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To everyone on RAAM, the LoGH list, and the WSU Anime Club
list, I am including you because of my SakuraCon 2001
report, the rest is normal Trev Report stuff, feel free to


Hi everybody, and welcome once again to your edition of the
Trev Report. This is a very special Trev Report since it is
the last Trev Report I am writing as a college student at
WSU. It has been 6 long years since I entered the academy
and in less that two weeks it will finally be over...for
now. ^_^ In any case on with the report!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe and I are still together. We are getting ready for
the move to San Josť and things are really crazy for us
right now. Money is tight, stress is high, times are a
little tough, but I think we can work through it. The move
and the absence of school will help as well.
Although I think it will be good to find friends down in
California to hang out with together, that is something
that we really don't have in Pullman. I know I will miss
talking with Jennifer DeWinter about my relationship as
Signe will miss talking to Jenna Whittaker. They are, and
have been, great helps as people to talk to about our

Trev's Con Weekend

For those of you that didn't go or didn't know, last
weekend was SakuraCon 2001 (http://www.sakuracon.org/), the
only anime convention in the Pacific Northwest. This year
it was held from Friday to Sunday at the Holiday Inn in
Everett, WA, and it was a blast.
I left for the con Thursday afternoon with Kathe Goslee. We
drove up to Cheney (home of EWU and 30 miles from Spokane)
to pick up a High School girl named April before making the
long trip to Everett. Unfortunately I fell ill on Thursday
with a 24-hour stomach flu and was in quite a bit of pain
throughout the drive, not the best first impression for
April. ^_^ We finally arrived at the hotel and met up with
Morgan, Pat, Scott, and many others from WSU before going
to the room and falling asleep. I have to thank Morgan for
taking care of me that night, it was quite a help.
Well, the next morning, I woke up refreshed and well, much
to my relieve. Robert, another WSU Anime Club member, and I
went to the market to pick up some film and the fun began!
There was quite a lot of cosplayers this year, I would
easily say about one half of the attendees were in costume
in one form or another.
Frank, our WSU Anime Club president, and Scott were running
the Video Game room all weekend which turned out to be a
big success with tournaments in many popular games like
Virtual On, Guilty Gear X, and Project Justice.
Kathe was once again the head of the Art Show, which was
fantastic, even if there wasn't enough room to move much in
Well, the first thing I attended was the Opening Ceremonies
which has a wonderful opening anime music video and a
musical story-telling performance along with general
After that a few of us went to the Costuming 101 panel
hosted by Faerie Fingers (http://www.faerie-fingers.com/),
a professional anime costume designer in Seattle. We
learned tips and tricks when planning and creating our own
costumes. It seems like tough work. I am hoping to start
work myself on two costumes from Legend of the Galactic
Heroes (LoGH) for some of next year's cons so it was
interesting to learn the details of the design work.
I was quite torn after the Costuming panel since the AIC
Industry panel (the biggest at the con) was directly
opposed to the LoGH panel hosted by Hank Wong and Lee
Thompson, who got me into the series. I decided to go to
the LoGH panel, which although small (around 10 people) was
a success. Episodes 43 and 44 were shown subtitled to us in
a pre-production state, which was exciting to many fans
since the widely available fan subtitled versions ended at
episode 42 (there are 110 episodes in the entire series).
One interesting thing about the panel is that almost all of
the upper echelon of the con staff attended the panel and
were LoGH fans. I hope that SakuraCon continues to be known
for a strong LoGH following in the future.
After that, many of the WSU Anime Club members in
attendance including myself went to the Nothwest Anime
Clubs panel where we all sat around and bounced ideas and
the such back and forth about how to run our clubs better
and to make some contacts.
Much of the rest of Friday was spent walking around,
talking with people, checking out the Dealer's Room, and
such until the big event of the night for Robert, Morgan,
and I: Karaoke! Starting at around 8:00 PM, Robert, Morgan,
and I went into the Karaoke room and started practicing. We
decided to sing the end song to Gainax's new OVA series
FLCL, "Ride On Shooting Star," by the fantastic j-pop/rock
group "the pillows." In club we watched the actually Ride
On Shooting Star music video with the pillows wearing t-
shirts that said "Cool," "Tool," and "Fool" on them, so
Morgan got some electrical tape and we did the same. The
time finally came for us to sing and we got up there and
jammed. Playing air guitar and Morgan on air drums we
announced ourselves as the comforters and then did the
chant from Heavenly Chronicles (a very inside joke, that a
total of 6 people in the room got) and went into song. I
think we did ok, it was fun watching as we got a huge conga
line started as the song continued. We almost won for best
performance, but were beaten but some people that actually
sounded good. :P~ It was great fun though. As the night
continued and open-mic started we sang two more song, but
this time quite poorly, and decided that our musical
careers were over (at least until next year). We retired to
our rooms for some much needed rest and watching of anime
