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Hello everybody, and welcome once again to the Trev Report! Keeping YOU
informed on MY life! Now, on to the news.

Trev's Anime

Well, there is a little political angst in the club right now, but the
problems are not that big and in the long run should be resolved fairly
quickly. I am currently watching Marmalade Boy and Child's Toy, among
other things, with Matt and Jessi and the such. Aaron isn't going to be
with us this semester because of money problems, but we hope he will be
back next semester. We will miss you, Aaron!

Trev's Work

Work is going. I enjoy doing what I am doing, but it is sometimes
annoying, because I have to give up time with my friends to do work
stuf. Oh well, all in the spirit of the buck! The web page stuff is
coming along well, I am going to get FrontPage for my computer in the
dorm (work is paying for it!) so I don't have to go to the office
everyday. That is good.

Trev's Studies

School seems to be progressing ok, so far. Theology is interesting,
lots of reading. I spent 2 hours this morning reading the Summa as fast
as I could. I am going to write my term paper on Christology, so if
anybody out there can help me, I am open for suggestions. Intro to Phil
is slow, but Jon and Rich are in the class and we have fun discussing
with stuff with the teacher. I am a Relativist (God forbid!), so it
gets rather entertaining. Automata is dull so far, but it looks like it
will get REAL hard REAL fast, so... Systems is great, I have learned
gallons in that class already, it is really fun. Biology has a great
teacher, so I think that it will be cool.

Trev's Lovelife

I have none. ...actually I half-wish I did and half-am-glad I don't. I
thought without a girlfriend things would be easier. Actually, some
things are, but I am glad that Jessi isn't out of my life altogether. I
like our friendship now. She is a great friend, and always around too,
that's cool. Will I ever find someone that will love me for who I am?
I don't know that answer, but I hope so. Although, doesn't true love
mean you are willing to change for the person you love. If you're
ideals are stronger than your love is that love the right love? If you
wouldn't give up everything for the person you care for, will that love
hold forever? These are all things we have to answer on our own. I
think (and I really believe this is true) that a one-sided love can't
live. It doesn't matter how much I love the person I love if that
person doesn't return that love my love will die, like roses not
watered. I also think that love can be ruined by lust, or at least we
(as people) try to cover lust up and call it love sometimes to achieve
lustful motives. Anyway, on a closing lovelife note, I must say that I
learn a whole lot by watching Marmalade Boy with a girl present. :P

Trev's 'puters

My 'puters are doing well. I have them both up and running full-time
once again. So it is good. Ben got a PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII
so he disappears for weeks at a time (J/K). I am thinking of getting an
Ethernet card for the Laptop and installing Linux on it. That would
help me out doing stuff for CS360. I don't know though...

Trev's Stuff

My stuff is good. ...although good is a relative term, but not so
relative that it's universal direction is not undefinable, as to say
that of "not bad," but individual goods are each seperate. A good
example of this is when thinking of God's good and Man's good. Or to a
lesser extent, the goddness that an intercity kid would experience
compared to that of a rather rich individual. You could reason that the
individual realities of the two would warrent seperate "working"
definations of the universal good, although it is apparent that the
direction of the two seem to point towards that universal. If we are to
assume for a moment that there is a universal constent in the world and
that there is also a point in life and that we, naturally, want to
strive for the stable, then since the universal is the ultimate stable
we would, by law of nature, go towards that universal. Now we might
assume that there exist a universal good, which would be a part of the
univerasl constant, since it (by defination) would be unchangable. This
goodness, would be the goodness that we, by nature, would strive for
since it is the ultimate good. It would also seem apparent from this
that a ultimate good is not only necessary to strive for, but worthy to
worship, since that which is greater than all goods must be the highest,
and the highest (by defination) is worthy of worship. I shall label
this ultimate good, God's goodess, and this universal constent, God. It
is simple to show that something which always was and forever will be,
as is an universal constant, would have been in exsistance before
anything else was in exsistance. Therefore, since nothing can be made
from nothing everything must have been made from this universal
constent, which I call God who is fit for worship.

These assumptions you must take on faith, which I do. But on these
assumptions the reasoning is sound. Just something to think about.


Trevor R. Menagh
Washington State University

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