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Well, conformity demands that I put out a new Trev Report (the one that
started it all). So...

Greetings all from the Johnson Building in the Megatropolis of Pullman,

Let's start right out with:

Trev's Classes

I always go to all my classes (when you pay $5000 a semester to live in
the middle of nowhere, you better believe that I am going to go to class).
Weither I learn anything in those classes is another story... I am taking
Econ, Gen Ed, History...all the easy general classes, and Differential
Equations. The evil math class. This is the one that every engineering
student tells stories about while bumming around in the student lounge.
They say that once there was this guy that failed it 6 times before
passing. Well, I am doing decent in it, I think that I will pass it.
That is all I ask.

Trev's Anime

Anime = Lifeforce. Some people smoke... You see what I mean. So I
watched Fushigi Yuugi, loved it. Everyone should come to Pullman to watch
it with the Anime Club next semester. (I don't care if you are in
Michigan!) I really knew there was no turning back after I watched Otaku
no Video 1982. An anime all about anime fans. When I realized I did a
lot of the stuff they did in the film, and the stuff I didn't do I wanted
to do, I realized I was an Otaku. It was a scarry realization. Would I
change things if I had a chance that night I was introduced into anime
(unknowingly by my friend and fellow otaku Ranma-chan)? That fateful
night in Adam's dorm with Brian's recorded tapes. That fateful night that
started to change the course of my life forever afterwords. No, I
wouldn't change a thing, because I know that it is worth it and one day
you will realize too, I garantee.

Trev's Lovelife

girlfriend. At this rate I will have a wife to die with, oh well. It
will all work out. I know it will, but hey I'm allowed to be a little
disgruntal about it, right?

Trev's Poor

That's right, I'm poor. I'm in Credit Card debt. Oh well, with a job
this summer I will be able to pay off and cancel all my credit cards (ok,
I'll keep one.)

Trev's Internships

Wait for it...Wait for it...I will tell everyone when I have a final

Trev's Jobs

My jobs are so boring, but they are money and that is all I am looking for
right now.

Trev's Company

The company that the six of us is making is doing well. I have confidance
in our ability to make it big. Although the road will be harsh, harsh
like Tabaco...man how can you guys smoke that stuff, I like the smell but
man is that harsh...cloves on the other hand...that is the stuff.

Trev's Done

I think that I am going to head home and fall asleep now. See you all
later no da.

Trev's Cool Signature with Trev speaking another language in it!

Trevor R. Menagh, WSU Computer Engineering Student
"watakushi ha otaku desu." -Trevor R. Menagh (Monday, March 24, 1997)
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