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Hello all and welcome once again to the Trev Report, your
monthly dose of Trevor.
And now on with the news!

Trev's Lovelife

As you all know I am a married man now, and I have been
married for a little over a month now! Signe and I moved
into a new apartment and we are doing great. Married life
is great so far (hooray!).

Trev's Work

Well this month has been nothing but a blur of solid work
and study. I have been pulling 11-12 hour days and even
coming in on weekends sometimes.
My grand opus of the last 3-4 months is iambic Mail 3.0,
which just got sent to QA last week and will (hopefully) go
beta to the public in a couple weeks.
I am rather pleased with it although it still is riddled
with bugs. Its new features include receiving unlimited
sized email messages (well, up to 16Mb of text), sending
attachments from a VFS card (using base64 encoding),
receiving attachments and storing them on a VFS card (VFS
is surprisingly easy to work with I am really impressed
with the system), sending and receiving SMS messages from a
Handspring phone, sending and receiving messages from any
Palm OS 4.0 or greater device connected to a phone,
improved IMAP support, a completely rewritten MIME parser,
account filtering, enhanced UI, and a laundry list of other
I am in the bug fix phase right now, which brings me to my
studying. My manager Adriano has inspired me to take a
serious look at really learning Software Engineering. I
just finished "Writing Solid Code" and am now reading
"Toward Zero-Defect Programming." This is my chosen
profession, and I am just now realizing that I want to
excel in it and I am taking steps towards that end.

Trev's Anime

The FanimeCon 2003 Kick-Off Picnic is this Sunday and I am
hoping to get pretty much the same position I had last year
(Panels Department Head/Guest Relations Department
Second/Guy in charge of the master Live Programming
schedule). I really liked it at FanimeCon 2002 and the
people are great to work with.
The No-Name meeting this month went off without a hitch, I
paid Andrew Tei my monthly payment for services rendered
(he sold me all of first season CCS, all of Nadia, and
As for other stuff READ "Blue Monday," it is an awesome
comic (http://www.bluemondaycomics.com/)! It's totally ace!
I have to thank Stitchin' Babe Kel
(http://www.stitchinbabes.com/kel.html) for that one.
I also just ordered Final Fantasy Chronicles (FF4 and
ChronoTrigger) for the PSX, so I am looking forward to some
nice old school action, YOU SPOONY BARD!

trv no go

I have not gotten a chance to play go at all this month
because of work, but hopefully soon I will be able to go
back to the Sunnyvale Go Club again. I just ordered the 4-
book set "Learn To Play Go" by Janice Kim, and I am looking
forward to getting into those books.
I AM still playing on ItsYourTurn.com though. My nick is
"jumex," come play against me sometime!

Trev's New Apartment

The address is:
3140 Rubino Dr. #115
San Jose, CA 95125
And the phone number is (408) 826-0455.
It is much bigger than the old place and it looks great,
complete with classy nudes on the walls (some of anime-like
We have a nice patio and we just got a new couch (comes in
on Tuesday), solid oak entertainment center (comes in
tomorrow), and some nice patio furniture.
We should be having a party here soon too, which will be
really fun.
Tras and Lisa Berg (Signe's cousins) gave us a wonderful
homemade throw, and Signe's mom was down last weekend and
brought us some stuff too.
Matt Dunn is coming over this weekend for some sweet
bowling action (a bunch of us have started to go bowling,
albeit irregularly).

Trev's Computers

They are running fine (I LOVE MY CABLE MODEM). Matt even
got the dual 700 up and working (I am quite impressed)!

Well, that's about it for this edition if the Trev Report.
I'll talk to you all next month (if not sooner)!
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