on the closed circuit TV channels after eating at the
Mongolian Grill.
The other fun thing for me was seeing my close and long
term friend Jennifer DeWinter again. Her and I hung out for
most of the con and had a great time catching up and just
having a great time.
Well, the next day rolled around with Jen running into our
room at 7:30 AM complaining that we should wake up, but
Scott, Pat, Morgan, and I would have none of that and we
all fell asleep again until Robert ran in at 9:00 AM
screamed that they are handing out Cosplay tickets right
now on a first come first serve basis. That got us all
awake and running to the place the tickets were being
handed out. Now that we were alive we went down to the
donut shop and got some food before the Costuming 201 where
we continued to learn the details of costume making and
what are good things to use and how to be creative with
I recall we then went back to the room and got sucked into
watching all of Street Fighter Alpha, the movie. Which I
must say was pretty good for a fighting game show. Then I
dragged Jen and Pat to the Dealer's room to find a Battle
Athletes' poster for our Japanese guest to sign, since he
was one of the creators of the series, and I happen to like
the series a lot. I also got Lia Sargent's signature on a
Big O flyer (she is the voice of Dorothy in the dub). I had
her write "You are a louse Roger Smith." on it, which was
my favorite Dorothy line in the show. Morgan got an
autograph from her as well. It was a relaxing day, as not
much in the way of live programming that any of us were
interested in was going on. Jen hadn't ever seen Shinesman
(you guys HAVE to see the dub of the Shinesman, it is SO
funny), so right before the Cosplay was about to start we
watched it in the room on Closed Circuit TV and everyone
was dying of laughter. I want to go as Shinesman Sepia next
Finally it was time to start the Cosplay. There was no
lines to get in because of the ticket I had received
before, so I went straight to my seat. The only thing I
didn't like about that is that the seats were not given out
in sequential order, so I was separated from friends. I
really liked how they separated the cosplayers this year.
There were three categories: walk-ons, who just walk on and
show off their bad ass costumes (and the Felecia costume
was simply amazing, I might add); newbies, those who are
coming on stage for the first time, this was a huge
category, most groups were here. Morgan came up wearing his
Strikeman costume from You're Under Arrest, which was quite
cool. There was a million Sailor Moon skits, Gundam Wing
skits, etc. The popular shows were overdone, but there were
a couple really impressive ones. I generally don't like it
when the cosplayer just does karaoke on stage (I mean, we
DID have a karaoke contest as well, after all) but I have
to admit I was truly impressed when three little girls
dressed as sailor moon characters got up and sang in great
Japanese to the karaoke track of some sailor moon song
WHILE sighing the lyrics in American Sign Language as well.
That was impressive. I also enjoyed the skits when the bad
guys won, that was cool. Then, of course, there was a skit
with two people dressed as mechs from Gundam W, one was the
Deathscythe and another was a Zaku (The Zaku actually
looked better and the costumer could actually MOVE in the
suit, but everyone loves Duo, so...) They were in the
Advanced section, the final section of performers that had
at least one Cosplay under their belt. The over all winners
were from this group as well, performing a very funny skit
with characters from many different shows like DBZ, Gundam
W, Those Who Hunt Elves, etc.
In the intermission they showed a trailer for a new all CG
(but oddly 2D looking) new animation that isn't even out
yet in Japan called Maho Yuugi (dubbed "Magical Witchland"
by AIC, the creators). It was quite cool looking, even
without voices to the characters. Then after seeing some
music videos, we got to see an amazing CG animation of a
Motorball tournament from the later chapters in the manga
Battle Angel Alita, which was really exciting.
Finally the judges came back and there was a lot of mess up
with awards and such, but we got all the awards handed out
and pictures taken. Off to the Music Video contest. Well,
the Music Video contest was fun to watch, the only downer
(well there was two) was that there were 44 freakin'
videos. We were watching videos until around 2 or 3 in the
morning AND they were not organized by category, which was
a little annoying. The other thing that annoyed me is that
I saw 4 videos to the EXACT SAME FOOTAGE of the Rurouni
Kenshin OVAs, it was silly. In any case that finished and I
was off to bed.
The next day was basically rapping up, both Katty and Jen
were doing Art Show stuff, so us guys had to get ourselves
out of the rooms and check out, but we did it in time
without late fees! Us guys went to see the Bungie panel at
noon and praise the woman who drew Konoko from Oni, which
is an awesome game, we all got her autograph.
People started leaving at noon, but I stayed and watched
Jen parade around and show off stuff for the auction which
lasted a solid 3 hours. Over $2000 was made for the Make A
Wish Foundation! Good job guys! When the auction was over I
went and caught the end of the Closing Ceremonies and the
gripe session, but there wasn't much griping to be had.
We helped Katty break down the art show room and then
packed up for the drive home.
It was quite a long drive and Jen and I did a lot of girl
talking and goofing around. You know relationship talking,
acting silly, and just being the close friends we are.
Finally Katty and I got home and I went straight to bed. It
was a good weekend. ^v^

