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Good Morning. This is the Trev Report for 6/26/97, I'm Trevor Menagh reporting.

Trev is Growing up

Topping our headlines this morning late breaking news that Trevor is growing up.
With the Anime supply in shortage in the Silicon Valley, Trevor's lead supply of
weirdness is fading fast. Forcing our hero to crawl into the world of maturity.
"This is a sad day," mutters some Trevor fan we saw down the street. The
Scientists at the Menagh Institute for the Weird theorize that Anime was
chemically holding back the maturing process. "So when he looked 20 he was
acting 15," says Scientist T.R. Menagh. Trevor, who has been acting weird for
years, is going through a type of Anime withdrawl. Without a constant supply of
Anime and a certain amount of people to talk to about Anime a day it's estimated
that Trevor will become completely normal by the end of the summer. "A normal
person takes years to 'weirdify,' in some cases we can't do it at all," says T.
Richard M. another MIW Scientist. "I don't know how to stop it. I have posters
and CDs and I watch anime sometimes, but it's not enough," cries the rapidly
normalizing Trevor. "We theorize that it is also being in the 'real' world that
is increasing the normalization enzymes in Trevor's body," spouted Trev R. Men,
lead Scientist at MIW. We can only watch and wait. Hopefully Trevor will
revert back when returned to his small college town. The detailed report given
out by MIW states that the last and best hope of keeping Trevor's immaturity is
to open up an Anime store. Maybe, just maybe. Our prayers and hopes are with
you Trevor.

In other news...

Trev's Work

Work is going well, I am working on making the first ever Shared Library to be
implemented on the PalmPilot using the SDK tools. Very exciting. It seems the
font issue is out of my hands now, but I still am taking an open part in guiding
the progress. I met some of my fellow interns and we went out on Tuesday night.
Had some Chinese and rented 'One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest.' Great film. I
have launched my campaign to spread Anime throughout Palm Computing. I have
brought the Anime I have bought here and psoted a flyer outside my cube inviting
people to barrow titles. Someone has already barrowed one. It's horrible, my
hair is falling out and since I am at a computer all day I am gaining weight. I
like my job, but it is mutating me into one of THOSE programmers. You know what
I mean.

Trev's Anime Review

This week we will be reviewing 'Tobira O Akete' translated 'Open the Door.'
This is a 1986 full length Anime movie. Fun Subtitled by Karen Duffy of
Tomodachi Anime in 1996 from LD. The best description of this movie I have
heard is ESP meets Fantasy. You can tell right away that this is a 80's anime
because of the thinner line drawn faces among other things. Dispite the
graininess of the copy in points the plot was excellent. I must note that this
movie demonstrated the best use of ESPers oin an Anime that I have seen. Many
Anime's like KOR have ESPers but never use their skills to effect the plot in
any major way. Although it does not stand out as a great classic of Anime, it
is definatly worth watching. I give it 4 cats on the Trevor Neko scale. Next
week on Trev's Anime Review: Windaria.

Trev's Bass Guitar

Well, I am getting better. I can play the blues now...well one part of the
blues anyway. I am going to go onto Olga today and find some Bass Tabs to play.
More news on my progress to come. On a side note I think that Brian should buy
a MOOG and then we could become a famous Synth Pop band...or not.

Trev's FINAL schedule

I have finally finished making changes to my school schedule and after much
thought and talking with advisors here it is:

E E 261 - Electrical Circuts I
E E 262 - Electrical Circuts Labortory
E E 314 - Microprocessor Systems
PHYS 202 - Physics for Scinetists and Engineers
PHIL 207 - Philosophy of Religion
FSHN 130 - Nutritious Living

That is 17 credits in all. I have taken 17 credits for the last 4 semesters
now. It seems like a stable medium. FSHN 130 fills my Bio Sci req and Phil 207
fills a humanities req. I am looking forward to that class. Most of you know
how much I enjoy studying religion.

Trev's future in small businesses in Pullman

Well I am hoping that I will have a job doing something PalmPilot related in a
small student run company when I return, but I am not sure. I might have burned
that bridge. Remember kids, just as my father told me I tell you now: NEVER
BURN BRIDGES, it always leads to regret. And speaking of small businesses in
Pullman, I am hoping to start doing a little something with a good friend of
mine that is looking into something that we both want to do. Is that vague
enough. I am really excited about it, and I am looking forward to putting my
all into the effort. ...Those who know what I mean, know what I mean.

Trev's Camera

Well I have started taking pictures of a whole lot of stuff. I can't seem to
get a good picture of myself. I am going to keep on trying though. I should
get a few beauties out of the lot. The photograph thing is pretty fun.

Trev's Lovelife

...do we have to go through this everytime. No, I have no lovelife. When I
do...If I do, I'll clue you all in. Umm K?

Trev's Music

So April told me about this pretty cool Ska-core band called 'Reel Big Fish.'
It's good stuff. I liked it. Now she says to go get Sublime. April is my
fashion and style consultant based in the booming Megatropolis of Boron, CA. My
music review this week is on the 'Please Save My Earth Image Soundtrack.' This
is an interesting blend of New Wave meets Classical. There are only about 3
with words, all three are VERY mellow and relaxing sounding. The classical is
also not harsh and sort of flows. It is very nondistracting. Good music to do
work to. I give it a 3 cats on the Trev Neko scale. Next week we review: 'Aa
Megami-sama Singles.'

Trev's Mountain Dew consumption

...I have drank a lot of Mountain Dew. I save all the cans. I am going to do
something TOTALLY evil like put swords ans sheilds on them and line them up in
the hallway the night that I leave. Heh heh. ARGGGGG, the Dew is gone from the
$0.25 dispenser. Needless to say I am pissed.

Well that's about it for this Trev Report. Happy reading.

Comments? Questions? E-mail or call anytime.


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Work: (415) 237-6207 | that you earn. That
Home: (415) 960-9422 | is the best life.
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