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Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Trev Report. Keeping YOU
informed with MY life. And now on with the news:

Trev's Lovelife

Wahahahahahahahahaha! Once again this section has reached it's
equilibrium state. Do I want a girlfriend right now? Pizaa, I do not.
Although I wouldn't not accept a filled out application (see

Trev's Classes

Indeed! Religious Studies is going to be taught like a Graduate-level
course, it seems exciting...except I have 60 pages to read by Thursday.
Yuck! Biology is going to be fun, I am in it with my buddy Ben and the
Prof seems like a real friendly nice guy. Intro to Phil looks kinda
slow, just covering the basics, but I need to lie a foundation.
Automata is a total CS Theory, tons of math, designed to be really hard.
Systems programming will be time consumming, the final project is to
implement an entire UNIX File System. Hard stuff! So it will be a
tough semester, but a fun one too.

Trev's Work

Work is going well. I will be busy working 23 hours a week in two jobs.
I only get paid in one though because the other gives me a free
room...in a freshman dorm. I am planning to move to an upperclassman
dorm next Fall. The Web work is going along smoothly
(http://wawater.wsu.edu) and the RCC stuff is long and tough sometimes,
but it mostly just takes up hours of time.

Trev's Anime

...that's ah-knee-may, folks. Please pronounce it right. I've been
watching some Saber Marrionette J, some Child's Toy, and some Bakuretsu
Hunters lately. We are almost done with Bakuretsu Hunters (YEAH!) and I
think we are going to watch all of Marmalade Boy next. That is 76 eps.
long!!! As for anime club, Random's brother has the FY tapes, and he is
here in Pullman...I don't know if I will be able to get a hold of him

Trev's ...Lack of interesting topics

I am done. Nothing much more to talk about. ...hey, I slimmed down my
sig file. What you all thing? I love messing with it.

Well, I am going now. Check out the archive at

Ja ne,

Trevor R. Menagh
Washington State University

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