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Hello all, and welcome once again to your monthly Trev Report, wherein is updated the goings on of my life in the past month. This was my birth month, by the way. I was born 03/02/1977, so that makes me now 25 and able to rent cars now, WOOHOO!
On a side note, everyone please use my jumex@gocougs.wsu.edu forwarding account to email me and not my work account. I just got a new email account at sdf.lonestar.org and I am converting over to that. Now, on with the report!

Trev?s Lovelife

Signe and I are doing well. She is up in Washington this week doing wedding stuff. It is coming up real soon now, in a little more than 2 months from now on May 25th. I am really looking forward to it. Signe?s job is keeping her busy as well. We are looking into apartments to move to after the wedding, the leading contender right now is in South San Jose, although I haven?t been there yet.
So, Signe?s mom got me a subscription to the Funny Times for Christmas and this month they had some funny stuff about marriage in it, you all should check it out.

Trev?s Work

Work is going well. I have been really busy this month. iambic Mail 2.1 finally shipped after months of development, it has lots of great new features that I added that I am quite proud of including IMAP support.
In fact I like IMAP so much I have completely given up POP, and you all should too!
It is great we are actually getting customers complimenting iambic Mail for working so well, that never happened before. I really feel that it now does deserve the ?Best Email Client of 2001? award it was given at PalmSource this year.
I was also busy working in the Action Names DateBook 5.12 release which fixed a lot of bugs and added some cool features to the program. We are now working closely with one of the Palm OS licensees to get our applications ready for their new device, and that is what I have been working on for the last week or so. More news on that when I?m allowed to talk about it though (I?m under an NDA currently).

Trev?s Anime

FanimeCon 2002 is almost 1 month away! Eek! Things have become very busy for the convention. I just spent last week writing up 50 pages of paperwork for the room set changes for all my panel rooms (I have 7 of them). My division heads have been really helpful though with providing us with the right forms and such. As the con approached I am pretty much in meetings every Sunday for 4+ hours discussing something about the con and the panels.
Scott Rux, one of the co-chairs of the con is talking about renting a tuxedo for the con, so I thought I would one-up him and plan on wearing my wedding tux. I am quite excited. :D
No-Name has been going smoothly, we are regularly getting around 70 people to the showings and it is always nice to see people enjoying anime.
Recently we showed ?Shaolin Soccer? a Chinese comedy about monks playing soccer. It is very cool, and I suggest you all go and see it.
Tonight I will be attending my first Tsunami Anime meeting as well. Tsunami is San Jose State University?s club, but there are no requirements to be a member and since they are right down the street I thought I would try them out.
As for anime I have been watching, I have been rewatching Kimagure Orange Road and Romeo?s Blue Skies, which are both great shows, and I just started rewatching Legend of the Galactic Heroes as well.

Trev?s Go

So as I mentioned before, I am getting into the game of go. It is quite addictive. For my birthday Signe and my dad pitched in some money for me to buy a really nice professional go set online. It is sitting in our living room right now and it is very nice. 2 1/8? thick wood, nice wood bowls and glass stones.
I just paid my membership to the American Go Association as well, so I will be able to play in tournaments now, although I?m still not very good. I still go to the Sunnyvale Go Club and it is really fun playing each week with other people and learning more about the game.

Trev?s Computers

Well, first I should mention that Matt Dunn, who recently moved down to Walnut Creek, CA is coming to visit me this weekend, and ironically enough Robert ?The Bruce? Carlton from WSU Anime Club fame is going to be in the area for the next couple days as well. I hope to catch up with him.
Anyway I mentioned that because Mike Chu, Dave Weldon, Matt, and I are planning on hanging out Saturday and Mike is giving me two of his old computers since he doesn?t have room in his new place for them, so I am looking forward to playing around with Windows Programming and Linux stuff on them, if I can ever find the time to do that type of stuff.
Besides that my home computer is running fine. We actually got a virus on it last month, but Norton AntiVirus took care of that.
My work computer is running a little slow, but I suspect that is because of all the stuff I have running on it.
Oh and if I haven?t mentioned it before if you use instant messaging, check out Trillian for Windows, it is totally awesome, skinnable and it allows you to log into to all the popular IM programs: MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, and even IRC (although I still use mIRC for that).

Trev?s Books

Well, I am finally getting into the Scott Francis recommended (he always recommends good books) ?Wild Card? series, which is really fun to read. It is a bunch of short stories about how an alien virus spread in New York in 1946 making super heroes (aces) and mutants (jokers). Very cool stuff, Signe got me the first two re-releases of the books and I am going through them now.
I have also ordered ?Graded Go Problems for Beginners Vol. 1? which supposes to be a really good book for people beginning to learn go.
I also intend on getting through the Petzold book on Programming Windows as well, but who knows how far I will get with that. :)

Trev?s Education

So, I recently found out about The Japan Society of Northern California through a postcard during the Asian American Film Festival and it turns out that they teach Japanese here in San Jose to adults. I am now very tempted to sign up for one of the courses to see what it is like. I really miss studying Japanese and I am not disciplined enough to do it just on my own. A class like this would be prefect. I will have more news on this when (and if) it develops. I?d love to have a chance to speak Japanese again though, I miss it.
That good news is that I actually have a copy of the book they use for the beginning class and I am pretty sure that I know everything in it, so I might start with the intermediate class. We will see.

Well, that is about it for this edition of the Trev Report. I hope to hear from you guys. And make sure to stop by if you are ever in the area!

Trevor Menagh
(408) 367-1600 x20
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