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Ladies and Gentlemen it is time once again for your Trev Report. Keeping
informed about MY life.

Trev's Housing

Good news on the housing front. I have been assigned a corner room on
Stephenson North the address there is:

Stephenson North #421
Pullman, WA 99164

So send me all sorts of good things like hate mail and porn...no way, on
thought. @_@ Oh, and my number there will be (509) 333-1227.

Trev's Job

I have been bored out of my mind in the last week. I have been stuck on
stupid thing. Finnaly today I should be starting something new (thank
goodness). I love working for Palm. The PalmPilot is the best. I have
from a Newton fan into a HARDCORE PalmPilot fan. These things are great.
the next version (which I have seen a working version of) comes out I am
buying it.

Trev's RCC Job

Well Mike says that it will be really annoying and long hours, because he
one at Berkeley. To tell you the truth I am looking forward to it. I
need to get back in touch with the mainstream of computers. Over the
course of
the last year I have lost myself in GER classes and a major OD of Anime.
I can
talk about the latest and greatest about Anime, but computers...well
let's just
say my knowledge is a few years grey, so I am excited to get back into
the go of

Trev's Old Mac

Well I just made the last payment on the Quadra 650 I bought from one of
employer's friends. It should be coming soon. When I get it, I think
that I
will spend about a day testing it out and loading it with cool software
from the
office and then I will ship it off. I am mainly going to use it to
PalmPilot software with, since I have access to the latest CodeWarrior
PalmPilot SDK. Its vital stats are as follows:

Quadra 650
14" Apple Moniter
Keyboard and Mouse
1.06 GB HD (Not sure yet)
8x CD ROM (Not sure yet)

I am going to have to buy an EtherNet adapter for it. That should be
$50. All and all, it will work for what I want to do with it.

Trev's other Computer

If my Dad knew that my computer was broken right now, he would be
laughing at
me. He told me to pack my computer away and don't let my friends mess
with it.
But I said, "No way, I trust my friends. They can use my stuff I know
bad will happen that they won't be able to fix." Don't I feel stupid.
So much
for trusting your friends. Now I am going to probably spend all the
weekend I
am back fixing the darned thing. It is a rather touchy machine. I think
I am
going to ask for a new one come Christmas time. The P5,100 is just
getting too
old. I think I still have my old EtherNet card around in my stuff
It's with my TV card (That's right I have a TV card, I'm so cool...).

Trev's Room Arangement

So I will probably have a computer on each desk. I will need to find a
for my Mac though. I think I saw one on the net for around $50. And we
put the dubbing equipment all on one side of the room, probably on my
table. (dubbing equpment = 1 TV, 2 VCRs, 1 Reciever, 1 CD player).
Corner rooms
are weird though, I have no idea how I am going to work my four speakers
in so
the surround sound sounds good. We will have Brian's cool computer
hooked up to the PC for excellent game play. I think I will plug in the
TV card
too so we can watch TV and dub at the same time. So once I get the
software from Mike (I probably will need to buy a new HD for it) we will
be able
to do nifty Multimedia things on the PC. I probably won't get a new Mac
until I
get a MAJOR influx of cash.

Trev's Bass Guitar

Man, that thing sure is fun to play. I am worried if I will have enough
in my place for it. I am getting slightly better, but I need more music
practice with, or I am going to have to start writing my own.

Trev's Financial Aid

Once again I take things into my own hands and they get done. I got a
copy of
my W2s from my old employer and I found a copy of MacInTax that a
coworker had
and filled it out. I faxed them to Financial Aid and they said I will
get my
money before tuition is due. Thank the Goddess. I was so worried. They
that in total I will be getting something like $5500 for the year. And
if I get
that schlorship of $500 like I suppose to that means that I will have
totally paid for this year with the exception of books.

Trev's RCC payment debate

The RCCs are debating on whether or not we should get paid for "On-call"
They want to give us pagers and such. The RCCs (as it stands now) get
room, but not board. If they gave free food then I think that everyone
wold be
happy, but I don't know if that is possible. I will inform everybody as
soon as
an agreement is reached.

Trev's ANIME!

Did you seriously think I would leave out this section, please. So I got
the Mighty 1-4 and Saber Marrionette R from HECTO Anime a few weeks ago.
the Mighty is a great series and I am way looking forward to showing it
to the
club. It is an OAV series and they leave it WIDE open for a TV Series.
really hope they make one because it is a real good OAV. Ouu, Rumor
Mill: I
heard that AMS will have a 200 ep TV Series and the there is going to be
TV series, I am so excited. Saber Marrionette R wasn't too great. Not
only was
the Fansubbing HORRIBLE but the animation had something to be desired.
Marrionette J (sort of same characters totally different universe though)
is a
million times better. I am going to have to get it from HECTO. I am
on Sunday I am trading FY 1-13 for the rest of MI that I don't have.
It's SO
cool. Soo nthe WSUAC will have all the MI eps, from 1-96. We might even
them (I'm not sure though, because of Viz).

Trev and Brian's Tapes

ALL our Anime tapes are going to be in my dorm room, that is 120+ tapes!
will be crazy in there. I have elected myself the WSUAC Tape Librarian
and have
officially donated all my tapes to the lbbrary. Which is alright becau
is in my
room. Ou, I wrote up a new constitution for the WSUAC too. It's really
I am going to let some other people have a go at the leadership thing,
under my
watchful eye.

Trev's Music

I bought J.S. Bach's Harpsicord Concertos in D minor, D major and F minor
1052, 1054, and 1056) as performed by The Academy of Acient Music. Dude,
like kicks butt. Bach is so cool. It isn't like he was a genius or
he just made a lot of rocking music (IMHO).

Trev's Web Pages

I am making a PalmPilot Freeware Starter Page for all the people out
there that
want good PalmPilot software to improve their device but spent all their
on the PalmPilot. Also check out my regular page, I am going to start
changes to it pretty soon. and while you're at it go to thh Trev Report

at: eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh/tTRArchives.html and see what you
have been

Well that is all for this time I wish you all well and lots of good


PS: Opps I almost forgot:

Trev's Lovelife

I have a girlfriend, and I like her...like her lots. (Cut to Ranma 1/2
OAV: "I love you Ranma, love you lots!" -Tendo Akane) If you're dieing
to know,
her name is Jenn. So there. I'm telling you guys, the application idea
Give it a shot. The only problem is that she is 400 miles away, and
close to a
thousand when I go back to school. (will it work out? Can they survive?
time will tell. But don't worry, you can rest assure that you will know
as long

as you read...

the Trev Report

Copyright (c) Trevor R. Menagh 1997
All rights reserved.

Trevor R. Menagh Work: (415) 237-6207
Palm Computing, Inc. Home: (415) 960-9422
tmenagh@palm.com eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh
the Trev Report

Copyright (c) Trevor R. Menagh 1997
All rights reserved.

Trevor R. Menagh Work: (415) 237-6207
Palm Computing, Inc. Home: (415) 960-9422
tmenagh@palm.com eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh
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