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Hello everybody, it is time once again for your dose of the T-man.
Keeping YOU informed about MY life.

Trev's Girlfriend

I have a girlfriend. I love her, love her lots.

Trev's Last week at work

I am leaving on Friday at 9:02 in the morning and I arrive in Pullman at
1:45, so be there with bells on, because TREV IS COMING BACK TO TOWN...you
thought that you could get rid of me, huh? Well, too bad. Moohahahaha!
But seriously, I really loved working here and I might come back next
summer since they offered me an internship next summer.

Trev's Summer

My summer has been great over all. I have spread the wealth of Anime to
others (my coworkers and Mike). I have meant new people I am happy to
call friends (April, Annie, and the people I work with). I have found a
girlfriend (even if she is a thousand miles away). I have bought a new
computer (well a quadra 650). I have paid off all but one of my credit
cards fully and closed the accounts. I have NOT spend all my money on
Anime (personal goal achieved).

Trev's financies

Well ladies and gentlemen, this summer I grossed a little over $9000, but
do you know how much I will actually be bringing back to school? Less
than $450. But that is OK because I did a lot of stuff and it really was
worth it. I am definatly going to have to budget my spendings very
closely this coming year. Being in the dorms will help with that. Taking
random food costs out of the picture really makes a large difference.
This also means VERY LIMITED ANIME SPENDING. I will not go to
Safari-Pearl, I will not buy commercial tapes, I will not buy any anime
save fansubs and tapes to record and trade. That is my goal.

Trev's Anime

I have all of Maison Ikkoku except 21-28, and my 20 has no sound. That
was another goal of the summer that I achieved, to get all of Maison
Ikkoku. So I will be coming home with over 30 anime tapes. Pretty cool,
huh? In feburary there are two Anime conventions on back to back weekends
and I wanto to see if at least Katty, Brian, Jenn, and I can go to both.
The first one is Fanime Con '98 in Los Altos Hills here in the Silicon
Valley. It's being held at Foothill College where I go every month to the
7 hour Foothill A.N.I.M.E. meetings. The second on the following weekend
is (of course) BakaCon in Fife, WA near Tacomia, and I expect to see all
my Washington Otaku brotheren at it. I believe that Jenn-chan is planning
to fly up to Seattle for it. I am so excited.

Trev's stuff

My Mac and my Amp were shipped off to Stephenson North yesterday.
Hopefully they will be in my hands by the time I am back. But with the
UPS strike, who knows. So I am going to pack tonight and watch a lot of
Maison Ikkoku. Hopefully I can fit all my things in the one very large
bag I got. I think I can though.

Trev's Software development

WhenI get back to college I want to start developing PalmPilot freeware
applications. One of my first will be a WhiteWolf World of Darkness RPG
Die rolling system. I also want to create a dataBase application (for my
anime tapes and such).

Trev's Dad visited

My dad visited me and we got a long wel, much to my surprise. I am very
glad that things are working out between us, finally. It has taken too
many years I must say.

Well that is about it for this edition of the Trev Report. Remember to
check out the Trev Report Archives at
eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh/tTRArchives.html. I'll see you all

trevorMenagh, American Otaku

Trevor R. Menagh, AO | Voice: (509) 333-1227
WSU Computer Science | Email: tmenagh@eecs.wsu.edu

Copyright (c) Trevor R. Menagh 1997

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