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Hello everybody it is time once again for another Trev Report, keeping YOU
informed with MY life. Sorry there wasn't one last week, I was real busy.
Now on with the news!

Trev's Girlfriend

Well, this last Saturday it has been a month since Jessi and I started
going out! I bought her flowers today, a dozen roses. She seems to have
liked them. ^_^ In any case things are going well between the two of us.
I must say though, a relationship is quite a demanding thing. I'd be
lying if I said it is not worth it though. (BTW, I actually weaseled a
picture out of her so you all can see what she looks like!)

Trev's Thanksgiving

This Saturday I am coming home and I will be returning a week from next
Saturday, so I would like to get all the L.A. phone numbers of where
people will be staying during break. I want to see all of you. Please
e-mail them to me ASAP! I will be at either (818) 780-1956 or (818)
362-6658. I am really looking forward to meeting April and Annie for the
first time too!

Trev's Anime

I am recording and buying blank tapes like crazy. The VCRs are working
non-stop when I am home recording tapes for people. I will make copies
for any of you if you just send the money for tapes and shipping. I am
hoping to get enough money from Christmas to buy a lot of tapes for the
upcoming semester. I think I will have to start working again to support
my habit. (Having a Girlfriend drains the money too, :P) I have a lot of
new stuff to show you all this break, like Rurouni-Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi,
Kimagure Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Combustible Campus Guardress, and so
much more. There shall be a viewing at my house sometime during next

Trev's Financies

Fading fast. I need Dad, Debbie, Stephen, and Julie to e-mail me a
Christmas list ASAP. I already have a gift (or two) lined up for Jessi.
I am going to run out of money soon and I want to make sure that I buy
presents first!

Trev's Classes

I think that I will survive this semester in tact, thank goodness! I has
been tough though. Although next semester should be challenging too
especially with me needing to work more to make some extra cash. My
schedule is finalized! It is as follows:

CPTS 317 : Automata (MW 3:45-5:00)
CPTS 360 : Systems Programming (MWF 2:10)
CPTS 360L: Systems Programming Lab (Th 7:10-10)
PHIL 101 : Intro to Philosophy (MWF 11:10)
PHIL 407 : Seminar in Religious Studies (TuTh 10:35-11:50)
BIOS 102 : General Biology (MWF 1:10)
BIOS 102L: General Biology Lab (Tu 7:10-10)

for a total of 17 credits, as usual. I wish I had room to fit in a
History class this semester, but it would put me over the 18 credit hour
limit before I have to pay. Both Jon and Matt are going to be taking Phil
101 with me so that will be pretty cool.

Trev's Work

Work is going well. I am lazy a lot of the time, but that is alright. It
isn't a real demanting job. I think next year, if I could move into
Rogers, I want to keep this job. If not then I will find another job.
Hopefully within SCS still.

Trev's Stuff

I will be wanting all the club tapes that are out on loan by people on
this list back sometime this week. I want to do inventory before I go.
And yes it is OK to barrow tapes over break, with the exceptions of the
ones I am taking home. I haven't decided what I am taking home yet,
though. You can bet that FY 1-4 is on the list though, so is KOR 1-4,
Kenshin 1-4, and MI 1-4. Memories, too. And a few others I reserve to
take, 'cause I can.

Well, that is it about it for thhis edition of the Trev Report. I'd like
to especially say hello to Jim Madden out there who is a first time Trev
Report reader.


PS: Those of you out there with the first rendition of my X-mas list, I
want to stress that "Video things" are #1 priority and the list is in
descending importance, thank you. (also, the "Windows 95 Laptop" can be
replaced by "Macintosh Laptop" if need be, I actually would prefer a

Trevor Menagh | Voice: (509) 333-1227
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"Craziness doesn't matter in this world."
-M.W. Myers

"Some people grow up, some people never do."

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