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Hello everybody and welcome once again to this week's Trev Report.
Keeping YOU informed with MY life! And now on with the news.

Trev's Dental Bad stuff

I have a dead tooth. That means that I need a root canal. It will run
$530 for the root canal and $550 for the crown. So around $1100 for the
entire thing. Unfortunately for me, I do not (nor my Dad) have dental
insurance and neither my father nor myself has enough money to pay for it.
I am calling the denist tomarrow and begging to have a payment plan or
something, even though they don't want to do that. Well, those of you on
this list that choose to find my God fit for worship and prise, please
pray for me.

Trev's next semester

For those of you that do not know, next semester I am taking:

Introduction to Philosophy
Seminar in Religious Studies
General Biology
Systems Programming

That is 17 credits. I am also keeping my RCC job, although I don't know
if I will after next semester since I have to live in the freshman dorm,
we will see. I also, to my rejoice, got my old job back working with the
Washington Water web page (wawater.wsu.edu), I will have to learn
FrontPage for it though.

Trev's Religion

I'm telling ya, having a Christian girlfriend is cool. In fact, I feel
that Christianity is cool. I think I will go with it (as all my friends
gasp in horror). No really, it is a great religion. I realized it a year
ago, and I am still realizing it today. So flame away. Actually, Jessi
hates to debate religion with me. She hates to debate all together, but
that's ok.

Trev's Philosophy

I love philosophy. It is SO great. I don't know why it is so cool, it
just is. I have always liked Taoism when it comes to philosophy. It has
a lot of corralation with Christianity. With some parts of Christianinty
at least. You know what bugged me on Sunday. We were at Church and they
were doing a whole big thing on "advent." Now, I personally believe that
the Bible is the ends-all. Makes sense if you are Christian, right? Well
there is no "advent" in the bible whatsoever. In fact when I was watching
the service I realized that this "advent" service was an old pagan winter
solsest (sp?) ritual to prise the Goddess. I used to study paganism a
lot. That just weirded me out. So all this week I have been thinking of
ways we celebrate Christmas that are not Christian in origin. You know
things the "Church" added that don't come from the sacred text (AKA: the
Bible). Trees, yule logs, stockings, advent, what the hay. I feel that
we cover it up SO much with our traditions that we somehow are trying to
hide what it really is. Woo, that was long. Anyway.

Trev's Work

Work is going well. Things are busy, but not anymore than normal. I have
to study FrontPage over break. I also need to buy a book called "An
Introduction to C", it is a small white book that is the know-all of C, I
need to refamiliarize myself with it for next semester. Also, I have to
apoligize to BJennings, I haven't had very much time at all to work on our

PalmPilot project. If you have a Mac available to the Internet, I will
set my computer up as a server and we can work that way. I don't think
that they will turn off the computers. In any case we can work during
break on it.

Trev's Break

We will all get together and party...and watch anime...and wrestle...and
watch HK movies...and have fun. It will be cool. The New Years' party is
at my house in Sylmar this year, so that should be really fun. I am
working on Rose Bowl tickets but it seems for naught. I haven't the money
on me for them (neither does my Dad). Too bad really. Oh yes, and I will
see April and Annie (I hope). We can do fun stuff too. You two are
invited to the New Years' party if you are up to it.

Trev's Anime

So, I see that Bastard! it a big hit at the homefront. Mike, I am
bringing down the next three tapes for you and the two movies (to watch,
not have). Also I am making a list of anime to bring. Two categories:
'Bang em' up' stuff and 'You might just cry' stuff. I want some input on
what to bring. Also everyone that wants to take stuff home for break,
start making requests now.

Well that is about it for this Trev Report, see you all later.


Trevor R. Menagh | WSU Computer Science/Philosophy


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"Craziness doesn't matter in this world." -M.W. Myers
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