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Konnichiwa mina, and welcome to this edition of the Trev Report. Keeping
YOU informed with MY life! And now on with the news:

Trev's Anime

Well, Matt, Jessi, and I are still watching Marmalade Boy. It is the
ultimate anime soap opera! We are on tape 11 and we got Marie and Amanda
to start watching, they are on tape 8 (I think). I am recording them as we
go. Most of my Maison Ikkoku is still with Ryoga and C-chan on the West
Side, so I am not able to record them for Mike yet! The Club is watching
Fushigi Yuugi and Bakuratsu Hunters, plus whatever else we put in
(Rurounin Kenshin, Child's Toy, Irresponsible Captian Tylor, etc.).

Trev's Lovelife

Hawr, hawr, hawr. (it's like deja-vu) My ex-girlfriend is around a lot,
and NO we are not getting back together. Sometimes I would like to have a
girlfriend, but other times I don't. There is this girl that some people
say I should ask out, but I'm not sure about that right now. In the
meantime there is always that application, or e-mail me to request one.

Trev's Room

I went on a cleaning craze. My room looks empty now. Really! All the
posters and stuff are taken down. It's sort of cool. I think that I might
put the stuff back up but not yet.

Trev's Schedule

I worked out my schedule for the next two years and I will be graduating
in Spring of 2000 with a BSCS and minors in Philosophy and Japanese Area
Studies. The course load looks realistic and I am really looking forward
to the next two years.

Trev's 'puters

Hopefully soon I will be able to put the 486 onto the net so I will ALWAYS
have a computer handy, but I'm not sure that it is a go quite yet. I still
need to buy a PCMCIA Ethernet card for it. The Mac runs fine, but I need
some RCA cables to run to the sound system for it. The PC is also running
well. I haven't had much time to mess with them much, so they don't have a
fair chance to mess up.

Trev's Jobs

The RCC work is going well, it keeps me busy and on my feet a lot, helping
people and all. The Web work is also proceding well, we are doing a lot of
neat stuff. I am working hard at that. The Career Fair is coming up in
Feb. and Matt and I are going to it. I am hoping to go back to Palm, but I
think I am going to go out and see what is biting.

Trev's been gone for a while

Well, it has been two days since I started this e-mail and I am bound and
determined to finish it today.

Trev's Life

Things seem to be moving right along these day. No major conflicts, no
major grade trouble, no major work problems. Everything just is, right
now. It really is nice. Every night Matt, Jessi, and I sit down and watch
Marmalade Boy (5 tapes left and counting!) I work in the mornings, I go to
school during the day. Life is good.

Trev's Room (revisited)

I put all the posters back up in my room. It looks a LOT better now. I had
enough posters to cover the entire room with ONLY Anime Posters. Pretty
cool, huh? Next we are talking about moving a couch in, but that will have
to wait until the weekend at least.

Trev's Lovelife

Hawr, hawr, hawr. (It's like deja-vu) All you lucky ladies in Pullman, you
should be bold like Jinny in Marmalade Boy (USA) and ask me out! ...on
second thought, just send me an e-mail. :P

Trev's Anime

Be happy, Trev just ordered Maho Tsukai Tai 5-6, Goddess Reincarnation,
Villgust, Child's Toy 13-16, and On Your Mark! I am cool. I also ordered
the Anime Theme Best Collection. All from The Anime Cottage in Bellevue,
so it should be quick (I hope!)

That is all, goodday until next time!

Trevor R. Menagh, CS Ugrad.
Washington State University
V-mail: (509) 333-1227
E-mail: jumex1@hotmail.com

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