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Well, I couldn't help it. I had to write one. So from the sunny hills of
Van Nuys, CA here is the Trev Reoprt. Keeping YOU informed with MY life!
And now on with the news.

Trev's Girlfriend

Jessi-chan is right now in the process of being missed greatly by me. She
is always on my mind. I am looking forward to the 10th when I shall be
able to see her once again.

Trev's Christmas

Christmas was good. I got a whole bunch of stuff including a CD-ROM for
the Mac and a CD-ROM for the PC and a Zip drive and a hat (a leather hat!)
and a belt and a pen (a nice pen!) and some philosophy books and stuff.
It was hectic as always, but we all survived in tact.

Trev's New Years'

The New Years' party was wonderful, I really enjoied seeing everybody
again, for some of you is has been years and I hope that we will be able
to get together again soon. We drank a lot of stuff, I personally didn't
drink, but there were a lot of empty bottles left over the morning after.
It took most of the next day to clean it all up, but I did it. Ryan
(redhead) was there for the game (which WSU lost by the way, but we beat
the spread!) so we visited and it was really a grand time for all.

Trev's Car

The Cherry Red 1996 Escort L 5-Speed that I drive while I am down in CA is
without clutch (sp?) right now and I and carless, the poor thing is almost
12 years old and has almost 150,000 miles on it. Good car, but it is
dying fast. It's in the shop right now.

Trev's Jobs

Well, since I am moneyless I picked up another job, doing web pages for
Washington Water Quality Team (wawater.wsu.edu) so I will be working 23
hours a week next semester and having 17 credit hours. That's a pretty
full 40 hours right there. I am hoping to plan at least enough free time
to spend with my Jessi and get together with my buds at least a couple
times a week to watch anime and stuff. Also with money coming in I will
be able to start paying off my $1000+ Root Canal I had to put on my credit
card. I will also have money to take Jessi out to do stuff and to support
my Anime habit (although, I hope to only buy blank tapes this semester and
record, record, record).

Jessi's New Room

My Jessi is moving out of her old room and moving into another room on the
same floor. It will be a single like Laura's room son I'm excited about
that. She's been wanting this for a while.

Trev's Housing 98-99

I'm thinking Rogers, since it is >$220/mo. and it is on-campus and it is a
single and there will be people there I know and can hang out with, I
don't know. It seems like a good idea. Rogers is an upperclassman dorm
so it is nice and quiet too. It's either that or move off-campus, but I'm
not sure about that. Jessi was talking about moving off-campus next year.
I wonder what a realtionship is like when the people don't live in the
same place...I suppose there is a lot more 'dating', huh? Well, we'll see
(I hope ^_-).

Trev's Classes

As you know (or not) I am trying to major in Computer Science and
Philosophy, so the majority of my classes from here on out will be CS and
PHIL. My class schedule for this semester will include, Intro to Phil,
Seminar in Religious Studies, General Biology, Automata, and Systems
Programming. Both BioS and Systems have labs. Eeck, I am worried about
juggling work, school, and social life this semester.

Trev's Anime

I haven' bought any anime since I have been back, but I have bought 4
aniem CDs. The "If You Listen Closely" (Whisper of the Heart) OST
(Original Soundtrack), the Escaflowne OST, the Rorouni Kenshin OST, "The
Polling Rank of '96 Japan Animation Theme Song" (it has LOTS of good stuff
on it). But I want to make a New Years' resolution: I don't want to spend
a lot of money on Anime and Comics this year. Instead I want to pay off
my debts and use my money for stuff, of course this will include some
anime and comics, but other stuff too. So there.

Well, that is about it for this edition of the Trev Report. Make sure to
check out hte old Trev Reports at:


See you next time,
Trevor "Good Will Hunting is a GREAT movie" Menagh

Trevor R. Menagh | WSU Computer Science/Philosophy


Voice: (509) 333-1227 | Email: tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu
ICQ : 3893135 | URL : eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh

"Craziness doesn't matter in this world." -M.W. Myers

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