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Hi all and welcome once again to your monthly edition of
the Trev Report, whereon you learn much of what I have been
up to in my last month of life.
Now, on to the news!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe and I are doing well. As you all know when we
graduated we moved in together down here in San Jose. She
is currently looking for a position as a nanny in the area,
so with any luck she will have a job soon.
It's nice being in an area like this, so close to a lot of
things that we can do. A couple weekends ago we went down
to Santa Cruz and walked around downtown, that is a really
pretty area.

Trev's Career

Well, life at iambic is very busy. There is always
something I have to be doing. That's one of the reasons
that this Trev Report is so late, I am always busy doing
I am currently working on a project that we hope to get out
within the next month, but there are so many features to
add and bugs to fix that I am not sure that I will be able
to finish it all by then.
I have started to work longer hours (10 hr. per day) and
working on Sundays is the norm around here for us
engineers. So I am usually putting in full days on Sundays
as well.
On an up note, I am relearning a lot of Palm programming.
^_^ Just got one of these Targus portable keyboards as
well. It is pretty cool.
It's nice living so close to work too, I bike to work
daily, and it is only about 1 mile away.

Trev's Apartment

The apartment isn't in the best place in town, but the
complex is quite nice. We are renting a 760 sq. ft. condo,
and although it is small it is a nice place to live.
Signe has the entire place decorated with pictures,
paintings, and her artwork. We have a nice bookshelf as
well, filled up with various subjects.
There is a den where we put the computer things. This is
pretty much my room. It is the only place in the house I am
allowed to put up my anime posters, but they have to be
framed first.
The only exception is a piece that Jennifer deWinter drew
that we had framed. Both Signe and I like it, so it is
hanging in the living room.
There are a couple more things I want to hang up as well. I
would really love a drawing from Katty and a photograph
from Jon, since those are the things you both do best. ^_^

Trev's Anime

Although I haven't had a chance to watch too much stuff
lately I try my best to get an occasional show in every now
and then. I just recently watched Comic Party 1 and Noir 1,
both look like they will be really good series.
There are a couple shows I really want to get, like the
Robotech Saga. I was deprived the chance to watch Robotech
in it's full glory as a kid, so I want to pick it all up
now. Now, if they would only do that with the Mysterious
Cities of Gold...
Well, the big news though is that I have become staff at
the local anime club, No-name Anime
(http://www.nnanime.com/). The people there seem really
cool, and I will really enjoy working with them. In July we
will be showing the Ah My Goddess Movie, our susbtitlers
are working hard on the project right now.
I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend anime Expo
this year despite the fact that I am 100s of miles closer
to it than ever before. Two people living together with our
debts and all is making money pretty tight around here, and
on top of that I think that there is no way that I would be
able to get away from work for 4 days in a row right now,
but for you all that are going take lots of pictures and
buy me stuff you know I would like. You know I'm good for
it. ^_^
Well, I have re-erected my shrine to Ri Kohran (from Sakura
Taisen) in my cubical, but it needs posters and stuff to
make it grow. So if anyone has spare Kohran stuff, hook me
up. :P~

Trev's Electronics

I am having an issue with Windows 2000 these days when
trying to hook up to the internet using my 56k modem. I
always get an error 720, and I have tried and tried,
searched and searched, but I still don't know how to fix
Besides that though things are going well with it.
Well, we just bought a new DVD player, so now I have 3. My
Region 2 one, the one in my computer (which ran choppy on
some region 1 DVDs so we bought...), the 3rd one, a Region
1 Pioneer DV-343. This is the successor to the DV-333,
which was the model that was introduced after the DV-525.
All in all it is a very reliable player, and I have read
nothing but good reviews about it.
With that all I am missing now is an LD player for the
older Japanese imports that I can't find on DVD, but I
think I will wait until I have at least one before I buy
that. ^_^

Trev's Schooling

Graduation went really well. There was a little snafu with
the grade from one of my classes not appearing on my grade
sheet, but we got that all worked out, and I am now an
official college graduate. I made it out with a 3.04 GPA. I
am very happy that I made it above 3.0 by the time I
graduated. My first few years I was always around 2.8 and
it was pretty tough to raise it up. ^_^
What's next? Well we will have to wait and see. There is no
doubt in my mind that I want to go back to school
eventually, but the question is, in what? I want to find
the time to start taking classes at San Jose State
University (which is about two blocks away) in things like
History, Anthropology, Sociology, and Political Science.
That is what I have it narrowed down to now, but I need to
find my true passion. ^_^
If I continue with iambic, I think I might seriously look
into getting an MBA as well, it would be good to get into
the business side of things here as well.
We will see though. :P~

Well, that's about it for this edition of the Trev Report.
I will write again next month, and I hope to hear from all
of you!

Take care,
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