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Hi all and welcome to the (later than usual) Trev Report. I
apologize for the lateness of the report, but as most of you
know this weekend was FanimeCon 2002 (http://www.fanime.com),
and I was the Panel Coordinator (and Guest Relations second)
for the convention.

So before everything else, let me give you all my con report,
lest I forget it:

Trev?s FanimeCon 2002 Report

Well, the con started for me on Thursday at around 3:00 PM
when I showed up to the Santa Clara Westin ready for work,
in my nice suit. I wore a suit all weekend since this was
the first con I ever staffed and I thought that it might be
a nice touch.
I wandered around a little bit until I found Tomoko (she is
one of the board of directors and head of the hotel
relations). I found out that Aya Chow (head of Guest
Relations) was busy preparing for the con at home, so I was
in charge of guest relations until she got there.
Most of the Japanese guests were currently in San Francisco
having a good time with some of the GR staff and didn?t get
back until later in the evening.
I went ahead at checked out the Green Room where the guests
and GR staff would hang out a lot of the time. Eventually
Matt and Lorrayne (the Live Programming heads) showed up and
we checked all the rooms to make sure nothing was out of
place. I also checked my fan tables (where clubs and
conventions can set up shop to promote themselves) and they
seemed ok as well.
The guests eventually returned from partying in SF and we
got the all up to Green Room, handed out schedules for them
all and got introduced to the rest of the GR staff. I have
to say that we had a great bunch of GR staff this year.
Everyone did a really great job keeping the con functioning.
I didn?t get to bed until 4:00 AM because of planning and
working things out for the next day.
Eric (from Masquerade) and I slept over in the Hilton that
night. I had to get up at 7:00 AM though for a GR staff
meeting we had at 8:00 AM Saturday.
We handed out escort schedules for all the GR staff telling
them which guests they were responsible for at which times
for pick up from the airport and panels.
Then there was a division head meeting at 9:00 AM where we
had breakfast and did last minute checks before we started
everything at 10:00 AM.
One thing I was really excited about is that Mr. Akai and Mr.
Yamaga from GAINAX signed some of my stuff, like a poster of
the bunny girl from Otaku no Video, some of my DVDs and a
Mahoro-matic pencil board. It was very cool to see them. I
tried to listen to the entire GAINAX panel, but I (of
course) had other work to do as well.
They had to leave on Saturday morning for Mr. Ano?s wedding
party back in Japan though.
All the panels started at 1:00 PM, so I had some time to
check out everything one more time, and get my radio from
Con Ops so people could get a hold of me throughout the con.
There were a couple disasters, like one of the guests missed
his flight, another was a no show, there was a mistake (my
fault) with the schedule where some panels were not noted in
the official schedule printed out for the attendees, so some
of the panels were empty. This was a little embarrassing for
me, since I was there apologizing to these people who were
expecting to have panels.
I think Jonathon Klein took the brute of it, but things
seemed to work out for everyone a little bit more on
I went around setting up easels in rooms for panels as well,
which went ok, but I didn?t have enough easel pads, so some
rooms didn?t have them, which was bad for panels like
Japanese 101, which needed one, but things worked themselves
out with that.
I peeked in on the Stitchin? Babes costuming panel and it
turned out to be pretty full. I totally love their costumes
and look forward to having them back next year!
I went to the dealers room to meet the Speed Racer people
who were hosting a 35th anniversary Speed Racer party that
night, that I organized. At the last minute I got them a
projector in the room they were doing the party (thanks to
Josh from Tech). They also gave me a Speed Racer t-shirt for
my help! (Go Speed Racer Go!)
I met up with the guys from No-Name Anime
(http://www.nnanime.com/) briefly and Ed took a picture of
me, all his pics of the convention are up on the web
(http://www.nnanime.com/events/0204fanime.html). He got some
really great cosplay pics while there, including my personal
favorite, Erin Frost from Nekobox (http://www.nekobox.org/)
dressed up as Yomiko fro Read Or Die
jpg). VERY cute!
I also when by the Artists? Alley a LOT, I really love some
of the art coming out of the fan scene these days, and I got
a few pieces from various artists tables.
The one I am MOST happy about is a print of a piece I saw in
the Art Show that was not for sale by Alice from Idol Hands.
I begged for a copy, because I was in love with the print.
She eventually sold me a copy and was flattered that I liked
it so much. I am definitely getting this one framed!
Friday night came along and a lot of us went to see Matt
(from LP) DJ at the Friday night dance at 2:00 AM, he was
all dressed up in his goth clothes and looked very cool. I
went back to the Green Room and worked on the schedule for
the GR staff for Saturday which hadn?t been done yet and
then I went to bed at around 4:00 PM.
Saturday came around, we had our 8:00 AM GR meeting,
everyone got their assignments and Aya and I went to the
division head meeting for breakfast.
This day was sort of a blur for me of checking panel rooms
for the correct schedules, notifying the at con newsletter
of panel updates, walking around with Lorrayne (my LP boss)
half clothed
jpg :P~), and making sure everything went ok. For the most
part it did.
Saturday was the best day of the con, a lot of people had a
great time. There were a couple mix ups, Steve Bennett was
late for a Cel Painting class, and we sort of lost the
Japanese cosplayers for a little bit, but it all turned out
fine in the end.
YaoiCon (http://www.yaoicon.com/) had a party that they paid
for that night and I handled the transaction for the room.
It turns out that their party went really well, which I was
very pleased with.
It was soon time for the Masquerade! A lot of the guests
decided to not attend the masquerade and did other stuff,
like go out to dinner, which was a bummer, but enough of
them came to make it worth wild, and on top of that the
theater was sold out, as was the simulcast video room!
Although it started about 1 hour late because of problems
with the AV in the simulcast room it turned into a great
show. I stayed for the entire thing ending around 11:30 PM.
Since I was with GR staff we had GREAT seats for the show in
the 4th row.
After the show was over (I cheered until I lost my voice,
which I paid for afterwards, but it was worth it!) I went
back to the Green Room and worked on the schedule for Sunday
while all the guests were watching Fanboy Bebop, a fantastic
fandub by Studio Sokodei (http://www.starbach.com/). One of
the creators of the show (Andrew Hosking) was there as well.
I am a sucker for a good parody fandub, so I was bummed that
I didn?t have time to watch the show (work calls :P~).
By the time 2:00 AM came around I was dead and irate for no
reason at all. I started getting snippy which was lame. So
instead of acting like an idiot in front of everyone I
retired and let Aya handle the rest of the schedule for
Sunday (Aya rocks, by the way, she pulled off GR in a very
short time).
I went to sleep in the room with the guys from masquerade
again and woke up for the last day at 7:00 AM again.
Sunday was nice, we had the usual 8:00 AM meeting, but there
wasn?t a 9:00 AM division head meeting though. Most of this
day I spent peeking in on panels, checking out the dealers?
room, cruising Artist?s Alley, and checking out the Art Show.
Hank (Desslock/GaleWolf) introduced me to Christi (Natsuki
for #fansubs) for the first time in real life.
I also saw Dom (fudo), Vic (malev), Scott (cortana), and a
few others that I knew form #fansubs/#fushigiyuugi).
Speaking of Dom, he was on a web comics panel with Young
Wang of Nekobox and it was HUGE! We had to move them to a
larger room because they were breaking fire codes. I also
met Jim (fntc) on Friday as well. It turns out that he came
on staff last minute for masquerade AV staff. We hung out
some at the closing party for the guests on Sunday night.
On top of all that I suckered (:D) Terrence (SD-Erica) into
doing a Sakura Taisen panel, which I caught the tail end of,
and I was well pleased because he filled the room! I missed
Alex (seiya) but I knew he was there (since I saw a pic of
him at karaoke).
The closing ceremonies were short and sweet and the last I
heard there were around 4,500 attendees, although that is
just a rough guess. Afterwards, I was going to go to the
guest reception (after listen to ? hour of the gripe session,
where some of my screw-ups were mentioned), but Eric (good
staffer that he is) convinced me to stay and help con ops
load a truck full of con stuff up. Which we did. (It was the
right thing to do)
Well we got a call from the guys at the restaurant about
some craziness going on, so a few of us went over to work
everything out, leaving the con ops guys in the dust. I felt
really bad about this so we went ahead and invited the con
ops guys that were working hard to come down to the
restaurant and eat and drink with the rest of the guests and
division heads. Good times ensued. We ate pizza, drank beer,
listened to Mike Wright (one of the board of directors) play
the pipe organ at the restaurant, and had a good time.
Finally it was time to finish the job we started with the
loading. We drove to Scott Rux?s house (Scott is one of the
con co-chairs) and unloaded the entire truck into his garage.
Finally it was time to go home. Eric drove us back to the
hotel (we got a little lost and I was a little upset, but it
turned out ok) and I picked up my junk and had Eric drive me
home. A BIG thinks the Eric, who put up with me a lot
throughout the convention. He is a really good guy.
Well, I got home at around 2:00 AM and Signe was there
waiting up for me, so we talked for a bit, I showed her my
junk and then I crashed.
Well, that was my big con weekend. It was really fun and I
am looking forward to doing it again next year. I want to
focus more on guest relations next year as well. And despite
all the minor bumps in the road I really think that I can
say ?it was a great con.? :P~