Trev's Graduation

OK, for those of you that don't know I am graduating on May
12th at 11:30 AM in Beasley Coliseum, so be there if you
can. It will be really nice to finally graduate after 6
long years.

Trev's School

My senioritis is in full effect with only less that 2 weeks
left. This is dead week right now, I am almost finished
with all my classes, and I am positive that I am going to
pass them all and graduate! It has been a fun, if not
painfully busy last year and I am glad that the end is
nigh. :)

Trev's New Job

For those of you who forgot, I have accepted a job with
iambic, inc. (http://www.iambic.com/) in San Josť, CA and
Signe and I will be making the move down there the week
after graduation. I will be starting work (3 miles away
from the apartment we have rented, so I will bike to work)
on May 21st. I will be the Software Internationalization
Engineer there and will be working mostly with the Japanese
translator as a go-between with her and the engineers.
iambic is a small company though, so I won't be surprised
if I actually get more than that o do. There will most
likely be some software development involved in the job as
well. I am really looking forward to it.

Trev's New Snail Mail Address

Signe and I will be moving in together for the next year in
San Josť, so if you want to write either of us please send
things (after May 18th) to:

Signe Lalish and Trevor Menagh
205 La Rossa Court
San Josť, CA 95125

Jen, I am hoping to get letters from you, since you don't
do the e-mail thing too often. ^_^ And to everybody, feel
free to write us, we always enjoy hearing from you ad
getting your letters.
My e-mail address will remain the same, and Signe has sent
out her new one to everyone who she sent graduation
announcements to.

Well, that is about it for this month's Trev Report.
Remember to check out http://trevreport.org/ for updates
and info about us, and if you are not, please sign up for
the Trev Report if you want to stay in touch. I look
forward to hearing from everybody!


PS: Trev's Computers and Trev's Anime have been ommitted
from this edition of the report because of the con info,
and well...nothing much new has happened with them. :)
Trevor Menagh

"Ginga no rekishi ga mada ichi peeji."
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