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Hello again from the other side of town. P-town that is. Welcome to the
Finals edition of the Trev Report.

Brought to you by your good friends at WSU Anime, serving the WSU
Community with animation better than Bevis and Butthead.

Trev's Music Expansion

What music do I like...well it all started with alternative (Elastica,
REM, Belly), then I expanded to Classical and Jass, now I am moving into
Industrial and Techno. It's pretty cool stuff, NiN, KMFDM, Manson, Tool.
I must contribute the genre of influnce to Ranma for saying, "Listen to
this, it's cool." So goes my music tastes to encompass even more. (BTW:
I will never like country, even if it is in Japanese and a little girl is
dancing on my screen...weird)

Trev's School for Advanced Relationship Studies

This is amazing, with my new research gueina pigs I am finding out soo
much about the behavior of certain personality archetypes in early stage
relationships. I am concentrating on the female subject, she very openly
shows her emotions. She shows an amazing need to be with her mate.
Constaintly kissing him, even when in the middle of doing something.
Continously showing public displays of effection. I also found saotism in
this archetype. Biting is a turn-on. Very odd. When together he seems
find but she insists on being close, and usually in his arms, again even
when doing something, like cooking. If she has gone five minutes without
a kiss she begs for one. Amazing, yet somehow sickening. In a nice way.
I might prematurely call this a deprived needy persona, but more long term
reaserch is needed. (On a personal note, after watching this, I am quite
happy with being a single guy)

Trev's School of Normality Studies

I have found a normal person. In this day and age this is unheard of, we
all have our quirks, not my subject though. He is comletely normal. What
I set out to find is what makes a man normal, and how come normality is
such a rare condition. More to come on this as reasearch progresses.

Trev's Anime

57 tapes and counting. Crazy, huh? Good news, the WSU Anime Club has a
new room, a lecture hall with a life-sized projector. The room is Bustad
145. The VP of Student Affiars will look into reserving the room on a
weekly basis next semester. Isn't that right?

Trev's Finals

SOON. Oh so soon will the semester be over! I so happy! It shall be
glorious! Steki, Steki! Woo-Hoo! Only 5 finals away, count down:
Digital Circuts, Software Engineering, Linear Algebra, Physics, Calculus!
Hooray! (Trev is waving around little flags)

Trev's Stuff

I am going to start construction on my cool Skuld model when I get back,
it shall kick ass! Also I have Brian's Tenchi-Muyo in Love CD and Adam's
Dan Meyer CD. If you guys want to get them. And Becky has my Dominion
Tank Police Tapes, Matt has my Macross Plus Tapes (copied), and Zak has my
Ghost in the Shell Tape. The only ones I REALLY want back before I leave
is my Macross Tapes, since I want to show them to my buddies back home.
But I doubt that that is going to happen, huh?

Well that's about it from the dark side of the force. I leave you with
this little saying I picked up somewhere:
"All are born, they live, some give, some take, then they die."

Joy and stuff,
Trevor "Genma" Menagh

Trev's Sig File (I like it better now)

Trevor "Genma" Menagh, powerPen Co. menagh@mail.wsu.edu

Founder of the #SkAS#: Proud Member of the
Skuld Appreciation Society Washuu-sensei Rules Club

President of the WSU Anime Club Team Engineer of WSU Robotics

"Let's stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves."
-KMFDM, "Dogma"
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