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Hi all and welcome once again to the Trev Report, all about
me. Trevor Menagh.

Trev's LACK of Employment

I just (on July 18, 2002) got laid off from iambic, Inc. I
am currently looking for work in software engineering, but
my fields of expertise are limiting.
I am a Palm OS programmer with extensive knowledge in email
protocols. Top it off with only having 1 year of experience
and being in the Silicon Valley, and you can see that I am
not doing too good.
Right now I am very open about getting into another field
of software engineering or computer programming, but that
is limiting as well, as entry-level positions are almost
non-existent here.
I am actually open to other fields all together, I am not
married to software engineering, I just happen to have
experience in it. I am very open to new things.
This all being said, I want to ask all of you for your
help. This is when I need it the most. If you can help me
in anyway, let me know.
If I can't find employment in 6 months (when my
unemployment insurance runs out) I am thinking of doing
something radical, like joining the Navy or leaving for
Since my skill set is so small, I am also taking this time
to learn/relearn some skills I didn't have or had
forgotten, like SQL, Python, Perl, and Windows programming.
I'll let you all know how the job hunt goes next month,
wish me luck!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe is taking my lay off well, we will be tight budgeted
until I find a new job, but unemployment will be enough to
get us by.
We are having an apartment warming party this Saturday, so
that will be good to relieve some stress as well.
Signe also got a new job as the house manager at the Oaks
Theater in Cupertino; she got a raise, and likes it a lot
better there.

Trev's Anime

We had the FanimeCon 2003 kick-off picnic last month and
that went really well, it looks like I will be doing pretty
much the same job I did last year, which is great, since I
really loved doing it. There is a senior staff meeting this
Saturday, but I have to miss it for our apartment warming
No-Name anime is doing well, as always. The staff is always
great to work with; I really enjoy doing stuff with them
when I get the chance.
On the watching front, I just got the 10th DVD of Card
Captor Sakura, and the 10th and final DVD of Nadia, which is
good stuff. I will have to hold off buying anything new
from now on until I can get a new job, though.
We just sent Brian Papp a care package too, with a ton of
anime tapes so he won't get too bored out there in BFE,

trv no go

Well, I just bought the 4 book set "Learn to play Go" by
Janice Kim, but I haven't had a chance to dig into them
yet. I am still playing on ItsYourTurn.com though, so if
any of you want to play with me, my handle there is jumex.

Trev's Computers

Still doing a-ok. I added another hard drive to my main
computer and started up an FTP server here, so if anyone
wants access, let me know. I have gigs of anime and music
to leech if you want to.

Well that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report. I
will see you all next month!

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