Trev?s Wedding!

Well, as most of you know I?M GETTING MARRIED! And the
wedding (http://www.trevreport.org/wedding/) is on May 25th.
All the invitations are out, the preparations are made, and
I am getting excited!
Signe has been working really hard on it to make it really
nice. Scott Francis (http://welcome.to/nowloading/) is my
best man, and I think that it will be a fun ceremony,
especially with all the family and friends that will be
there. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of you again.
Signe is doing well, and in less than a month I will be
Trevor Richard Lalish-Menagh. Woohoo!

Trev?s Work

Work is as busy as ever, I am working on iambic Mail
our mail client for the Palm. It is my pride and joy I have
added so much to it since I started working on it, and I
feel it is way cooler than when I started, and it is just
getting better.
I just ended a cycle of working on Action Names DateBook
ml), our flagship product. Version 5.2a is the latest update
and it adds a few new features while fixing a bunch of bugs
as well. Action Names DateBook is my most used Palm
application, since I keep all my contacts and appointments
in it?and I helped write it (hooray for me :P~).
There might be other projects in the works for me in the
future, but nothing I can comment on right now.

trv no go

With the convention work and all I haven?t had much time to
study go as much as I would like, so I am still getting
whooped every Tuesday when I play at the Sunnyvale Go Club,
but I really like the people there, and I feel that given
time I will be able to improve in this game.

Trev?s Computers

My computer is still surviving, I stole some memory and a
hard drive from a computer Mike Chu (http://www.mhchu.com/)
gave to me last month as well, so it is running great! I am
thinking of getting into FreeBSD too, but not really :P~

Trev?s Books

I am currently reading ?Time Enough For Love? by Heinlein
that Matt Dunn forced into my hands last time he was down
here. I am really liking it, but I never have enough time to
read these days.

Well everyone, that is it for this Trev Report. Next time
will be the Wedding Report, so don?t miss it!
FYI the Trev Report Archives are here
http://www.trevreport.org/tTRArchives.html, and if you or
someone you know wants to sign up to the Trev Report monthly,
they can by sending a BLANK email to trevreport-

Take care,
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