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Hi all and welcome once again to your friendly Trev Report. The Wedding
edition! Now on with the report.

Trevís Wedding

Well this is the big thing this month, so let me tell you all about it.
Things started off with a bang on Wednesday night when Andy, Jason,
Matt, and Scott from FanimeCon (www.fanime.com) took me out to get
plowed at a British pub in Campbell, CA. We had a great waitress with
an EastEnders-like (www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/) British accent. She kept
on getting me tons of unique drinks that eventually got me to donate
the banger sandwich I had that evening to the toilet god. I had a good
time though, although I donít think I will be drinking heavily anytime
soon again.
Thursday I went to work until 1 PM and then my manager, Adriano, took
me to the airport and saw me off. At the airport I was patted down and
my shoes were ran through the x-ray machine, but besides that it was an
uneventful trip.
I got to SeaTac ok and took a ShuttleExpress to the Redmond Inn where
my best man, Scott Francis (welcome.to/nowloading/), picked me up. We
went back to his parentís house and hung out for a while. Then we went
out to eat at the Red Hook brewery, which was really fun and drove
around trying to find a video arcade that was open that late at night.
We finally ended up at Quarters, an older arcade in Kirkland, where I
had a really good time playing old video games with Scott.
The next morning Scottís family and I got up early (5:30 for me, 4:30
for Scott!) and drove to Port Townsend and had breakfast at a place
called the Bayview. Then we checked Scottís family into the Manresa
Castle where they were staying (along with many of my relatives).
The wedding rehearsal started at the Rose Theater at 11:00 with all the
parents of the bride and groom and Scott, Signe, and Jenna Whittaker
(Signeís maid of honor). The rehearsal lasted about an hour. Afterwards,
we went back to the castle and relaxed until Dadís cocktail party at 6
PM that evening. I walked around town with Stephan, and eventually
ended up back at the castle for the party. Debbie and Julie gave us a
ride there.
The party was great. It was mainly for my family to get together. It
was the first time I had seen so many Menaghís, Elseís, and
Mulhollandís together at one gathering ever! It was really fun. We got
pictures taken of all the families and we had some great finger foods
as well.
Later that night, Signe and I were carried away to our pre-wedding
night suite at Signeís momís (Paula) bossís (Dick) house. He has a room
set up to look like a cheesy Las Vegas hotel room, so that was really
fun to stay in one night.
Saturday morning we woke up and Dick made us waffles for breakfast. It
was really great stuff, then Jenna took Signe away to get ready. I went
and got my tux on and drove to Signeís parents house. We got to the
Theatre around 9:30 and people started to trickle in.
The wedding itself went off without a hitch. The flowers were beautiful,
the bride was beautiful (in the dress her mother took over a year to
make from scratch), the music was great, and the service went off
really well.
After the ceremony ended we went to the Port Ludlow Bay Club for the
reception. Food, dancing, friends, it was all so much fun. We posed for
a million and a half pictures as well. Here are a couple of the
pictures that Ed, from No-Name Anime (www.nnanime.com) took:
home.pacbell.net/es3/wedding/pic444.jpg and
The reception was really a good time. We did the flower toss, the
taking off of the garter, the cake cutting (our cake had Babar on the
top!), Signe and I had the first dance, there was contra dancing, which
turned out to be really fun, and I got to chat with a lot of people I
hadnít seen in a long time.
When the afternoon was finally over, Signe and I went to the James
House (www.jameshouse.com) to sleep for a while. We were both quite
tired. Then we woke up at 8:45 and ran down to a pizza place to catch a
bite to eat right before we watched Star Wars Episode II with Jenna, Ed,
Reuben, Tras, and Lisa. I slept through a lot of it, since I was so
tired, but then again this was my third viewing of the film. I did see,
though, the Emperorís Royal Guardsmen in the first scene with Palpatine
and Jedi Council (they were red on a red background).
We did eventually go to sleep that night and got up for breakfast in
the morning at the James House. Paulaís car broke down on us after
getting to the James house, so we got a ride to the party at Signeís
parentís house at noon on Sunday. That was a really fun party. Lots of
Signeís friends and family, and my high school buddies showed up as
well and we all had a blast. Relaxing, eating, playing games, feeding
the llamas. Everyone had a great time. Eventually everyone took off and
we said our goodbyes. Jenna drove us back to the James house that night
and we stayed up late talking with her, after going to Elevated Ice
Cream and having ice cream, of course. Jenna departed and we said our
The next morning we made it down for breakfast again and packed up our
things to go home. Reuben came and fixed the car as we went down into
town and did a little last minute shopping before we left.
We made a little detour on our way to Signeís parentís house to the
Fair Winds Winery (winepressnw.com/wineries/olympics/fair.html) and
tasted some wine and bought a couple bottles. Then we made it back to
the house had a bite to eat and made our way to the airport after
saying goodbye to everyone else there.
We actually ended up on the same plane as Tina and Mike, who took our
official wedding photographs. The flight back was fun, the flight
attendants treated us really well, and even gave us a bottle of
champagne and some discounts off flying next time.
We took a taxi home and then fell asleep, and there you go. That was my
wedding weekend! It went off splendidly and I was happy to see so many
friendly faces there. Make sure to check www.trevreport.org/wedding/
for more wedding info.

Trevís Anime

Well, as some of you know this monthís No-Name Anime showing was
cancelled because of library construction, but we will be back next
month at the same place as always.
As FanimeCon winds down we are doing a lot of venting about this year
and we just last week had the division head dead dog, where we vent.
Next weekend we will be having our general staff dead dog as well.
As for shows I am watching I am currently watching VOTOMS since I can
get it all from Netflix (www.netflix.com) and of course, I am still
following up on my Card Captor Sakura addiction as well.
Besides that I have gotten a couple old games (Septerra Core and Shogo)
to play at home and with money the Frank Webber gave us I will be
framing a couple anime prints I have wanted to frame for quite some
time now. (woohoo!)

Trevís Work

Work is keeping me really busy, I have started working until 8 PM on
night that I can, but the work still comes. There seems to be no end in
sight and they just want me to work faster and faster.
So work is tough, but I am getting thought it well, and we are
producing things, so I couldnít ask for much more.

trv no go

Ah, well I am still going to the Sunnyvale Go Club
(www.sunnyvalegoclub.org) on Tuesday nights and I am still the worst
player there, but that is ok. I have fun and there really is a great
group of people to play with as well.

Trevís Computers

I am looking into getting a new computer monitor with some of the
wedding money (as well as a new couch and a new TV), but besides that
my computer is running really well, I am quite pleased with it, even if
it is dated, it is still fast enough to do everything I need it to do.

Trevís Books

Iím still on ďTime Enough For Love,Ē but I havenít had a chance to
read much since this has been such a busy month. Hopefully as summer
approaches I will find myself with more free time.

Well, thatís about it for this edition of the Trev Report. Thank you
all for reading and drop me a line sometime. I always love hearing from
you guys!
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