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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to the first Trev
Report of the 1997 Fall Semester! For those of you new to the Trev
Report, it is where you get to learn what is going on in my life from my
eyes. Our motto here at the Trev Report is: 'Keeping YOU informed about
MY life!' On with the news.

Trev's classes

As you all know I am taking Circuts I, Microprocessor Systems, Classic
Physics II, and Philosophy of Religion. I just had a test in Physics and
it sucked. But I think that I at least passed it...I think. In
Microprocessor Systems we are doing 80x86 assembly all semester, so it is
cake. Circuts 1 is really cool, but the lab is extreamly difficult, since
you have to have the entire report completed and turned in by the end of
the three hour lab. It's crazy. I LOVE Philosophy of Religion. I get my
jollies by logically arguing for the exsitence of God. It is so fun. I
love that class. I think that the hardest part of it is that you have to
leave your beliefs at the door and sit down to a logical discussion, that
is tough, even for the Prof.

Trev's Lovelife

Oh man...let's not go there. These are the kinds of things that I always
watched with other people so I did not make the mistakes. Now I am in the
thick of it. How in the world did I get here? So much for studying
relationships, when you are the Godai all the rules change. (only two
points if you get that reference)

Trev's gaming

Well, I have started gaming again. I am playing the Anime Game that Matt
invented. It is a Mecha campaign, and I am playing an evil Swiss guy. I
am also starting up an AD&D campaign with my buddy Justin, we are going to
roll characters today. I would love to start a Mage campaign if anyone is
up for it.

Trev's music

I subbed as DJ for Ben last night at KUGR 95, a campus Rock station. I
dragged along Laura and she promptly became CD Girl, whose beckon call I
obey fully and totally...sometimes. Then Jon showed up and became Phone
Boy...and the drunk people came. So we all had a great time. I have to
admit that CD Girl has good taste in Music, albeit a little less spread
out than mine. I am getting into Techno a lot now. Daft Punk rocks.
Ouuu, mp3s! Mp3s are these MEGA condensed songs that have full CD quality
sound for the computer. Let us just say that my hard drive is full
because of them and anime movies.

Trev's Anime

The club is going well, although I am a little concerned about our
President... The library is doing welland the new structure of officers
seems to be running smoothly. I have no money to buy new stuff though,
which brings me to...

Trev's financies

I AM BROKE!!! That only money I have to my name is in my dining account.
And I haven't even payed Tuition and Board yet! Ouuu, am I poor.

Trev's support of Safari Pearl

Safari Pearl, the local comic book shop recently moved to a larger shop.
With this increase of size they decided to seperate their two largest
selling sections of merchiandice: Adult and childerns. That makes sense,
since you don't want to have little kids flipping through porn, but if you
lose the porn, you are losing a MAJOR selling point which is turning out a
fair amount of profit. Safari Pearl did a very smart thing by segregating
the two. Well the Christian crazies (NOTE: I am Christian, but not a
crazy. There is a difference, a BIG one) are trying to destroy the Adult
shop now that it has seperated. Well if they do then the porn goes right
back with the childerns stuff, $#@%ing smart idea guys! I swear, some
people need to think before they act. So Jon has founded, and I am VP of
the SOP group that will be counter-protesting the protesters. SOP stands
for Save Our Porn. I hope that some of you could help out.

Trev's computers

Both my Mac and my PC are up and running fine 24/7. I have my images,
movies and music shared on my PC, and some work stuff shared on my Mac.
Networking is VERK cool. Although I still haven't gotten a cradle from
Palm so I can start programming my Pilot with cool stuff.

Well that is all for now, be sure to check out all the old Trev Reports
at: eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh/tTRArchives.html

Party on dudes,
Trevor "I feel like Godai" Menagh

PS: What do you mean who is Godai, come on...Yusaku Godai. MI?

Trevor Menagh | Voice: (509) 333-1227
WSU Comp Sci | Email: tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu

"I am Who am." --Exodus 3:14

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