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Well, today is my 21st birthday, and I thought I would make a Trev
Report. Not much is going on lately so It probably won't be too long.

Trev's Anime

Jessi, Matt, and I just finished wathing up to 20 of Nadia (39 eps.) and
Ben is getting the rest in soon. Hopefully Matt will order Rurounin
Kenshin 16-19 today, because we are dying to see more of that. I am
dubbing Fushigi Yuugi for Katty's friend Jen right now and Brian still
hasn't returned the rest of Maision Ikkoku for me to record for Mike
Chu. In fact I haven't heard from Mike, Brian, or Andy in months. I
wonder how they are doing. Jessi just ordered a RK scroll and poster
yesterday on the Internet. I haven't bought anything new in a long time,
I haven't even picked up my comics in over a month. Mike Chu, I want to
apoligize for the wait on the MI tapes, so I will make three tapes for
you with an assortment of different animes on them and send it your way,
I'll use my tapes, no charge.

Trev's Work

Work is going well. I am making lots of progress on the Water Quality
web site and I am planning to make a map of Washington on the page soon
to make it easier to access the contacts in certain regions of
Washington. The RCC job is in a state of change, they are moving the
program over to a site-based system instead of having ResNet seperate
from the rest of Student Computing Services. We now report to the Lab
Leads of our areas, mine is in the Stephenson Complex. Next year I will
be moving into Streit/Parham as the only RCC there. Unfortunately I will
have to buy a meal plan, but that seems like the only way I can keep my
job. Matt is going to move to Golsworthy (probably) and Jessi wants to
move to Streit/Parham with me.

Trev's Friends

The people I see the most these days are Matt, Jessi, and Andrew (since
he live right next door). I rarely see Ben and Laura anymore and Jon and
Ryan pop up on occasion (sp?). I talked to Ryan today and he wants to
extend an offer to Ben (and Jon) to live in a house up near Graystone
church with Ryan and 4 girls. The rent will be ~$290/month plus
utilities. But Ben, you have to contact Ryan within the week to sign the
lease. Just to let you know. Jessi and I have become real good friends
and I hope it stays that way, Matt is a great pal also. It's kinda weird
how your friends change over time. I wish I had time to read the
Braindead digest, but it seems that things are so busy these days...

Trev's Schoolwork

I got a 81% on my Automata test I took on Wed., which is alright, but I
am going to start studying more so I can improve my grade. I took a
Systems Programming test on Fri. and I felt really good about it, I hope
we get it back soon. That is a real fun class, I enjoy coding a lot. In
fact I put Linux on my PC and am loving it. Although anime.braindead.org
doesn't work sometimes so Matt got another DNS at jumex.ml.org. I have a
Philosopy test on Wed. and am studying for it, it's on Dualism,

Idealism, and Materialism. I started out an Idealist, but now I don't
know what ot think, I suppose that is the first step, ne? The Japanese

Conversation class Matt and I are taking is really fun, last week we
learned how to count and how to ask someone for their denwabango (phone
number). I need to start working on my Religion paper, I think I am
going to compare Christ and Tao, but we will see what comes out of it.

Trev's Lovelife

Well there are plently of girls in my life, but none express an interest
in me (as far as I can tell), I am in no hurry for a relationship, since
I am just getting over my last one. If things happen naturally I will go
with it, but I'm not hunting now.

Trev's Summer Plans

I haven't heard anything from any other companies except for 3Com (BTW:
Monty, I still haven't received my W2 forms, could you look into that
for me, thanks). My friend Sean is flying out for his second interview
with Microsoft for a summer internship soon. I am really leaning towards
going back to 3Com, the people are nice and the work is fun. If I don't
hear anything by the middle of April I am going to accept Monty's offer
to go back. Mike Chu will probably be working down there too (for Cicso
again, maybe?) and we can get an apartment together, I hope. If we do,
then I will be bringing a lot of anime down for us to watch! :)

Trev's Spring Break

I am going to stay at Matt's place in Seattle for Spring Break and maybe
visit Jessi in Kirkland at least once. Matt's friend Ben is the
Librarian over at the Anime Discovery Project at University of
Washington and Matt is planning on recording lots of stuff for the club,
so that will be fun. I also talked to a Book Store owner from Coeur
d'Alene that has over 650 anme tapes and LDs and he wants to donate to
WSU Anime to expand our collection. So that is good news for the club.

Trev's Anime Club

The club is going well, we have a sandwich board out at the Mall almost
every week and a table inside the Student Uniion promoting the CLub each
week so the attendance is growing. I am hoping that there will be a lot
more people next semester with the increase of incoming freshmen (89%
from last fall). That will make my RCC job a lot tougher.

That's about it for this Trev Report. I am off to my first birthday
class (Phil 101). Have a great week everybody and I hope to hear from
you all soon.

Trevor R. Menagh, CS Junior e-mail:jumex1@hotmail.com
Washington State University phone: (509) 333-1227


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