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Konnichiwa mina! It's time once again for another Trev Report. Keeping
YOU informed with MY life! And now on to the news:

Trev's Anime

Right now I am recording MI 62-80 for Mike Chu, and I am waiting for
Mike McCllelan to return the rest. Last weekend Matt and I finished
recording Saber Marrionette J for Jong and I. I am not going to be in
Pullman for the 12-12 showing this weekend, because I will be attending
RadCon with Katty. Marmalade Boy was great, I really loved the series,
and the Movie was cool because it had the Gastamen in it!

Trev's Work

Work is hectic and busy as usual. The wawater server is being moved to
Hubert from Johnson, so I will have to get a new set of keys, but that
shouldn't restrict me anymore because I just got FrontPage98 for my PC
to work at home! The RCC job is getting more routine and that is good, I
am planning on keeping the job next semester and moving to either
Rogers, Orton, Streit, or Param so I won't have to pay board. I went to
the Career Fair today and handed out resumes, Boeing and Intel seem real
interested in Palmtops. I want to work where I can do that kind of work.
I actually am planning on going back to 3Com, because I liked it a lot
there, and Mike Chu and I could room together down in the Silicon

Trev's School

Classes are going smoothly. Automata is pretty tough because it is my
first theory class, but I am getting through it. Systems is fun, because
we are doing all this work in Linux, which I put on my PC, and it is
really interesting seeing how the actual file system works. My other
classes are proceding fine, I got an A on my Philosophy 101 exam.

Trev's Computers

Windows95 and Linux are working on my PC and Matt is always dinking with
it, which is cool. I am usually over on the Mac doing work stuff. They
are both running well and Matt put in an extra 500Mb HD to make
anime.braindead.org an mp3 server. I put my web page on there at


Trev's Lovelife


Jessi's Roommate

Jessi got a Japanese foeign exchange student for the next 5 weeks, her
name is Mayako Taura and she likes anime, so it's cool.

Well that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report. I'll see you
all out there!

See ya,
Trevor R. Menagh
Washington State University

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