I will finally
be debt-free (with the exception of student loans). So that will be good
news. I am also planning to conserve my money this summer (even though I
want to buy lots of anime tapes, a genlock for the Amiga I am getting
pretty soon, a two deck vcr, etc, etc). This summer, I will do two
things: pay off my bills and save money (well eat too and have a little
bit of fun but...). At least those are my goals.

To anyone that wants my stuff. Within certain limits, I am giving away a
bunch of my things that I never use anymore, so if you want to pick up
some cool stuff, stop by my room sometime and I will give you things.
(don't worry I always do this at the end of the year) I do it because
over the course of the school year, I aquire a lot of junk. stuff I use
once and then never again, so I give that stuff to other people who can
use it better, and then I don't have to pack as much.

Also I will be shipping a bunch of Anime down to Mike Chu sometime next
week so he and I can watch lots of things over summer so if you want to
watch some anime, chances are that you will find some at 555 Middlefield
Rd., Mnt. View, CA if we live the same place I did last time (I hope, it
was a great place to live). I don't know how I will work my computer
being shipped, I think I will just send it to work on the Friday before
I leave.

On July 4th weekend, I am planing to go to AnimeExpo with Katty and her
Dad at the Anihaim (sp) Convension Centre. That will be a blast, if
anyone wants to go with us, I would think that that would be cool. Since
it is in SoCal, a lot of you could go too. Sweet.

Anyway, I am off to work on my cs360 project and finish my cs317 HW,
wish me luck and until next time...

Trevor R. Menagh, Comp Sci e-mail: jumex1@hotmail.com
Washington State University phone: (509) 333-1227
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