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Hello everybody and welcome once again to this month's edition of the
Trev Report. The last one in 2001! Now on with the news.

Trev's Lovelife

Signe and I are doing well. We had a nice Christmas break together at
home, opening presents and just relaxing before having to return to
work. Currently, Signe is visiting her parents in Washington, she will
be back before New Year's Eve though. Her and I are going to the USS
Hornet (uss-hornet.org/dance_events/) for a swing dance for
the evening. I just recently got my tuxedo in, and I am looking forward
to wearing it then.

Trev's Work

Work is going well. We rolled out the new version of Action Names
(http://www.iambic.com/english/palmos/actionnames/default.html), 5.01,
and I am continuing to work on it some perfecting things and adding
features here and there.
Our new pinball game for the Palm, Bump Attack
(http://www.iambic.com/english/palmos/bumpattack/default.html), just
got released, and I must admit it is quite fun to play.
Right now I am adding IMAP4rev1 functionality to our Palm email client,
iambic Mail (http://www.iambic.com/english/palmos/mail/default.html).
Fun stuff!

Trev's Anime

No-Name (http://www.nnanime.com/) is coming along well. We had our big
birthday bash last month (now going on eight years), and Warner is
going to let Robert and I start working on the monthly newsletters that
are handed out at meetings. It should be fun, I have never done
publishing work before. We are using CorelDraw 9
(http://coreldraw.com/) to create the flyers.
Fanime (http://www.fanime.com) work is also progressing. I have started
getting official panel requests for the con, and am filling in the
master Excel spreadsheet for the schedule. I am a little worried right
now since there hasn't been too many panel requests so far, but I am
sure it will pick up soon enough. Oh, I have also been upgraded to
important person status and now get to (or have to ^_^) come to the
Department Head meetings as well as the General Staff meetings because
I am in charge of the master schedule for the panels.
In "what I'm watching" news, I am currently watching the second season
of NeoRanga (http://www.pierrot.co.jp/english/90/neoranga/) and my
first Mahoro-matic (http://www.mahoro-matic.com/) and Najica
(najica.com/) DVDs should be arriving soon. I have watched
up to 11 on both of those, and am enjoying them. At No-Name we are
starting Noir (http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/noir/noir.htm) next
month as well, and I am VERY much looking forward to watching that as

Trev's Computers

Everything is "A OK" on the computer front, nothing is broken so
everything is good. :) Dad is coming up this weekend to visit and I
think that we are going to buy a desk for the den. I am way excited
about this, because I will finally have a desk to sit my computer stuff
on, instead of the old mini refrigerator and comic book boxes I am
using right now. HOORAY!

Trev's Books

Well I finished the Beggars trilogy by Nancy Kress
(http://www.sff.net/people/nankress/) and I liked it a lot. I totally
suggest you all read it. Now after watching LOTR
(http://www.lordoftherings.net/) I have decided that it is high time I
read the books, so I am starting with _The Hobbit_ and going from

Well that is about it for this month's report, another short one. I
hope you all have a great new year!

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