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Hi everybody, and welcome once again to your monthly helping of Trev
Report excitement! Coming to you from sunny downtown San Jose, right in
the center of Silicon Valley. Now, on with the news!

Trev's Lovelife

Things with Signe are going great. We are working out well together as
we settle into our new lifestyle. Signe has been at her new job at the
Camera Cinemas (http://www.cameracinemas.com/) for a while now and she
is really enjoying it. It is nice to have her working only a couple of
blocks away. I often say hi on my way home.
Signe's father and younger brother are visiting currently and Signe
seems happy to have a piece of home here to share, as she often gets
Things are looking up for us and, yes, the wedding is still planned for
next year in May right between Fanime (http://www.fanime.com/) and AX
(http://www.anime-expo.org/). I don't think that Signe is too keen on
honeymooning at an anime con though.

Trev's Work

iambic (http://iambic.com/) is keeping me busy. My palm app is in beta
testing right now, and I am frantically fixing bugs before it's release
next Monday. I am looking forward to the release, once it is out though
I will be equally busy on the new version which is already being planned
as well as hopefully some new projects as well.

Trev's Anime

Well the last month has been a lot of fun, I have had the opportunity
to do a lot of cool anime stuff.
Everyday at lunch I sit down in front of my computer at work and watch
one episode of a show that is currently being aired in Japan. The new
season started last month and I have been religiously following two
series, "I My Me Strawberry Eggs" (imm-egg.com/) and "Fruits
Basket" (http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/fruits_basket/index.html), which are
both real cool shows currently on their seventh week on the air.
The No-Name (http://nnanime.com/) showing that happened on Saturday was
a huge success with over 70 people in attendance, in part because of
the advertising effort myself and others in the staff have been
pushing, like getting flyers out to movie theaters and libraries. We
premiered a show I bought a while back called "Animation Runner Kuromi"
(http://www.yumeta.com/) by the same director as Kodomo no Omocha
(kerris.com/anime/kodocha/) which met with great success.
Then on Sunday I made the hour long drive to Berkeley to attend a
#fansubs (fansubs.org/) Bay Area get together held by Mitch
(Sogarth). We watched the first 10 or so episodes of the first season
of "Lupin the III" (lupin.sansei.st/) which is really different
from the Lupin that you have seen before, pretty funny stuff. The best
part was just finally meeting up with these people that I have been
friends with for years but never actually met in person, it was a very
cool thing.
Next Sunday I am heading up to Paul Fromberg's place to do another
anime get together there. It is always fun doing that, Paul is a great
guy and we always have a good time.
At home I have started watching Neo Ranga
(http://www.pierrot.co.jp/english/90/neoranga/) which is a 15 minute
per episode show about these three sisters that become kings of a small
country. It is 48 episodes long and I think I have convinced No-Name to
start showing it soon, so I am saving up to buy the DVD box set from
Japan so we can start subbing it all.

Trev's Computers

I got the Amiga 2000 (http://trevreport.org/computers.html) up and
running the other day so I can start relearning JACOsub
(http://unicorn.us.com/jacosub/) and timing tricks for fansubbing Neo
Ranga if I am the one to do it.
The Duron (amd.com/products/cpg/duron/index.html) is running
great, we really don't use it much except for Quicken
(http://www.quicken.com/) and e-mail. I am still working on my
GutenPalm (http://gutenpalm.sourceforge.net/) projects on it as well,
although that is slow coming since things are so hectic at work right
I recently bought a game for my Visor (http://www.handspring.com/) as
well called Bubble Puzzle
(http://www.creasedshirt.com/~philj/bubble.html) which is a great clone
of Bust-A-Move for the PalmOS. I totally love it.

Trev's Living Areas

The apartment still is looking great. We still need to frame our
diplomas and hang them in the den, but besides that things are looking
I think the next thing we are going to frame is Signe's Wizard of Oz
movie poster and then probably some more of my anime posters, but there
isn't a high priority right now.
I have decorated my cubical pretty well with anime goodies, like my
shrine to Ri Kohran from Sakura Taisen
(pei.physics.sunysb.edu/~ming/anime/sakura.html) and my new
R.O.D. (http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/ROD/) Yomiko poster from
this month's Megami as well as a few other cool things.

Well that is about it for this month's Trev Report. I hope to hear from
you all again soon.

Take care,

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