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Good Evening dead friends and companions, it is time once again for
another edition of the Trev Report, keeping YOU informed about MY life.
And now onto the news.

Trev's classes

Classes have been going along smoothly the past few weeks. I almost don't
even notice that they are there. It has become so routine. I have
decided my classes for next semester now that the spring Time Schedule is
out, they go as follows:

Automata (CPT S 317)
Systems Programming (CPT S 360)
General Biology (BIO S 102)
Society and Technology (SOC 430)
Systematic Theology (PHIL 407)

That brings me to 17 credits. Both Biology and Systems have labs. It
makes for a very nice looking schedule: MWF 12-3; Tu,Th 10:35-1:15,
7:10-10pm. So that is nice.

Trev's Financies

I am poor. Well, basically I am poor, but that is no surprise. What is a
surprise is that all my debts are paid off except my student loans. I
think that is pretty cool, but I am broke... Oh well. No big whoop.

Trev's Anime

The club is progressing forward in terms of organization. It is always
hard when there is a dynamic government, but I think that we can stick it
through. The club just ordered a whole bunch of new fansubs:

Maho Tsukai Tai 1-4 (6 OVAs)
Sailor Moon 1-4 (200 TV, 3 Movies)
Ghost Sweeper Mikami 1-4 (???)
Vision of Escaflowne 1-4 (26 TV)
Marmalade Boy 1-4 (76 TV, 1 Movie)
Memories (Movie)

We are going to show these titles to the club in hopes of spawning
sincere interest in donations towards getting more of these series,
through either donated copies or money for the club to order these titles.
We are also looking for 'Those Who Hunt Elves' and 'The Violinist of
Hamlin' among others.

The 12 hours showing went well for our first one ever. We are having
another one on the 8th of November which I am very excited about. Oh, and
we DID recieve KOR TV 1-48 about a week ago. We are all excited about
starting that series.

Trev's Lovelife

Jessi is doing well. She has had a lot of homework lately so it has been
a little stressful sometimes. Sorry, no juicy stuff to tell. Even if
there were I wouldn't go out and tell everybody. Jeesh... You people.
^_^ (BTW, for those of you who don't know, Jessi is my girlfriend)

Trev's Toys and Games

Well, my buddy Ben (Hi Ben) is like really into toys (you know like TOYS
toys, like Transformers and all that). Well, he found me a Jetfire (you
know the Transformer that really was a Robotech Super Valkrie) and it in
the mail to me hopefully as we speak. I think my brain is fizzling away
now that I am in college. I think too much in class that I revert back to
my childhood in my non-thinking time. Anime, comic books, toys. But the
thing is that it is really fun and it really helps to take my mind off the
stresses of life and school. Truely a needed escape. i also got a cheap
$10 dart board to hang on my wall, so everyone has been playing darts in
my room lately. You can tell we are getting better too. Darts are fun.

Trev's Computers

My computers are holding up well. I have come to the point where I cannot
live without my Meeting Maker program and my PalmPilot. They are way too
useful in playing a role as my memory. My Mac is doing well, although it
is begging for a few upgrades. Once I get the chance I will start pumping
money into it. ICQ is a wonderful program. I think that I have almost
everyone I know on it that has a computer.

Trev's Work

For some odd reason work has picked up in the last week a LOT. I have had
multiple installs and over 6 troubleshoots some of which are still open.
Needless to say I am keeping busy on that front.

Well that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report. Sorry there
wasn't one last week, it was a busy one. Make sure to check out the Trev
Report Archives to see the Reports you have missed at:


Also while you are on the Net, check out the WSU Anime Club Web Page at:


I'll see you all later,
Trevor R. Menagh, Forming the Head in our daily lives.

Trevor Menagh | Voice: (509) 333-1227
WSU Comp Sci | Email: tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu

"Craziness doesn't matter in this world."
-M.W. Myers

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