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GOOOOOOOOD Morning, ladies and Gentlemen it's time once again for your weekly
Trev Report. Keep YOU informed on MY life.

Trev's Anime

Let me start things off on a good note. It's been almost two weeks since I have
bought ANYTHING Anime related. My pocketbook is thanking me! I have money. In
fact last weekend I went out and bought real food and a new shirt (from Costco).
On other Anime news fronts, I finally recieved Fushigi Yuugi 45-52 on Saturday.
I can now say the I have seen all of the Fushigi Yuugi TV series. I must say
that it is great and all of you should watch it. I also got Princess Army
Wedding Combat. It is a shojo Anime (That's a Girl's comic style anime), but it
is more funny than dramatic. It's worth seeing, nothing great though.

The Review: "Arcadia of my Youth"
This film, which is a late eighties creation, is very well done. It is an
excellent mix of Sci Fi and drama out in a fanasty context. The filmwork is
surburb for late eighties style. The plot is touching and deals with strong
bonds of friendship through generations lost. It is definatly worth renting. I
give it 3 cats on the Trevor Neko Scale. Next Week: MD Geist 2.

Trev's jobs

Work is going great. I am in an interesting project now along with smaller side
projects, it's fun.

As most of you heard, I got the RCC job for the 97-98 year. I will be an RCC in
Stephenson in exchange for a free single/double. It will be hard work so I am
delibratly only taking 14 crs in the fall (for those who don't know 18 is the
max you can take without paying more and 10 is the least you can take and still
be full-time).

I also hope that I will be able to help out and do work for my friends at
Hexdump Development, Inc. I am hoping that they accept me as a PalmPilot
programmer. I have a few good ideas in my head from working here at Palm.

Well, if Brian gets in gear we might hae an Anime Shop up soon. It is my
sincere hope that Brian pulls through on this venture, since, well, what else is
there to do? I have started e-mailing Anime Companies and I have offered my
entire commercial collection to the Store, but there has to BE a store first.

Trev's Photography

I'm not very good at this stuff. I don't care though, because it is fun. I got
my next roll of film back and all the pictures suck. Oh well, I have lots more
film, I am just going to keep on trying. At least I have (bad) pictures to send
April on her trip (and anyone else that wants some).

Trev's Music Review

Reel Big Fish: Turn the Radio Off. Reel Big Fish is a LA Area Ska-core band
whose songs mostly consist of bashing all that is trendy. Not to mention that
the music sounds great too. It is truely ironic that the band themselves has
become trendy, thus becoming what they make fun of and insult in their songs.
In any case, this is a good album for all you 'Punk' and 'Ska' fans out there.
Very cathcy lyrics and good sound. Although not something that will stay in
your head as a truely great band. I give it 2 and 3 baby cats on Trevor's Neko
Scale. Next week: Masion Ikkoku Music Blend.

Trev's new Computer

I have bought a used Machintosh. It is a rather old Quadra 650. The type I use
at work. It has included a 14" Moniter, 24 MB RAM, Keyboard, Mouse, CD ROM, and
a descent hard drive. All for $600. I thought it was a rather good deal, since
this is all I need to do PalmPilot programming in Code Warrior and run Netscape.
Which is all I will be using it for.

Trev's Bass Guitar

It's all out of tune now. Oy, how annoying. But I am improving. Lacking
anything better to do at home I sit around and play on my Bass. I am seeing
little improvements everyday.

Trev's stuff

I've been thinking of all my stuff. Why do I need all of it. So when I move
into the dorms once again I will be keeping: my computer, my computer stuff, my
TV/VCR, my speakers, my CD Player, my CDs, my Bass and Amp, my Fansubs, my
Comics, SOME of my books, my Anime posters, my clothes. That's about it. Oh,
and my Teddy Bear.

The rest can be given away to friends with the following exceptions: Brian can
have all my Commercial Tapes ONLY if he establishes an Anime Rental Store in
Pullman or Moscow otherwise I will keep them. Brian will get first pick at any
furniture to use in his new apartment, when he gets a new apartment.

Trev's Religion Stuff

I have started daily Taoist Meditation again every morning. I have also taken a
fancy to go to Mike Chu's Bible Study group. I love religious study, it's
really fun for a reason I can't quite explain.

Trev's Love Life

I almost forgot this, but for Danielle:
Once again, I have no lovelife. No big surprise, no big deal. It's begining to
be a moot point. Hey, my roommate, Victor, is 35 and he doesn't have a
girlfriend, but then again he is rather superficial. ^_^ HAHAHAHAHA

Well that's it for this week's Trev Report. Remember to check out the Trev
Report Archive at eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh/tTRArchives.html

I hope to hear from some if you sometime. If you want to send me anything (a
letter, a mail bomb, etc.) my address here is:

555 Middlefield Rd #S108
Mountain View, CA 94043

Thak you and have a good day,

Trevor R. Menagh Work: (415) 237-6207
Palm Computing, Inc. Home: (415) 960-9422
tmenagh@palm.com eecs.wsu.edu/~tmenagh

"Life isn't something that just happens,
a real life is one that you earn.
That is the best life." -- Trevor R. Menagh
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