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Welcome to the first Trev Report in a LONG time. What is the Trev
Report? It's everything you never wanted to know about me. It's also a
deletable e-mail message. Some might call it spam, but hey that's my life
your talking about! On with the reports.

Trev's Music

Lately I have expanded my music collection to include Classical and Jazz.
Why? Because a man can't live on rock alone. I was at the bookie and I
heard "Linus and Lucy", you know the Peanuts' song. Well I went to the CD
racks and found a CD full of the Peanuts' songs! Of course I had to get
it. Whenever I think that cartooning is a bad fields to go into I always
remember Peanuts' and how it changed all of us.
I also got a double CD of Mozart. It is great to play online chess to
(see Trev's Games). Classical music is also much easier to study by. I
don't know how, but it clears my head so I can concentrate better.
On a Rock note, I got the new Weezer CD. I love it, the songs are great.
I would say that it is the ultimite in Nerd Rock (for the ninties at

Trev's Lovelife

umm, let's change the name if this one to:

Trev's School for Advancd Relationship Research

In my ongoing reasearch on pre-martial relationship development, I have
made some astounding discoveries. Most of the current research being done
right now is with compatibiliy archtypes. But since my recent aquirment
of a new couple subject the research we are now exploring the 1-4 month
effects of live in partners, pre and post acceptance conditions, and
mutiple extra-relationship affects on the system. Female
post-relationship defense mechanisms are also being researched. If you
want to be a part of this exciting field, e-mail me.

Trev's Pet Projects

I have recentally adapted two new pet projects that I will develop at my
leisure. The first is to hone my software skills: I am making a computer
RPG, with proper design and unlimited time resources this should be the
best CRPG ever! The second is presented to hone my hardware design
skills: I am making a microMouse run off of a Motorola HC11 and some other
stuff, it will be quite an educational endevor. If you are interested in
either of these project contact me.

Trev's Clubs

The Anime Club is going strong, this week we should get a big projector
room in Bustad (fingers crossed) to watch Macross Plus Subtitled. The WSU
Anime shirts are making no progress. On an up note the SkAS shirts are
allcolor seperated and I am ready to get a quote from Triticum Press. The
powerPen shirts are finding a major lack of extra-TOSP interest, therefore
failing to produce suffient revenue for the first printings of the shirts,
color seperations should be recieved by Thursday. In Robotics, the
Processor Controlled Robot has its papers in for the 1997 compitition in
March @ Mexico City, this means that Robotics has just been bumbed up on
the priority list big time. There is a lot of work that needs to be done
on it before compitition, like 'make the robot' for example. I am looking
forward to going to Mexico City though. In the Spring semester I plan to
form the first ever WSU Backpacking Club...but I need memebers that like
to backpack and a few that have cars. If we become a Sports Federation
Club that means almost free funding for backpacking events!

Trev's Money

Also nil...but I still find a little each month to pay the bills and get
my Anime fix...which naturally leads to.

Trev's Anime

I haven't bought a new anime in a long time...I think that that is because
I maxed out all my CCs on buying Anime. Not good. After the things I get
today in Moscow (Ranma 1/2 OAVs 1 and 2 which I ordered a long time ago),
I am cutting back, even though I want to get all these animes, tons of
manga (I just sent off for the DP Anime Comics from Viz Comics from a guy
in NY, I should get them soon), and lots of cool accessaries, I WILL STAND
STRONG. I have projects that I can do. For example I can do my Skuld
Garage kit, or I could ummmm make web pages...ArGgGgG. This will suck,
but I got to break this addiction. I need to enjoy anime without spending
money! Well thats that.

Trev's Xmas

I an't buying anyone jack-squat this year (except the close family, that's
a given) because I am as poor as used up chinese mud. My parents want to
send my roommate something though. So I suggested some stuff. Once I'm
rich I will send you all pretty cards. Why? Because I love you. ^_^

Trev's Exit

I am sure there are other topics I could touch on but well, maybe you will
see them in up coming editions of:


See you all on the flip side! (oh, and good luck on finals.)
Jaa Mata,
Genma "Bet your own Bippy!" Saotome

Trev's Sig File

Trevor "Genma" Menagh
Founder of the #SkAS#: Skuld Appreciation Society - The goddess of debuggers!
Proud Member of the Washuu-sensei Rules Club

"Hell is other people." - Jean-Paul Sartre
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