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Hello everybody once again! Turkey break was good and now it is time once
again for another Trev Report. Keeping YOU informed with MY life! And
now on with the news.

Trev's Weirdness

Ever since I have gotten back from my trip I have been feeling weird.
Sort of like I am not supposed to be here or something. I can't figure it
out. It isn't Jessi, although I do feel a security in our relationship
that I didn't feel before. I think that everything is going too well, for
example, today was a great day. I did nothing and I enjoyed it. Well
actually I watched 3 tapes of KOR and started filling out scholarship
application requests. I was walking out in the cold andI thought, maybe I
am becoming content with my life. That's a scary thought. I have a
really big long-winded reason on why that is bad, but I won't bother
explaining it on an e-mail sent out to so many people.

Trev's Classes

They are soon to be over and going smooth. I have a test in
Microprocessors and a test in Circuits on firday that I need to study
for. I am more worried about the Microprocessors test though. I need to
do some more studying in Physics too, I am having a little bit of a hard
time with optics, but the next test is the final so I should be OK.
Philosophy of Religion is going great, it is the one class I am completely
happy with. I am really looking forward to my Philosophy classes next

Trev's Work

I have to pass through certification by Friday, so things are sort of
hectic right now. I have started to work extra shifts so I can recieve
some extra money. Now that it has all ran out from this summer (after
many hundreds of dollars for X-mas presents), I will start working for

Trev's Self-motivation

Non-existant. Man, how do I get some? I have a real hard time getting
myself motivated to to anything with the exception of Anime and
Philosophy these days. Advice will be accepted. Reply to:
tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu. Thanks.

Trev's Anime

I have a lot of new stuff to watch, so whenever I am not recording I am
watching something I haven't seen before. It is pretty cool, I just wish
I had more time for it. Once Brian comes back to visit the second VCR in
my room will be gone and I will be up a creek without a paddle when it
comes to recording things for people. I still have half of MI to record
for Mike Chu and I have many other tapes I need to record for people. So
anybody with a spare HiFi VCR that I could put in my room for recording
tapes. Either that or someone with two VCRs will have to become
Librarian. It is very important.

Trev's Other Stuff

There is other stuff I should be doing, but between Work, Class, and Anime
I have no time. I am very glad that I have Jessi to be with, it is good
to have someone to be there in these troubled, hectic, and busy times. I
wouldn't give her up for the world. Thanks, Jessi.

Trev's X-mas Break

As it stands now, the annual New Years' Party will be at my place in
Sylmar. Probably starting around 6pm, and bring your own booze (or food,
or non-achoholic drink). I need to talk with Ben as to when I am flying
back, but I think that I need to be back in Pullman by the 9th of January.
As for Rose Bowl tickets, I am looking into them, but from what I hear
they are around $75 and I can only get one, and that is only a ticket to
stand in line outside the Rose Bowl hoping to get in. So, I don't know...

Trev's Turkey Break

It was good. Ate stuff, saw family, shopped for X-mas gifts, watched
Anime, saw friends, showed them Anime, shopped for stuff for me, played
some games, ate some more stuff, and went home again. It was real fun.
On Friday last week there was a 12 person gathering at Debbie's house and
we watched movies, wrestled with the Elkanator, and played that game where
you do that stuff and those people try to guess at you and it is fun.
...and I missed Jessi every single day I was there.

Well, that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report. Don't forget
to check out the old Trev Report's at
and for some extra fun, check out my (puny yet still cool) site:

See you all later,
Trevor R. Menagh

Voice: (509) 333-1227 | Email: tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu
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"Craziness doesn't matter in this world."
-M.W. Myers

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