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Good evening everybody. I am coming to you from the wonderful side of
Washington State with another edition of the Trev Report. Keeping YOU
informed on MY life. And now on with the news.

Trev's Girlfriend

Jessi is doing well. I am much pleased with our relationship. I screw up
sometimes, but that is to be expected. Her father is coming up this
weekend and staying in my room. I have to admit that I am a bit nervous
about it, but I think that things will go well all in all. Aaron was
just saying that this is my "make or break" situation, and I am sure all
my loving friends will be out to ruin me this weekend. It will be fun.

Trev's Anime

The Anime front is A-ok. I need to ration more time to watch all of KOR.
The other titles the club ordered should be getting here within the next
2-4 weeks. We are holding another 12-12 showing this Saturday, the 8th.
The sandwich board that Jessica Danz (and others) made is now out in the
middle of G.T. Mall. I really hope that this promotes the club and I am
looking forward to an attendance boost at this 12-12. We are also
raffling off a Wall Scroll of Fushigi Yuugi and some Anime tapes. Tickets
will be a dollar at the showing. The raffle will be held at 7:00pm.

Trev's Toys

Well, my Jetfire came in yesterday and we have all been playing with it.
It is pretty cool, brings back a LOT of memories. I am much pleased.

Trev's 'Puters

All up and running just fine. I really want to start upgrading both of
them, but i just can't bring myself to spend the money. I want to move
the Mac to another part of the room to inspire me to start coding again,
probably do that sometime next week.

Trev's Classes

Uneventful. I study, take tests, and go to class. Pretty much routine.
Although Microprocessors Lab is tough this week, I have spent way too much
time in the lab trying to get my circuit to work. Oy. Physics is going
alright, I just took a test this Monday, think I did alright on it. I
also took a circuits test on Monday. I think I nailed it, with the
exception of two problems. That is a fun class, but I will be happy when
the majority of my classes are Computer Science.

Trev's Work

Work is keeping me busy in those otherwise free hours. I enjoy my job, it
is pretty fun stuff. I don't want to do it forever, but it is worth it
now. Speaking of forever, I am going to start up sending out my resume to
companies I want to work for this summer. Although Palm is cool, I might
be able to find a higher paying job. I want to go back to the Silicon
Valley, although the Seattle area wouldn't be bad either. I absolutly
loved working this summer. I didn't think that I would enjoy it so much,
but it is pretty cool stuff.

Trev's Housing

I'm thinking of getting an apartment again next Fall. I'm not sure
though. It is nice being on-campus, but I think that I liked living in an
apartment a bit more than in the dorms. It's no big rush, since Fall is
so far away, I was just thinking about it.

Trev's Life in general

You know, it's going ok. I am feeling a great calm around my life lately,
it's really a nice feeling. I no longer feel the need to whine about not
having a girlfriend, because I have a very loving girlfriend that is there
for me when I need her the most. I no longer feel the need to stress over
classes, because they have become a routine and I feel good about them.
Everything is just good. The calm before the storm, some might say, but
who knows. I will just enjoy it while it lasts.

Well, that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report, remember to
check out all the reports you missed at the Trev Report Archives at:


I'll see you all next week.


Trevor Menagh | Voice: (509) 333-1227
WSU Comp Sci | Email: tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu

"Craziness doesn't matter in this world."
-M.W. Myers

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