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Hi Everybody and welcome once again to your weekly Trev Report. Keeping YOU
informed on MY life. Now to the news.

Trev's Lovelife

Thank you all for your applications for Trev's Girlfriend. The position has
been filled. I now have a "Future Girlfriend," or FGf. I even sent her
flowers. It's SO COOL, you can order flowers over the Internet and they can get
to her house that day. So, I tell you guys if you're having a hard time finding
the right girl send out an application (Accepted whereever Visa and MasterCard
are accepted). ^_^

Trev's Work

I'm such a worker Bee. I just made a change to the viewer. That's right when
the next PalmPilot comes out there will be stuff I did on it. That is like SO
cool. I now know a whole lot about MIDI too.

Trev's Computers

So Brian and the Gang broke my PC...I am pissed. They better get it fixed. I
need my computer to work at school. On an up note my old Mac (Quadra 650) is
almost ready to go. The guy is finding me a HD and a CD ROM as we speak. I'm
all excited.

Trev's Anime

I went to a Foothill A.N.I.M.E. meeting on Saturday. I watched FY 13-14, Saber
Marrionette J 3-4, the Vision of Escaflowne 16-17, Nadia 35, Neon Genisis
Evangelion 21, Roujin Z (again), Shamonic Princess 1, and Street Fighter II V 1.
7 Hours of anime. It was great. The next time is Aug. 3, I hope some of you
might be here to see some anime with me. Well anyway, this guy David was there
and he gave me 8 tapes of Maison Ikkoku (4 eps each), the X movie, Magic Knights
Rayearth 1-4, and The Legend of Cristansia (the alt. uni. of RLW). And next
time he is getting me even more MI and who knows what else, all for FY 1-52
which Brian is copying AS WE SPEAK, RIGHT BRIAN! I should be getting Saber
Marrionette R 1-3 and Birdy the Mighty 1-4 anyday now from HECTO. They
confirmed my order today. I'm not buying anymore Anime until I have my credit
cards paid off and my new computer paid for. Which should be soon.

Trev's PalmPilot offers

Mike and his boss have paid for their PalmPilots and they are on there way to
them. I purchased 3 though because Harry expressed interest in one. If you
still want it I will need $205 from you to put in my Credit card account so I'm
not soaking the damage. I have confirmation that the money has been charged.
send the money to the address: 555 Middlefield Rd. #S108; Mountain View, CA
94043. Thanks. I guarantee that you will love your PalmPilot. I know I can't
live without my fits-in-your-shirt-pocket-dirt-cheap-bigger-success-in-the-US-
Japan-Germany-and-France-in-one-year-than-Newton-was-in-Ten with me everyday.
Oh, that is true by the way, I have seen the confidential market studies (that's
why I can't tell you anymore than that).

Trev's Bass Guitar

It's takes me about 3-4 days to pick up a new sequence but once I get it I can
play it with relativally few screw ups. This music thing is really fun.

Trev's Game

I bought Sim City for the Mac, when I am extreamly stuck in a problem and I am
really screwed I load up Sim City and I let loose with a monster on the city.
Heh heh, it's fun. The news caster lady is really funny.

Trev's Friends

Mike, Jeremy, I took a half day off work and went to NASA Ames Research Center
here in Mountain View on Tuesday. There was this really perky Tour Guide there
named Pam that fed us Propaganda for a half an hour before we went on a tour
with this guy named Phil. We saw the worlds BIGGEST wind tunnel, it was big.
we are talking REALLY BIG. Then we saw the flying observatory that Mr.
Altshiller flew in in our senior year of HS. That was cool, they aren't using
it anymore. They are building a new one. Then we saw this helicopter that was
painted with rader-proof paint (I want some of that for my car!...wait I don't
have a car). We also saw a really skinny Helicopter. Then we went inside a
centerfuge that can go up to 20Gs! They put Humans in there and spin it 3Gs and
laugh at them, it's pretty cool. They are going to put some skanes in there for
some stupid waste-of-our-taxes reason in a couple days.

Trev's Reviews

I don't feel like reviewing anything today. OK, MIB kicked ass, Contact is a
must see, and Face/Off is great if you don't puke first (great gun fights
though), I am seeing George this weekend. Anime: I like Magic Knights Rayearth.
Brian hates it, but he's stupid because it is cool ("Pu pu, pu puuuuuu" -God).
As for music. Ummmm, listen to Mouret's Fanfare and Pachelbel's Canon in D
Major, I like them.

That's about it for this issue of the Trev Report. See you next time, and if
you missed out make sure to check out the archive on: eecs.wsu.edu/

Your buddy,
Otk. Trevor R. Menagh, FBf

(All otakus can put Otk. in front of their name, it's like Dr. The Fbf is
Future Boyfriend)

Trevor R. Menagh Work: (415) 237-6207
Palm Computing, Inc. Home: (415) 960-9422
tmenagh@palm.com eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh

"Life isn't something that just happens,
a real life is one that you earn.
That is the best life." -- Trevor R. Menagh
that just happens,
a real life is one that you earn.
That is the best life." -- Trevor R. Menagh
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