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Hi all, and welcome once again to your monthly Trev Report, where you
get to hear all about what I have been up to this month.

Trev's Lovelife

Signe is doing well, she just got a job working at the local
independent movie theater, the Camera Cinemas
(http://www.cameracinemas.com/) and she is really looking forward to
that, but I think it will keep her busy. She will be working from
around 4-midnight from Thursdays to Mondays with Tuesdays and
Wednesdays off, but I don't think that it is that cut and dry.
Unfortunately that means I won't be able to see much of her any more
since I have to work from 9 AM-7 PM Monday through Friday, but that's
alright, I think that we will be able to manage.
Earlier this month we visited the place Signe was born up in Marin
county and stayed with friends of Signe's parents. It is beautiful area
up there.

Trev's Work

Work is keeping me VERY busy! I have a project that is in it's final
stages and I am running around frantically trying to fix bugs and prep
it for release. I don't have enough hours in the day to do all the work
that needs to be done. In any case I am feeling good about work these
days and really look forward to releasing this product.
When it comes out I will tell you all about it. Iambic, Inc.
(http://www.iambic.com/) is actually a pretty good place to work for
once you get used to the insane hours and increased workload. It was a
bit much for me in the beginning, but now I am getting into the swing
of things here.

Trev's Anime

The anime scene is going pretty well over here. Last weekend I went
over to Paul Fromberg's house and watched some stuff. Andy Kim invited
me, and it turns out that Paul Fromberg is this guy that Brian Papp and
I stood in line with sometime at AX2000. I wonder if Brian remembers
who I am talking about.
Earlier this month, a bunch of the No-Name Anime Staff, Signe, and I
when to see a free preview screening of the Final Fantasy Movie. This
is some of our thoughts with it
(http://www.nnanime.com/reviews/movies/finalfantasy.html). Personally,
I thought that it would have made a good RPG, but wasn't that great of
a movie. The Graphics were amazing though.
This upcoming weekend No-Name Anime (http://www.nnanime.com/) is
showing the Ah! My Goddess! Movie, so all you AMG fans better be there.
Here is a picture of this month's flyer that is mailed out to all the
Club members (http://www.nnanime.com/flyers/2001/fly01_07.html).
I STILL haven't gotten together with the crew from #fansubs on Efnet
(fansubs.org/) which makes me a punk.
As for watching new stuff, I have been watching I My Me Strawberry Eggs
(imm-egg.com/) which is on it's third episode in Japan right
now. It is about a guy who dresses up as a woman to get a teaching job
at a Jr. High School, and fun ensues. I also just watched the first
episode if Gene Shaft (http://www.geneshaft.com/) which looks totally
awesome, it is about an elite team of women sent in to investigate a
mysterious metal ring that has appeared above the Earth, circa far
future. There is also Read Or Die, which despite the stupid name is a
GREAT show about this secret organization of people with super powers,
a must watch 3 OVA series, the second DVD just came out on 07/18/2001.

Trev's Computers

The home computer is up and working fine. We use it mostly for MS
Outlook and Quicken, but I have also been working on some side projects
there too. Basically I am goofing around creating Palm apps at home
that will be freeware. I also am dabbling in the open source community,
I have started to get a little involved with the GutenPalm project
(http://gutenpalm.sourceforge.net/) which is a e-text reader for the
Palm with really good compression, I am trying to get GutenPalm and
Project Gutenberg to work together to get all the PG e-texts
transferred over to GutenPalm (zTXT) format, some that sounds like it
will be fun.
I am also working on a couple other projects, but I don't want to talk
about them just yet. ^_^

Trev's Apartment

The Apartment is looking pretty good. We are still lacking a bed, and a
table and bookshelves for the den, but besides that it is pretty much
We both got our diplomas as well, and I think next paycheck we are
going to frame them up in the den.

Well, that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report see you all
next month!
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