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It's once again time for your weekly Trev Roport. Keeping YOU informed with MY

Trev's Work

Work is going good. I am doing research on some cool stuff now with a little
coding on the side it good fun. So my days usually consist of talking to
friends, writing email, surfing the web, and coding. On a different note on
Tuesday Palm, along with the rest of the NEW 3Com went to the 3Com Quartly CEO
Forum for this new quarter (and Fiscal Year). It was great fun. 3Com National
HQ is in Santa Clara so all of Palm got on 3 buses at 8 AM and went down to
3Com. We heard Eric Benhamou along with all the other national and
international heads of 3Com speak. It was a big "we're better than Cisco" rally
if you ask me. We took a tour and they even gave us shirts. Then they gave us
free food and I discussed my Pilot marketing ideas witha couple guys in
marketing over lunch. Ieal my ideas and make millions...the bastards! All in
all it was a good day.

Trev's Confession

I must repent for my wrongdoings. As many of you know I went to Japantown SJ
with Mike Chu and Jeremy on Saturday. Well, I broke my vow of chastity and
bought Anime related goods as of the follows:

1 Slayers poster $12.00
1 Your Under Arrest Original Soundtrack $16.00
1 Dirty Pair Dangerous Aquantances Graphic Novel $13.00

with tax it cost me $45. I just couldn't resist a Nikaku Animart. I could
blame Mike for not stopping me, but it's not his fault at all. As punishment
this wrenched crime I will not buy ANY Anime or Anime related products for the
next two weeks. Including Fansubs. To add pain to punishment I will NOT attend
the Foothill ANIME meeting July 12.

Trev's otherwise enjoyable saturday

Anyway. So we went and had lunch in Japantown and Jeremy really wanted this Tea
Pot, so he got one a Nikaku. Which in turn he left in Mike's car along with
some cow DNA (Mike thinks it's dead now). So then we went to the Magic Edge
which is this cool 3dyourinafunkytwistingandturningpodthatmakesyouwanttobarf
game. So Mike and Jeremy went on it. I didn't (since I spent all my money on
Anime related products see above) and neither did Jeremy's friend Eric who was
also with us. Weird guy, he has a Pilot though! That was cool. Well we
dropped off Eric at his work and Jeremy Mike and I went back to Japantown SJ to
eat sushi. It was good. I got out of there with only $20 to my name, great
price for sushi. So then we dropped off Jeremy at Eric's place and went back to
my place to watch Tobira O Akete, or Open the Door. Good Anime. And I think
that Duran III wants to be killed at the end I think that it is all a part of
his plan. Katherine (Mike's girlfriend) disagrees.

Trev's Waiting

Weeks' ago I ordered:

Saber Marrionette R 1,2,3
Birdy the Mighty 1,2,3,4

From HECTO Anime. I know they got the money so I am just waiting on them. And
I ordered:

Fushigi Yuugi 45-52
Princess Army Wedding Combat 1,2,Special

From Tomodachi. I should be getting that soon. I am excited.

Trev's request of Brian

Brian: I want you to buy 13 blank tapes, I will pay for them. Record FY 1-9 and
when I send them to you 10-13. Then send them to Jennifer. Once Jennifer has
watched them I want her to lend them to April (who lived less than 20 miles
away). Once April has watched them she should return them to Jen. Then (if
it's still Summer) Jenn will send them to me to show my friend Mike and his
girlfriend Karen. Once they finish with them they will give them to me and I
will send them back to Jen to keep forever and ever. Ummmm K?

Trev's Apartment

How's the apartment hunt going? I don't know, I think Brian almost has one
found. My roommate here is going to be moving out soon. He has found a real
nice place to live in a nearby town. I haven't seen him lately because he gets
up after I leave and gets home after I go to bed. I have been sleeping from 10
to 6 every night. With noone around there is nothing to do. If there is one
thing I learned from Mike McClellan it was that friends are more important than
anything because without friends there really isn't anything worth doing.

Trev's food supply

From eating out to buying my own food and now to the college standard: Ramen,
but it is Japanese Ramen so it is alright. What I eat is follows: Ceral for
breakfast an sandwich for lunch and Ramen for dinner with Cheez-it snacks in

Trev's Camera

Prompted by April and inspired by MikeI am weilding my cheesy little camera
everywhere taking picutres of everything, including myself. This weekend I will
develop my next set of prints and start to experiment with B/W outdoors shots.
I think they will look good.

Trev's Music Review

As promised I will review today the Aa Megami-sama Singles. This straight from
Japan release runs for 3000 and is a wonderful compilation of the voice talents
of Aya, Inoue, and Yuui. All 14 songs are hits sung in the style of Belldandy,
Urd, and Skuld. None of these songs will you hear on the anime itself but they
are all great with stories following the general theme of Oh My Goddess. I give
it 4 and 1 baby cat on the Trev Neko scale. Next week: Reel Big Fish, album
titled Turn the Radio off.

Trev's Anime Review

Windaria. An eighties Anime created in the true fantasy style. Dubbed
commercially by Streamline. Windaria is an excellent example of why Anime is
not just for children. A great drama and a complex yet explained theme centered
around war politics and freedom. Nararated by the main character, the film is a
flashback of a time in his life that was to change everything around him. Great
film, unfourtunatly the dub is rather fiary tale like in the telling not unlike
David the Gnome (an old cartoon that viewed on Nick). Although the dub fits it
extreamly americanizes the movie to the point where it's almost frustrating.
I'd still recomend watching it multiple times for the plots sake. 3 and two
baby cats on Trev's Neko Scale. Next week: Arcadia of My Youth.

Trev's Bass Guitar

I have gotten many bass tabs off the net at Olga so I am practicing on real
music now. Although I am still not very good at it I am continuing on!

Well that's it for this issue of the Trev Report. Send cool pictures of
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Trevor R. Menagh | Life isn't something
Palm Computing, Inc. | that just happens,
tmenagh@palm.com | a real life is one
Work: (415) 237-6207 | that you earn. That
Home: (415) 960-9422 | is the best life.
Trevor R. Menagh | Life isn't something
Palm Computing, Inc. | that just happens,
tmenagh@palm.com | a real life is one
Work: (415) 237-6207 | that you earn. That
Home: (415) 960-9422 | is the best life.
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