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Hi all and welcome once again to your monthly Trev Report, wherein is
found what Trevor Menagh has been up to in the last month, and now on
with the report!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe and I are doing very well. Life in the valley is treating us
well. We often go out to eat and watch movies (which are free, since
she works at the cinemas) and do other stuff together. I thought it
might be tough at first since we don't have the same hours (I work days
and she works from around 4-midnight) but we find the time.
Recently she has been reading the Harry Potter books to me, and I must
say I am hooked. We just finished the second book in about 4 days. You
should ALL read these great books. (The fourth one just received the
2001 Hugo!)

Trev's Anime

Well I have finally taken my first step towards insanity and joined
FanimeCon 2002 (http://www.fanime.com/) staff. If all goes well, I will
be in charge of organizing the various panels at the convention which
is happening April 26th-28th at the Santa Clara Westin. It is
unfortunate that this is the same weekend as SakuraCon 2002
(http://www.sakuracon.org/), it turns out that ARG
(Anime Resource Group, the non-profit behind Fanime) couldn't get
another date for the hotel. So this means unfortunately I will not be
at SakuraCon 2002.
No-Name Anime (http://nnanime.com/) is doing well. I am currently
looking for a November meeting place since our usual at the Santa
Teresa Branch City Library
(sjpl.lib.ca.us/Branches/sa/default.htm) is booked on the
third Saturday of November. Our partnership with the Camera Cinemas
(http://www.cameracinemas.com/) is working out great and I think we are
getting a slightly larger crowd because of our efforts there. I want to
target other downtown businesses as well for the upcoming months.
This weekend I went to Paul Fromberg's house again to do some high
quality anime viewing, which is always fun.
_I My Me Strawberry Eggs_ (imm-egg.com/) is almost over the
12th episode (out of 13) premiers on the 25th of September, and I am
looking forward to seeing the big finally.
I am still saving up for the _Neo Ranga_
(http://www.pierrot.co.jp/english/90/neoranga/) Region 2 DVDs and
hopefully will have the money soon for that as well.

Trev's Work

iambic (http://www.iambic.com/) is treating me well. As most of you
know my product, FastWriter (http://www.iambic.com/pilot/fastwriter/),
which is a word processor for the Palm OS platform, has shipped and is
doing moderately well in sales. It ships to retail on October 1st. In
the meantime I am working on a new version of FastWriter to be released
with our iambic Office (http://www.iambic.com/pilot/office/) suite.
I think we might be thinking about starting to work on PocketPC
(http://www.microsoft.com/mobile/pocketpc/default.asp) applications
after seeing PocketPC 2002, which is pretty impressive. I have to admit
I am seriously tempted by the Toshiba Genio-e (http://genio-e.com), it
is only in Japan right now, but it looks like an amazing handheld.

Trev's Home

The apartment is looking nice still. This month both my parents and
Signe's Dad and little brother were here visiting, which was nice.
Stephen just started college in Atherton at Menlo College
(http://www.menlo.edu/) and he came up to visit up last week for
We also had the fortune to have Scott Rosnick, one of my old High
School (http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us/vnhs/main.html) buddies
(http://braindead.org/), come and stay with us for a couple days on his
trek around the US visiting his friends. That was quite fun.
Michael Chu (http://mhchu.com/) always comes over as well, and both
Signe and I always enjoy hanging out with him.

Trev's Computers

Well nothing much new on the desktop front, but I have just found out
about _Microsoft Train Simulator_
(http://www.microsoft.com/games/trainsim/) and I really think it looks
like a cool PC game (like _Densha de Go!_ for the PC).
I have also become totally hooked on a Palm OS game called _Space
which is like Privateer
(origin.ea.com/privateer/p1/index.html) and based off the
DopeWars (pdaguy.com/dopewars/) source code, it is very fun
and addictive (and FREE).

Well, that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report, see you all
next month!
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