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Hello all, and welcome once again to your monthly Trev Report. Wherein lies all
you really want to know about Trevor Menagh (archived at www.trevreport.org),
and now on with the news!

Trevís Big News

I got accepted to the JET Program! That means, I will be heading off to Japan
with my lovely wife at the beginning of August for 1-3 years. It isnít set in
stone yet, I still need a physical and to send in my final paperwork for
assignment. I will find out where we will be placed in May. I am pretty excited
about this, it will be a very different experience and I am looking forward to

Trevís Lovelife

Signe and I are doing great. She is still looking for work, so if you have any
leads at all email her at signe@gocougs.wsu.edu, we need all the help we can get
right now! Besides that though, things are going great. We have been NetFlixing
"Sex And The City." That is a really fun show!

Trevís Work

Work is going well. I love it here at RedOctane (www.redoctane.com). I have a
lot of responsibilities now, not only do I do Customer Service, but I am also
doing phone systems, networking, convention table planning, trade-in program,
anime DVD rentals, not to mention working customer service for
www.privateathome.com (Not Safe For Work, this company is not related to
RedOctane). I am still only getting $12/hour, but I love it here. This is a
great company full of great people. Our first con is coming up soon. We will
have a booth at WonderCon (www.wondercon.com) in San Francisco on April 25-27,
2003! And next month is E3 (www.e3expo.com, drool) in LA.

Trev's Anime

FanimeCon (www.fanime.com) is coming together. With Andrew Tei's help we are
getting the panel schedule up and running for this year. I think that everything
will work out quite nicely this year. We will have a pretty full schedule,
although I have a hunch that this year's convention will be smaller than last
year's one, since it is 2 weeks before the biggest anime convention in America
(www.anime-expo.org), but we will see.
No-Name is also going great. You couldn't ask for a better group of guys to run
an anime club with. I am still hoping that we can do a showing at FanimeCon, but
I haven't heard back from the guys yet. We will see.
The last shows I watched were "Grave of the Fireflies" (cry) and "Castle of
Cagliostro" (sweet), but nothing much else really. Maybe I will start watching
more once I am living in Japan again. I have gotten way out of the loop.

Trev's Games

Signe and I still play Settlers of Catan a lot with friends (you all must play
this game, it is great!). I am thinking of packing my Go set over to Japan when
I go. I think it would be cool to get some practice in while I am there. Signe
was toying with the idea of picking up "Chrono Cross" again too, I think that
sounds like a fun idea, so I might finish the game too, we will see...

Trev's Computer's

Ninamori, my Linux box, is doing great. I just got my sound card (a Diamond
MonsterSound, Aurreal chipset) to work with my computer and I also got my stupid
Visor to sync with the box too, through the USB port (WOOHOO!), so I am running
jpilot (www.jpilot.org) for my palm desktop software right now. I also have
XMAME (x.mame.net) working. Roger (Kiriko) from #fansubs on EFnet hooked me up
with all his (9 gigs!) of MAME roms, so I am a happy camper right now. Now all I
need to do is figure out how to configure my USB joypad with XMAME. I also have
XMMS (it's like winamp for X) working too, it is very cool. Now I am trying to
get Wine to work well, so I can play all my cool older Windows games.
Kitsurubami, my Windows box, is as good as ever. It is pretty much Signe's
computer now, although I jump on it every now and again.

Trev's Books

So, with a 2 hour bus commute every morning, I have a lot of free time to read
in the mornings. For the past few months I have been reading Analog
(www.analogsf.com) which is a great monthly full of cool science fiction short
stories. I have also been working through Danielle's copies of the reprints of
Robert Asprin's Myth books. I am on the 4th reprint right now (Danielle, you
have to get the 5th book, I saw it in a store yesterday!), they are some really
fun to read stories. I have also been working through the Elric saga, Ed from
No-Name is letting me borrow them. I just finished the second in that series.
After I am done with this Myth book and the latest Analog (with the exciting
conclusion to Rajnar Vajra's "Shootout at Nokai Corral"), I think I will read
"Jennifer Government," which I picked up for my birthday last month.

Well, thatís about it for this monthís exciting, yet short, Trev Report. I will
see you all again next month. With any luck we will have a better idea about
where I will be going by then as well.

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